Don't act smart here; you will always fail ����

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  • universe20 1d

    When subconscious moves on, one realizes it after a very long time; as one gets lost in the peace of it.

  • universe20 4d

    Every person should at all times know what's going on with his or her life. Nothing is more important.

  • universe20 1w


    Let's analyze who we are,
    Let's see our strengths and weaknesses,
    Let's embrace our flaws,
    Let's realise our true worth.

    Fun, isn't it??
    Come on, let's be proud of our perfectly imperfect selves.

  • universe20 2w

    Okay has a complete anatomy.

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    K_keeping ma mouth shut.
    A_abstracting problems for others.
    Y_yelling out at everything to escape.

  • universe20 2w


    I don't know what problems do most Indian parents have with their kids' phones; they always end arguments and disputes with 'take the phone away' even if it isn't remotely related to the phone.

  • universe20 2w


    Good or bad, they look mysteriously amazing.

  • universe20 2w


    Some of these are extremely complicated; others are somewhat simple af.

  • universe20 3w


    Isn't an easy thing to do. So if I'm trusting you, you're important.
    Don't make me regret your importance

  • universe20 3w


    The only thing staying in your frustrations.

  • universe20 3w

    Song: if I die young
    Artist: the band perry

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    If I die young,
    Bury me in satin,
    Lay me down
    On a bed of Roses.
    Sink me in the river
    At dawn
    Send me away with the words
    Of a love song.