Novice writer just sharing the thoughts that clutter my brain.

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  • v_th1rt3en 16w

    The Hunt

    This night is one of such pure delight

    To hunt and feed under rays of moonlight

    Careful are we to remain out of sight

    Our prey, we surely wish not to fright

    Once in our grasp I beg you not to fight

    It is rather, in truth, quite impolite

    So, Shh! Keep quiet, it will be alright

    All woes will be forgotten with a single bite


  • v_th1rt3en 16w

    The Other Within

    You live in the darkest corners of my mind
    A darkness with whom my light is entwined.
    You whisper in my ear all the things I fear
    Day after day, only your yells that I hear
    You try to make me forget my true way
    Using doubt so I feel like I've gone astray

    I'll never be free from you, this much I know
    But there's nothing more you can do, you lost long ago


  • v_th1rt3en 17w


    Words laced with poisonous intent

    Sowing hate in minds young and old

    Death and divide, all you represent

    A mad man's soul, to the devil, he's sold


  • v_th1rt3en 17w

    Little Light (3)

    Why little light is it to I you stick
    With countless other demons, you had your pick

    What little light? What do you mean?
    Surely that was something you couldn't have seen

    This wasn't her place, she didn't belong
    She wasn't guilty, she had done no wrong

    She had lived in torment in the world above
    Now she'll find peace in that place of true love

    The one shining white made a mistake to put her here
    If he tries it again I'll make sure he knows true fear

    Precious little light i hope she is doing well
    In that home much safer than heaven or hell


  • v_th1rt3en 17w

    Little Light (2)

    Oh, little light you scare me so
    What if the others come to know
    Please tell me how to erase your glow
    So evil, once more, I can begin to sow

    Pesky little light I wasn't born to feel
    Emotion is but a sickness I need to heal
    No longer do I know which me is real
    So blacken this white and we'll make a deal

    Silly little light you can trust what I say
    To live by our word is a demons true way
    No tricks I have and my debt I will pay
    So begone with you now, take this curse away


  • v_th1rt3en 17w

    Untuned Life

    A life spent torn due to a past full of regret
    From child to adult, times I wish I could reset

    Mental woes creating scars unable to cover
    Accepting my faults, the only way to recover

    Using what time I have left to be something more
    Creating meaningful change for the world I adore

    Still unable to let go of my lingering grief
    I use words, art, and music to find brief relief

    It's a life imperfect, but one I'll forever revere
    Blessed with family, friends, and pets I truly hold dear

    Your time, I've learned, is best not lent to the past
    Because, in just an instant, this chapter could be your last

    Cherish the moment, those you love, and grow
    So you have no regrets when laid six feet below


  • v_th1rt3en 18w

    Little Light

    Little light! My little light
    I saw a world that burns oh-so bright
    Little blight! Oh, little blight
    It burned my eyes and stole my sight

    It's brilliance is one of envious might
    So much so it would cause a fright

    So little light! My little blight
    Keep this secret from those in the night
    Because little blight! Oh, little blight
    Never were we meant to dress in white


  • v_th1rt3en 19w

    Ashes Of Contrition

    Lost within the depths of my mind
    What I am searching for I cannot find
    Confused and tangled within life's bind
    This freedom I seek is one of a kind

    Graced by serenity in the sickest of ways
    Paid for in blood so this reality sways
    Looking for an escape from the livings gaze
    Will knots, bullets or blades...
    Mark my ending days?

    The ashes of contrition shroud me in it's misery
    Only through this blindness I thought I could see

    A better tomorrow cleansed by the fire and shame
    Leaving rot behind and hoping to never be the same

    But redemption is but a false hope to ease this pain
    So I give up my light and gladly succumb to the rain

    My flame now snuffed, no hope to ever be reborn
    I made one last plea to reclaim the life I had forsworn

    But It was not meant to be
    This truth I finally see
    So may this farewell stand true
    This is all I ask of you

    To be forgotten is my only request
    For I know, for you, it is truly what's best
    If you must remember, please, my memory detest
    Hate me with all you are, so you can finally rest


  • v_th1rt3en 43w

    An old poem about a tragedy a community will never forget #life #thoughts #poetry #life #poetry #thoughts

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    El Paso

    E - verything changed in just an instant

    L - oss of families and friends, a memory never distant

    P - ondering day and night to understand the reasons why

    A - stranger's hate, stole futures, he had no right to deny

    S - tar shine bright upon this mountain mourning the lost

    O - ur hearts forever changed, united, never forgetting the cost


  • v_th1rt3en 45w

    My take on what the ramblings of a villian in the making would be

    #Story #Random #Dark #rot #poetry #thoughts #inspiration

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    The rot is slowly spreading from the inside out
    I'll be consumed, I've no delusions, not a single doubt

    So let me be enveloped by this beautiful decay
    And released from the chains of the "righteous" way

    This wasn't a choice, but a fate, always meant for me
    Isolation breeds blight not many are able to flee

    I tried to stave off impurity
    But secretly welcomed my demons all along

    I accepted lifes futility
    Forever a forgotten note in its decrepit song