❣️kuch pyar labho se waya ho gaya. jo na paya vo kalam ne samj liya..!!✍��❣️

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  • urslovepriya 2w

    #birthdayspecial #MD


    You know what I'm really happy today because it's your day and I want to tell you some special things about you that I'm realized with you.����

    Jab tumse mili thi to laga tha ,Haan tum Kuch alag ho but ye pata nhi tha ki itne alag ho ,itne khash ban jaoge....���� But when you entered my life , it's changed completely.tum meri life m ek angel ki tarah aaye or meri life ko poori tarah khushiyo se bhar diya.����

    Tumse Milne se pahle m nahi janti thi dosti kya hoti h ,Nahi pata tha ki life m koi aisa bhi hota h jiske samne m kanha ji ki tarah baat Kar Sakti hu....(matlab bina ye soche ki muje sunne wala kya sochega .)���� But jab tum aaye to tumne muje sikhaya dosti kya hoti h ,and dosti ki life m kitni importance hoti h. Mere aise dost bane jisse m sab bakvas marti par Kabhi Bura nahi mana.����or dosto ke sath kaise Raha jata h or vo bakvas marna bhi tumne hi sikhaya .....���� and pata hi nahi Chala kab tumne vo jagah le li , jiske samne m bina Kuch soche samje Kuch bhi bol sakti hu......����

    Tumhare aane se pahle khushiya to bahut thi meri life m but Khush rahna tumne sikhaya h muje..����❣️❣️
    Mere paas bahut payari family h but tumne girne se pahle hi muje uthna sikha Kar unka Kam bhi Kiya h....����❣️❣️
    Apni family ki bahut respect Karti hu but us respect ko banaye rakhna bhi tumne hi sikhaya h ....��❣️❣️
    Har mode par jaha jarurat ho ya na ho bada bankar tumne har baat muje smajayi h .....����❣️❣️
    Life to sabke paas hoti h mere paas bhi h but usko jeene ka tarika tumne sikhaya h....����❣️❣️
    "Jo hota h acche ke liye hota h ." Ye philosophy manti to thi but usko sach bana Kar tumne dikhaya h...����❣️❣️
    Sabki baate manna to janti thi m but muje baccha bana Kar zidd Karna tumne sikhaya h....����❣️❣️
    Life ki har vo seekh tumne time se pahle hi sikha di Jo sayad time ke sath baad m milti....����❣️❣️
    Meri galtiyo par data bhi h or success par sabasi bhi de h....����❣️❣️ Khushi m mere sath Khush bhi hue or rote time sath milkar roye bhi...����❣️❣️

    I really don't know tumhare bina meri ye tumhare sath wali life kaisi hoti but haan itna pata h Jo Kuch bhi aaj mentally prepared m hu vo nhi hoti....����
    Jitna life ko ab janti hu utna nahi Jan pati.

    And life ka sabse khoobsurat ehsash Jo bs tumhare sath hua h and Ye always rahega.������tumhare sath life complete lagti h or tum na ho to lagta h khud ka koi part missing h....❣️❣️
    Tumhare sath guzara time meri life ka sabse precious time h Jo har Kisi baat se jayada matter karta h .....��������

    ����I want to make a promise to you that I'm always here for you , jab bhi chaho yaad Kar lena. Bs ek message chod dena. Hamesha aaugi tumhare liye....����������

    Meri life m aane ke liye, muje itni khoobsurat life dene ke liye, muje itna pyar ,care and respect dene ke liye thank you bhut chota word h but fir bhi thank you so muchhhh yrrr.��������♥️♥️♥️

    ����It's dedicated to that someone special in my life who's no more with me but always in my heart.��������
    wish you a very very happy birthday MD.������
    Kanha ji tumhari life ko khushiyo se bhar de , tumko vo sab Kuch mile Jo tum chahte ho.��������������
    And hmesha tumhare liye prayer karugi.������������
    I really miss you dear but it's okay I hope you are happy.������

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  • urslovepriya 7w

    Hello friends
    Ye m aap sabse share Karna Chahti hu.....����
    Aapko Yaad h Kuch din pahle Mene aap sabse ek advice mangi thi.
    ����(Ki m Apne Dil ki abaj ko sach Manu ya
    Jo or sab log kah Rahe h use sach Manu.)����

    Or ye sab us insaan ke baare m jise m bahut Acche se samjti hu , janti hu , jiske sath ek khash connection h Mera.����

    Aap sab ne muje advice bhi di thi Uske liye
    thank you very muchhhhh ��������������
    Saari baato or log ke khilaf bol Raha tha Dil but

    ##is situation m mere dil ki baat sach nikali h.##

    #experience #life #diary #thoughts #inspiration

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    Hamesha aise halat
    Jo dikhayi m kuch
    or sunayi faisale
    deta h vo "Dil"
    complete par bhi
    sach nhi chod dene
    hota....!! Chahiye...!!


  • urslovepriya 7w


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  • urslovepriya 8w

    #purelove #radha #krishn #radhakrishn

    ���� Radhakrishna ��������
    Kanha ne bansuri radha ke liye bajayi ,
    Sansar Uski dhun m apna nam samjta raha.

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  • urslovepriya 8w

    Really sorry post lambi ho gayi. But please poori jarur padna ,aapko jarur Pasand aayegi...☺️☺️

    this is new year gift for all of you.☺️����������(my beautiful and lovely experience����)
    It is about that which proved lucky for me in 2019.
    Thank you for making my life happy.I know that maybe they will not read this post of mine. But I hope they read. I have experienced all these things that I am sharing with you all.����

    ������Our present is not just for grooming our future.
    Rather, we are meant to enjoy today, to receive love, care, and to give.Without thinking whether we will have it all tomorrow.Feel it in today.��

    ������It takes a lot of time, love and care to build relationships And just a moment to break up.I know that they remain in our heart even after the breakdown of these relationships but not in life.
    Nothing is achieved by breaking the relationship.
    Therefore, try to save as much as you can.��

    ������We have two families. One with our parents and the other with friends.Both are precious gifts given to us by God. One family gives us blessings and reasons to be happy. And the other one makes us happy, happy with us. In short, both families are matter in our lives.Our life does not become completely happy and blessed without any one family.
    So take care of these gifts.��

    ������Love is another important part of our life."A beautiful feeling that is felt but not understood ,so don't try to understand it only feel it."
    If you love someone unconditionally or someone does it to you.You are the luckiest person in universe According to me, unconditional love is that "your love for the one you love always grows, never affected by our ambitions and distances.
    For this, it is not necessary to be with him, just to feel it.There is such love in everyone's luck.I consider myself lucky because I feel this unconditional love for someone.����

    ��I want to tell you that I also had another family, but maybe I am a bit less fortunate so now is not.I got it for a short time but I got all that love, care and joy.��

    2020 m bs ek hi wish h ki muje meri dusri family mil jaye☺️������ or aap sabki bhi sari wishes poori ho Jaye .☺️☺️��������
    Thank you so much unko jinhone meri life m itne khoobsurat moment banaye.☺️☺️������
    Thank you so much all mirakeeans to give me support and love .......���� mirakee meri life m ek precious gift ki Tarah aayi or aap sab logo se milvaya���� ...... I'm glad to have all of you my mirakeeans friends.❣️❣️������

    #2020 #love #friendship #thoughts #diary #inspiration #life #mirakee #ceesreposts #writersnetwork #writerstolii #THANK_YOU_SO_MUCH_MIRAKEEANS ����✨

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    Life is precious gift given us by god.
    Do not waste it hating each other.
    Be in love with each other.✨✨

  • urslovepriya 8w

    PART-1 ( this is tragic part of 2019 in my life )
    And this picture special for me ����

    Sorry thodi lambi ho gayi post but please read it completely. Mene apni life ke sabse important experience share kiye h .����

    2019 has given a lot to me and has taken a lot away.
    This year turned out to be the year that changed my life completely. It's not about study it's about life I repeat life.I did not know that this year would be so special for me.

    It started with love and in love It gave me true love, friend, happiness, fun, emotions and
    together they gave me life as a gift.
    But after some time it's turn into tragic year.
    I lost everything that was found.

    ����Life taught me a lot of lessons.����

    1. ��������When we have a crowd, everyone is ready to support, but when we are alone, no one is with us.
    No one is always with us, one day everyone leaves and goes away.

    2.��������We have the strength to mold ourselves as situations arise, just need to try.

    3.��������Memories do not fade away but blur over time.Time is the greatest medicine, heals every wound.

    4.��������Never get away from your family because they are the ones who always support us whether the situation is bad or good.

    5.��������Many people come and go in life, The sorrow of leaving someone is always less and sometimes more.but" life does not stop anyone's departure."
    It goes on continuously.

    6��������Never trust anyone with your eyes closed. Because when trust is broken, we are broken.
    Listen and understand both the heart and the mind and then take a decision, never have to regret it.

    ��Everyone has a different place in my life.And those places are reserved.Another person makes his place in my life, cannot fill someone else's place.��

    7.��������Do not take life so seriously that circumstances start to run you.
    ✨✨"We cannot run away from life. So fight with problems and make life happy and blissful."✨✨

    Please give your valuable comments and share your experience����.correction are most welcome.��������
    Next part will be about love ,care , fun and friendship in my life.����
    #2019_taught_me #2019 #life #thoughts #diary #inspiration #ceesreposts

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    Don't take life too seriously,
    give a smile and make it easy.

  • urslovepriya 8w

    दोस्ती का दरवाज़ा खटखटाया था
    इश्क की दहलीज पर जा गिरे...!!
    तुमसे प्यार करना ज़िद थी
    ना जाने कब इबादत बन गई!!

  • urslovepriya 9w


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    तुम मेरे सपनों की वो खूबसूरत हकीक़त हो
    जिसके निशान मैं सुबह उठकर तलाशती हूं...!!

  • urslovepriya 9w

    23 December #birthday
    Many many return of the day ����
    happy birthday dear @little_diary ������
    Bahut sari wishes on your special day.
    Stay blessed ����and happy ��,keep smiling☺️ ,writing beautiful thoughts ✍��and growing.
    you are sach a amazing writer.����✍��✍������
    Aree m chocolates dena to bhool hi gayi������ @little_diary koi na abhi de deti hu ��������������������

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  • urslovepriya 10w

    This is for u (my soulmate)������
    I miss you MD����������

    #someone_special #love #soulmate

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