I will flow my emotions through words✍️

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  • usmetulaw 4w

    Tokens and charms do fade...

  • usmetulaw 9w

         Daylights break

    Strolling onto a day-break,
    What Somberness broke silent sleep
    What mess broke a creak
    Yet soft as a sailing cats leap
    Soft lisping of breaths
    Unto eternal rumbling swamps.

    Where did the dandelions sleep,
    Whose lips softly blew your fargility
    Gusting away into a lifeless swamp
    Where was your gentle body laid.

  • usmetulaw 25w

    I don't want my words to be just another swipe of words yet of words that touch a single soul deep.

  • usmetulaw 26w

    The faceless man had his final mask at play
    Grand entry final masterpiece of his play
    What did he have neither a face nor a heart.
    Hollow chest of tin tipped on white washed paints
    Ozzing out of black thars of eternal living
    He once wanted a heart from the Grand Which
    Yet he saw what heart gave men
    He wore the mask of solitude the mask so massless yet so fragrent
    Expressions so pearless yet full of affection,
    As he sat on solitude the monsoon rain fell on him for years to come
    The rain blend well with his washed paint
    His emotions flew so white as his paints
    His darkness inside was no more each season he creaked and rusted with each wash till one day he was just one with everything he was one and he was all.

  • usmetulaw 27w

    For when life hits you it knocks you down rock bottom

  • usmetulaw 28w

    So silent a night,
     Buzzers enfold tempered euphony
    Somber pipe grew rich in ember
    Sands of time shook still in shyness
    So silent a night, so silent a night.

  • usmetulaw 29w

    For love is also a word that searches for a meaning

  • usmetulaw 33w

    Shelters of tall rocks pinched high clouds
    Giggling houses stenched moonshines scent
    Traveller from mist knocked ivory door knots
    A sip of plain water in quenching its tire spirit

    Life seemingly promised
    Yet horror laying awaited                                          

    Owners faces of swine grabble greed, honour  seekers
    The Mist blinked, earth's burgundy eye enraged
    Yet its wrath not befall on them as it glimed
    It saw a tiny straw house where a gentle weary woman resite
    Last door knocked opened to a place named home
    The sun filled with warmth gave a glare at the tall brick houses
    As it began to shut its eye yet again.

  • usmetulaw 33w

    Cows never chew on roots nor ravens nest on lushes
    Wolves never howl in merry , grass never greener on filth
    Black cloths never be dyed white while scripts never be old.
    Life  full of symbols yet meanings be full of quotes
    Who is right n wrong judgement be not our hands.

  • usmetulaw 33w

    What did he knew then? Shocked to stay wake being conscious inside whipped from nightmares galloping. Snot on clouded nose drizzled almost kissing the cold floor, Was it any different now? His soul had always been frozen cold even icicles had turned sharp bearing razor fangs.
    At times his mind was either an ally or a foe divided by his thoughts forces were always spilt though a lumber split straight from its core.
    Life had taught him, it ain't worth giving jabs, it's either going all the way in or nothing at all.