18। Why do we fall? To stand up again. Stronger.

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    Zindagi ek jang ka maidaan h...
    Yha giro, to utho to shi
    Saho, magar lado to shi

    Zindagi ek safar hai
    Yha gaddhe hein, to manzil bhi shi
    Mushkilein hein , magar raaste bhi shi

    Zindagi ek kahaani hai
    Yha nafrat hai , to pyaar bhi shi
    Dushman hein, magar yaar bhi to shi

    Zindagi ek drama hai
    Yha rona hai, to hasna bhi shi
    Koi darta hai, to koi gaata bhi to shi

    To chal , aaj vaada krte hein
    Mai tujhse , tu mujhse
    Aaj vaada krte hein mai tujhse tu mujhse
    Yha mera pyaar hai, to tera saath bhi shi


  • ut_sh_ 2w

    Often, I'm bad on attitude
    Still she never stopped showing gratitude ...

    She'll teach me when I'm down
    She'll preach me whenever I frown ...

    Although I'm veg and she finds non veg tasty
    Still, there she is , my bestie ...

    She helps me get through all this pain
    One day, she even gifted me a deadpool key chain ...

    I would throw all lame jokes , just to make her laugh
    She always says that I've hay in my upper staff ...

    When se gets angry
    It makes me sad
    Maybe because I'm so mad ...

    Lately, I've not been much fun
    But there she is, shining like the sun ...

    Sometimes I may act like rusty,
    But still , I know, I'm her bestie...


  • ut_sh_ 3w


    I'm so broke that even the burglars
    break into my house and leave things

  • ut_sh_ 7w


    When your life seems upside down
    When nothing happens but everyone frowns
    When you don't know what to do or say
    But can only be sad and lay
    Just cry your heart out
    Cry and cry and cry

    Promise yourself to start afresh tomorrow
    A new beginning, away from all sorrow
    Put on a smile and march on
    Because these are the days that you will laugh upon

    © Utkarsh Shukla

  • ut_sh_ 7w


    Take a chill pill -
    As often as you can afford it

  • ut_sh_ 7w


    Life is a hereditary disease
    Pass it on

  • ut_sh_ 8w


    Ever wondered that celebrities never get to enjoy that blissful peace of obscurity.

  • ut_sh_ 8w


    Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away
    -Maya Angelou

  • ut_sh_ 9w


    A ship is always safe at shore
    but that is not what it's built for.
    -Albert Einstein

  • ut_sh_ 10w


    There is not enough room in your mind for both worry and faith. You must decide which one gets to live there.