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  • unstoppable_words 2w

    Farewell to 2020

    World was running too fast
    2020 brought it  on track

    In the race of competition
    To fulfill goals and desires
    We left behind
    Humanity and relations
    World was running too fast
    2020 brought it on track

    Running behind instalments
    We forgot balancing life
    Blindly followed money 
    Ignoring family is life
    World was running too fast
    2020 brought it on track

    In the world of pizza's and Burgers 
    We missed mom made, Dal-Rice
    Gave up health for junk food
    Falling for classy lifestyle
    World was running too fast
    2020 brought it on track

    Playing with our own children
    Being home with family
    Chatting and memorising  childhood
    Everything was  just the dream 
    Before 2020 was in
    World was running too fast
    2020 brought it  on track

    In the pollution of cities and vehicles
    We  forgot breathing in pure air
    Long back in villages
    We realised the worth of trees & nature
    World was running too fast
    2020 brought it  on track

    2020 made us realise
    Desires are never ending
    Food, clothing and Shelter
    Are only basic needs
    Being around family is happiness
    Satisfaction is success
    Health is priority
    Spirituality is peace of mind

    World was running too fast
    2020 brought it on track

  • unstoppable_words 15w

    Trees:'Giving Attitude'

    Either you throw a stone at it,
    Or you try to cut it,
    It never cares,
    If you ever water it,
    Or took care of it,
    But, just like its nature,
    Without discrimination,
    Without expectation,
    Strong and firm
    It stands for you,
    To give you shadow,
    To give you fruits,
    To give you Oxygen
    And reason to live.
    That is 'Tree'

  • unstoppable_words 15w

    More than my body,
    I belong to my Soul.

  • unstoppable_words 15w

    What you did for others?
    What others did for you?
    Same words in both the lines.
    The day you realise the difference,
    Will make life peaceful.....

  • unstoppable_words 17w

    'A poem begins as a Scribbling and vanish as a Feeling'

  • unstoppable_words 18w

    How to be kind?

    Asking a cleaner at your home,
    If he had his food.
    Feeding a hungry child on street,
    Passing a smile to stanger,
    Keeping water for birds in a balcony,
    Planting trees around you,
    Respecting people working under you,
    Spreading magic of small good acts.

  • unstoppable_words 19w


    Our imagination flies in our Thoughts,
    From brain to heart,
    From heart to brain,
    Sometimes beyond thoughts,
    Lost in our dreams,
    In Past and Future,
    And worries and memories,
    It crosses all the boundries,
    Except of that,
    It forget to be in PRESENT.


  • unstoppable_words 23w

    Decent heart,
    Incredible thoughts,
    Helping hands,
    Smiling attitude,
    Perfect person,
    Full of life!

  • unstoppable_words 24w

    ❣Happy Rakshabandhan❣

    Three cheers to our bitter sweet mixed memories. There were times when we used to rock every vacations together. We grew up so early to realize we are grown ups now. We are far to reach and rarely meet. The far we stay, the strong we grow. But feeling of having us all together with that special Bond is unique. Journey of liife seems amazing with you all. To all my understanding, innocent (not really), handsome(recently turned), thode tedhe but Dilse Incredinle Bhai log. Wish u all the happiness you deserve...
    Happy Rakshabandhan❣

    ©unstoppable_words/ SonalB

  • unstoppable_words 25w

    Dear people....Are you Happy?

    You got a job,
    Happiness lasted for few days.
    You got a phone,
    It lasted for a month.
    You got a car,
    It lasted for half a year.
    You got your dream house
    Then it lasted for a year.
    You became a billionare,
    And you can buy anything,
    You will buy n get over all your desires,
    And it willl last for few more days.

    Is there anything you got,
    And you still happy for it,
    from the moment u Achieved it..??
    If Yes,
    Will it be a reason for your Lifetime Happiness?
    If No,
    It  was never the reason of You being happy.

    Hence Proved
    Happiness dosen't lasts in achieving your desires
    What Next?
    Discover it in getting through Nature,
    May b through People,
    Most important,
    Within Thyself!!