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  • urfinder 19w

    Someone: Piyaz kaatne mei aur chutiya kaatne Mei Kya farak hai??

    Me: piyaaz kaatne se paani apne aankho se girta hai aur chutiya kaatne se paani dusrey k aankho se girta hai

  • urfinder 28w

    Mind- Commit suicide ...will not have to suffer any more pain.

    Heart- Parents are still alive...

  • urfinder 30w

    From Accepting her friend request on facebook... To blocking him on Instagram

    From holding calls for the whole night... To texting good night to each other and end the conversation

    From dropping tears for each other... To passing fake smiles to each other

    From saving his fingerprint on her phone... To snatching her phone from his hands

    From walking together ... To walking behind each other

    From holding each other in their arms... To feel awkward to hold each other's hand

    From starting as strangers... To ending as strangers

    The chapter closed...

  • urfinder 51w

    कुछ तो बात है तुझमें।
    जो तुझे इतनी खास बनाती है।।

    आखों से जाम पिलाकर।
    लबों से प्यास बुझाती है।।

    जब तू होती है मेरे करीब।
    तेरी हर एक साँस में मेरा नाम सुनाई देती है मुझे।।

    तेरे संघ बीताए है जो पल मैंने।
    उन्हें सम्हाल कर रखने का हुनर तुझी से सीखा है मैंने।।

    मेरी होठों की हसीं का हरपल खयाल रहता है तुझे।
    तेरी इस पागलपन ने ही तो तेरा उर्फिन्दर बनाया है मुझे।।

    शुक्रिया है तेरा जो इस कदर प्यार मिला है मुझे।
    मेरे इस बरसों की चाहत का एहसास कराने के लिए खुदा ने मेरे पास भेजा है तुझे।।

  • urfinder 55w


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    I love you because you understand my love hidden behind my anger

    I love you because you understand my feelings even after I delete messages

    I love you because you know how to make me smile, even in my low

    I love you because you tolerate me even when I'm too irritating

    I love you because you complete me even I'm full of flaws

  • urfinder 55w

    Together we both can make a series of choices... So that tomorrow when we look back we can smile as our memories will be replayed... We will share our understanding... We will forget all our fears... We will share our Hopes and goals... Together and united we are two halves of one whole... Promises are being made... Wows will be declared... There are many dreams to be built, a very big life to share... I am proud to utter the words I do... As it tells the world that I LOVE YOU

  • urfinder 55w

    Baby see the girl in black dress, uspe acchi lag rhi hai na... I said

    Baby see the black slippers on flipkart, tere face pe fit baithega na... She replied