stay positive and stay healthy.

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  • unspokenmuse 8w

    #Happy me

    Happiness= family+friends +and me

  • unspokenmuse 12w


    Kudos to those who believes "Expect things just to yourself".It keeps you happy

  • unspokenmuse 14w


    Do not try to change people, because that's not in YOUR control,
    Change Yourself for better and inspire millions.

  • unspokenmuse 15w

    Wise man saying..

    "There is lot of sorrow to share with people who already have them.
    Let's share out some positive vibes to a person, he will be thankful"

  • unspokenmuse 16w

    Love vs Infatuation

    Love is selfless,
    It needs heart to heart connection.
    It is the most precious gift of GOD, you can ever get.
    You want to give entire ocean of happiness to the person you love.
    If it is expectation and depends on materialsm, my dear! it's infatuation not Love.

  • unspokenmuse 18w


    The definition of happiness is seeing the beauty in even the small things and feeling gratitude in what you have. You are also living a life of someone else dream.

  • unspokenmuse 20w


    Yeah I am in a relationship,
    Relationship with my soul,
    Relationship with my friends
    Relationship with my parents
    Relationship with my career.
    Why folk etymology cant think out of the concept of boyfriend and girlfriend?

  • unspokenmuse 20w

    Spilled ink

    The emotions which are hard to keep inside are shared by your only friend "Dear kitty".
    The spilled ink poured on the paper may sometimes shower emense pain in the form of words.

  • unspokenmuse 20w

    Do lafz

    Shayad ap kise ko apna bana skte ho apne srf do lafz se,
    Aur dur bhi kr skte ho unhi do lafz se,
    Ab ye ap per hai ap kya chahte ho.
    Esliye soch ke lafzo ka estemal karo.

  • unspokenmuse 21w


    Love is a detachment from the loved one and attachment to his soul.
    If you think love is something you want to prison it?
    It's free like a bird.
    And that freedom gives you EUPHORIA.