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  • untameable 4d


    I keep falling in love
    Every now and then ,
    I get a little attention
    And , yes! I am home,
    Meanings of forever
    Is what I believe in
    So don't wake me up
    From my beautiful dream

  • untameable 1w


    The zest to keep the shatterd
    Spirit far too long alive
    Must have a miracle or
    Some means to thrive
    Of which I never knew ...

    Making same mistakes over
    And over again has certainty
    Now one clear message
    For me to read.....

    "The hopeless romantic in me
    Is just never gonna die...."

  • untameable 2w


    The chaos that I keep In my mind,
    And the tornados in my heart ;
    Can enchant you like nobody else
    But.... fall prey not love,
    This mess has it's own beauty
    You will see and feel someday
    But do try to escape from it today.

  • untameable 4w


    Bring back the old time
    Time that reflects unspoken reality
    Warmth that feels beautiful ,
    A Love that's not a make believe

  • untameable 4w


    Aren't we all the prisoners of our own fantasies
    Some are in regret to be living it ,
    while others are barely trying to...

  • untameable 4w


    Broken hearts don't amend
    They tend to break more on the way.

  • untameable 5w


    When the moon is looking down
    Close your eyes and imagine the words
    Words that have mentioned your name as
    In my memories you are alive forever

  • untameable 6w

    Altair and Vega

    Darling, our love is nothing
    But simply divine,
    Some may say it is the
    Birth of an unearthly Saga.
    Like those two poor separated
    Souls we are binded by love....
    You've aways been my Altair
    And I've forever been your Vega.

  • untameable 6w


    If loving you means destruction of my
    Very own soul ,Then I intend to do it
    Until my last breath.
    In the name of love.

  • untameable 6w

    Self love

    Acknowledging and accepting
    Your own flaws one at a time
    Is also one step closer to self love.