Hello hope you are all doing well 😊I’m just a person who writes what comes to my head 🙂 I also wrote about how I feel

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  • unknown_person16 10h

    It’s painful that I can’t talk to you at the moment but we will soon just give me some more time

  • unknown_person16 11h

    I feel like I have no one but there are people who have said that they are there when ever I need them but I just don’t want to tell them I don’t like telling people how I feel I hate putting stuff on them

  • unknown_person16 1d

    I feel alone

  • unknown_person16 2d

    Just remember to keep smiling because for some reason it helps sometimes

  • unknown_person16 4d

    Always try to look on the bright side of life and try to reach for that light which will guide you out of the darkness

  • unknown_person16 4d

    I think I should try to improve myself and start to talk more to my friends and maybe try to make myself do more stuff and try to be more happier I’m not going to change myself much I just want to change a few thing about me

  • unknown_person16 4d

    Why can I feel happiness like everyone else

  • unknown_person16 1w

    About the last post I did

    I feeling okay at the moment I just wanted to write that
    I do feel some of that stuff in that but I just felt like I needed to write something and I had a thought of endless and this is what came from my head lol

  • unknown_person16 1w

    Sorry if this doesn’t really make sense I just started writing it just started with the word endless in my head I do feel some of this stuff and I hope people will understand what I’m trying to say. Also I was posting this first but a bit got cut off so I had to write it again so it different

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    Everyday feels endless and feel like it last for ever and goes so slow until I do something I want to do everyday Is just like a blur they combine into one day and feel the same.

    In these days I try my best to do stuff but it is never good enough for people or I never get good messages for doing all this work I feel like they see my work but don’t care as they now I will do the work but they might want more from me as if it wasn’t enough they just keep on add more and more work and you wonder how am I meant to do this I try to my best but it won’t get the results I want. All of this might be my future all the stuff I do now if going to my future at the moment my future doesn’t look bright or clear

    And it goes back to how I’m feeling about all of this I want to give up but the other part of me doesn’t want to

    I hope that the days will eventually be separate fill with joy excitement and happiness but for now the days are filled with sadness and just feeling down or feeling like you not doing enough and I now that I shouldn’t put pressure on me and I should but try to make everyday more brighter and cheerful but I don’t know how to do this at the moment and one day I will be able to

  • unknown_person16 1w

    You mean so much to me I love you so much I’m just sorry about last week when I didn’t talk and I realised that I was probably hurting you and I’m sorry for that just still now that I love you always even if I don’t say it I’m hope that I make you smile on your darkest day and I can’t say in words how much you mean to me and thank you for all your help and make me feel a bit better on the hardest days I hope that we can see each other soon and go bowling like we planned to. 🙂🙂