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  • unloved_poetries 1d

    I belong to a
    hesternal place
    where there's
    no place to stay.
    I keep going back
    only to come back homeless.

  • unloved_poetries 5d

    If only sunsets
    could be warm
    enough to
    evaporate my
    tears before
    I see them fall...


  • unloved_poetries 1w

    When I was gone the other night, to bury the daffodils I once planted;
    And collect little pieces of broken heart with which I once loved;
    I hope you noticed the gloom in the world when the world wasn't the same without your love.
    When there was happy noises around but the ones to reach your ears were only the sad ones, I wanted you to know that its not because you are cold hearted but its because you were made of sadness.

    I, another soul, so full of sadness, somehow wanted to make you happy.
    And even though two wrongs don't make a right, two hands sharing the same weight can make it a little alright.

    There was a thin line of destiny that read 'To be parted when most in love'.
    And parted we are today, too pale to laugh.

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  • unloved_poetries 5w

    I was looking through the glass window.
    Hazy. Winters afterall.
    A silhouette stood outside.
    Sad, head drooping low.
    I knew who it was.

    Two long swipes with my palm and I could see clear.

    Only a world standing still.
    As still as death.
    I knew what it was. A hallucination.
    Of you.

  • unloved_poetries 5w

    Sixty thousand thoughts in six minutes.
    Closures are needed without any need.

  • unloved_poetries 7w

    Smear bitter winter
    on a tepid autumn
    and you'll know
    the taste of
    an incomplete love
    that's neither flowing
    nor frozen.

  • unloved_poetries 8w

    I want you to make me the 11:11 wish of a 31st December because you miss me.
    I will stay with you till 12:01 am and tell you about the withering garden of love I'm keeping in my heart and sing you a midnight song that reminds you about us. I'll tell you about all the empty nights of the year that passed and how much afraid I am to face the nights of the year to come.

    I won't stay with you for long. I promise. But just this brief moment, when its neither the previous year nor the next, I want you to remember that 'we' exist together even when 'we' aren't together. And when everything is in transition, we are permanent; atleast our memories are. And that's our forever.

    In this withering garden of love, you are the only trespasser I am willing to give a shelter.

    You have always been my 11:59 wish of a 31st December. You smile there, kiss me soft, apologise and disappear in the 12 am of a 1st January.

    And just like that, another year passes when I meet you and let you go in the moment of a forever.

    'Because a year lies between one minute of two days of two months'.

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    Last day of a year and first day of another year are only the same day.

  • unloved_poetries 9w

    I know we aren't together anymore.
    But some nights, your memories burn down my house of peace I'm striving to build everyday. I know its impossible, forbidden. But I long for you.

    There was this shirt heavy with your fragrance I found in my closet. And I kept it a secret to myself. Afterall, what else have you ever given me.
    I decide to keep it. Unwashed, tucked away neatly, I preferred to preserve it.

    Some nights I hallucinate about a warm hug while being enveloped in the cold winter wind. Some days I hallucinate about being in love while being broken because of love.

    I wish I could keep you. The way sky keeps the moon.
    I wish I could accept letting you go. The way sky accepts the fall of stars.
    I'm upset. I could do none.

    So many days have passed and I can feel every essence fading. But I don't know why, I haven't seen anything disappearing totally; lately.

    I wish you could promise me before going that I could still be the same person when the world keeps changing.

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  • unloved_poetries 11w

    I know you cried over all the little things the world didn't consider important enough.
    And that's where lies the most beautiful part of you.
    It shows how fragile yet compassionate you are.
    It shows how much of a human you are.

  • unloved_poetries 11w

    One day while searching for a warm breath
    in the midst of cold wind
    And a beating heart in the corners of a lonely house,
    You'll start missing the people you shouldn't have left in the first place.