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  • uwloti 2d

    Hi ,I made this poem with @_mbabazi_ a Mirakee follower and my home country friend .Hope you enjoy it !

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    You were my sailor and savior
    When I was drowning in a hopeless sea
    Of a hurtful relationship,
    Giving me a chance to live with rights
    To love you ,my dreams came true.

    You made me forget what I had first
    As you mend my broken heart
    Which was torn into multiple parts
    You didn't care my shapes,
    All you wanted was to let me feel
    Unstoppable healing happiness
    And from then we fit like gloves.

    We met when I was in trouble
    That's the reason why I will stay with you
    To always save me from weirdness
    And find me when am lost in the darkness,
    In you I found peace and pleasure
    Even into your comforting armless arms.

    See, you have reminded me
    Which was the love I really deserved
    By freeing me from a solitary love
    And I believe we were destined,
    If I knew I wouldn't have given my heart
    To anyone before you.

    You are always my satisfication
    Into millions of stars in the sky
    You shine brighter than them,
    And i can feel your true love
    Becuase we were destined indeed.

    You promised to give me
    Your permanent presence
    And your absence will be my deep depression,
    I love you more than my second love
    To me you are the first and the one for lifetime.

    ©uwloti and _mbabazi_

  • uwloti 3w


    It’s you to shape your life
    Blame no one for failure
    Improve its distorted shape
    Give it a different appearance

    Put on a full armour of God
    Pick up your javelin in faith
    The war is not for the weak
    It is neither for the wicked

    Sympathise not with yourself
    Quit being contented in ruins
    When the wall crumble down
    You have yourself to blame

    Let no one dictate your life
    Give yourself a pat on the back
    Make them see who you are
    They'll be happy for you at last

    Destroy every distracting barrier
    Of the road to your new start
    You might be on your own
    Thus you'll be more productive

    Do not think of giving up
    Aspire to be what you want to be
    God stamped your future like paradise
    Keep on and the results will amaze you

    Fear will be by far gone away
    Your survival will leave a gape
    Everyone will be your friend
    Your success will be seen by all


  • uwloti 3w


    Have you seen
    This love.

    Love which doesn’t care about seasons
    I mean When you love
    With all your heart with no reasons,
    Always happy in that comfort prison
    Where you are taken higher and on
    Till you smell the air into horizon.

    How is
    This love.

    That makes your first nights patient
    And being easier to him becomes prominent
    Just to make him call you competent,
    Before even a minute you change your accent
    As you cry and moan in excitements
    For his energy and confinements.

    How could anyone bring it to comparison
    Yet it’s not a fraction
    To calculate it’s reaction,
    They should know that
    I fell in love with our combination
    To give you what you envy is my obligation.

    Where in the world is
    This Love.

    It’s in the field between our hearts
    It’s into the cure of our hurts
    And in the answers when we feel disconcert,
    Always there for each other in need
    To never let our past wounds bleed
    Indeed we are happy to follow our lead.


  • uwloti 6w


    Since the very day
    You said that hurtful word
    It’s over
    My heart has been hunting for you
    It has been calling your name
    I hurt you and I knew it
    But can you ignore good memories
    Of me and you
    Take me back
    For my heart is bleeding
    I miss your every smile
    Can't you see
    Even nature is angry with me
    The sun no longer smiles at me
    My day is like night
    I see you everywhere
    I love you more than life
    Don’t you know!
    You are my rising sun
    My everyday joy
    My shooting star
    You are my heart
    Without you I will die
    Take me back
    I just need
    Just a chance.

    ©copyright uwloti

  • uwloti 8w


    How would we have escaped fear
    When no one wanted to hear,
    I don’t know if we would have released our tears
    When everyone was just there to hold and stare,
    No one was caring even those who were near
    Dumped there humanity and took us like spare.

    We kept calm and they thought it was our shyness
    Yet we were maintaining our kindness,
    Though we were not useless
    So they couldn’t call us hopeless,
    We didn't need them to be polite
    Because we knew someday we will be also elite.

    It was the only courage to win our fight
    And let them see how our visions were bright,
    We had better dreams though we didn’t’ rest
    With the sufferings and cries from the west
    And they would easily got heist
    The hurts, pains and the aches beneath this chest,

    We wanted to light up the light
    And live in the world without the night,
    The night in their minds of discrimination
    The night that makes them not care our respiration,
    They will use us for themselves to eminent
    And won’t let our skins will illuminate,

    We will let our shyness into able
    And make things possible,
    We believe that our names will be heard to all
    When we achieve our goal,
    They made us unfortunate to forlorn,
    As we all stand into our feet not to fall,

    We will try to win this over crowd
    So to freely speak loud
    We will also fit ourselves and have bound
    To make those who supported us reach this far proud.


  • uwloti 9w


    It is hard moving on
    from a best chapter you don't want to close
    Because every part of you is perfect,
    I even forget to turn over the page.

    It is hard moving on
    from the love that wounded you
    When patience overcomes your pain,

    Still you believe it’s not time to move on.

    It is hard moving on
    with a scar in your heart
    But your face keep shining pretty
    And your heart brilliantly glowing.

    It is hard moving on
    A horrible life without you,

    See, you were an empress in my emperor
    Leaving me lost in the foreign city of your imaginations,

    It is hard moving on
    As my heart longs for more love
    Thirst for your cares,
    And starving for your energy,

    It is hard moving on
    But it won’t be hard for me to move on
    If I don’t let our memories abstract my good catch,

    After all at the end I will have to move on.


  • uwloti 9w


    For once stare!
    The sky pollution is high
    How will I see the beauty of mother earth,

    I smell the horizon
    And fresh breeze
    And it's movement turning me around
    But i can't help but swing to your memories,

    You're a heroin
    The best place to be
    In summer and winter
    or otherwise,

    I no longer see your smile
    I no longer feel your cool breeze
    And your decision now are bad
    You have chosen to react
    with global warming,

    I don't blame you
    You love us so much
    and we've been greedy
    we wanted more,

    We till the ground so much
    Feed the air could be filled with harmful gas,

    I will not wait for
    any other to occur
    I will stop all this
    I want a smile on your face
    Once again.


  • uwloti 10w


    In the genesis of orderliness
    Thy beautiful garden
    fancy and full of life
    luxury and lively

    Thy garden is made of love
    Because thy name is love
    Love is you God
    you are love

    Out of love
    thou made a replicate of you
    And called him man
    To be a god in your garden
    giving him power
    From your word
    go multiply.


  • uwloti 10w


    We will cross the bridge of tribulation,
    Hiking on the mountains of perseverance,
    Our journey darken in the tunnel of our integrity,
    But that light of hope on the other end,
    It's courage that drives us,
    Armed with weapons of patience,
    An aspect that guide to the portal of love.

    Disagreement is like waves of the ocean,
    Normality's and everyday experience,
    We will hopeful cruise through by faith,
    And anchor our ship on the other shore,
    For better and for worse
    To a shame the devil means of perverted

    I remember your nostalgic promises,
    Sometimes as we met in your premises,
    The look in your eyes was true and sincere
    The smile in a grim line of protruded dimples,
    Affectionate embrace and passionate exposure,
    Is still in my mind,
    Your image right on my side,
    I feel you in the blowing wind with whispers,
    Love staked at the door of your heart,
    A prove that you will not hurt me.

    We had mission in our vision,
    For we will never part our ways
    We might break one feather
    But it won't deny us our destiny,
    Limping all the way to be together,
    When our morning come
    All nightmares will be done
    Sunshine will arise
    Illuminating its rays of a dream come come,
    As I hold your hand in a warm grab,
    Hold you back to me in lovely embrace,
    In wait,
    With patience,
    As we grow old
    Our love renewed
    To make yesterday look as today.

    As I present to you a bouquet of fidelity
    I safely secured in the drawers of my patience.


  • uwloti 10w


    I see the reflection of love
    Can you spare a time
    I want to reveal a secret
    It’s a thought of my own sane
    My heart was spacious
    When I saw you at first
    I swerved to your side
    You were superb
    I even forgot
    All the seasons I lived in solitary
    Even how you spoke to me
    Made me swap my heart
    With your love
    The moment you said ‘I do’
    You made me supersonic
    You were grateful in your shape
    Womanly in nature
    You are my kind
    To me you are like a sunflower
    Because you rise like the sun
    And spread in all my surrounding
    Like the stars sparkling in the sky
    Above the sea you can see
    Your face is the only thing I see in sight
    I swear this is love.


    I’ve gone through
    Your letter a hundred times
    Every single line
    Nourished me with a smile
    I thirst for you every single day
    Anytime you show your face
    My heart beats to the rhythm
    Of love
    It calls your name
    I have saved our every moment
    We both built
    In our love house
    Our door is made of smiles
    Yours and mine
    It’s roofed with our portrait
    It’s just for two
    Just me and you
    Let’s not entertain gust
    And let nothing to break
    Our tie.