And that, is how it all began.

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  • va_run 9w

    And one day i threw the stick and you didn't fetch it..

  • va_run 16w

    Portal to Happiness

    There's been an apocalypse. The world is completely destroyed. Rubbles and debris everywhere. In short - nothing remains.

    You're one of the many people in a queue. They're all ghoulish. Some of them are couples.

    Now, the queue leads to this big door with bright light on the other side. It's a beacon in the middle of complete blackout. People try to get through that door. Some do, and when they do there's a jingle. Many just can't go through, and leave with a sad face.

    You're curious. You think that, well obviously this is some kind of a prom and no one's allowed to go stag (without a partner). But then you notice something. Some single people pass through that too, and lots of couples are turned away.

    Weird. Some singles pass, others can't. Some couples can, others can't.

    That door is symbolic of an entry to a happy life. The couples who pass easily have found their better halves in each other. Other couples who can't, are attempting to be happy, but can't. They're just not meant for each other, whatever the reason may be.
    Now now now. Before you bash me with "i don't need a man to be happy", take a look at all those singles who are able to pass that door. They found happiness in themselves. They certainly don't need someone to be happy, doesn't mean they can't be happy with someone..

    It's a long queue.. you also noticed that 2 people who were turned away from the door, met each other, tried again but this time as a couple. They passed. They were unhappy, but found happiness in each other's company, their presence..

    The Goal is to be happy. Amidst a thousand reasons to be sad, find one to be happy and stick to it. Be happy. Sure you might have to be happy all by yourself for a while. But you will meet someone. You'll be happy still. The only thing that changes will be your relationship status and the intensity of happiness..

    You'll meet someone. Every beautiful soul does, so will you. And when that happens, you'll find that you met the right person at the right time. People who come and go are accidents, coincidences, chance meets; ones who stay are destined to be..

  • va_run 17w

    When that happens, don't let go~
    #mirakee #love #selfworth #scribble

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    Someday you'll find someone,
    Someone who'll make you realize your worth
    And call you stupid for not knowing it all this time.

    Then you'll see things change.
    Your world will turn upside down,
    and so will the word ME into WE.

    They'll understand you, your ways,
    Planning a future, ignoring your past days.
    Isn't that all we ever asked for? To be understood?

  • va_run 30w


    When we had only each other.
    When we had hands to hold, stories to share.
    When we saw an empty street and just walked till the dead end, then back.
    When my heart asked you out, and your blush whispered a yes.
    Footsteps when synced, souls two linked.

    Where was not a soul, just us.
    Where only sounds were of the breeze, the leaves, and our silence.
    Where I could feel you breath, as you gripped me tight.
    Where a wanderer finally found solace.
    With the trials of doubts in the court of mind dismissed, where by the lake we sat and kissed.

    Where we found each other,
    When we stared into each other's eyes,
    Under the stars, caressing the scars,
    Take me back to the night we met ...

  • va_run 31w

    Hear me out.

    "If I be Jack, will you be my Rose"
    Yep that's me with the cheesy words i chose.

    I'll try it once, see how it goes
    So hear me out, for here i Propose.

    What do i possibly say to ask you out on dates,
    "Sometimes sweet, sometimes bitter, but always soothing. Girl you're just like a box of chocolates"

    Okay whatever. I tried.

    More of a confession, really, sounding like questions,
    No compulsions, no haste, just whenever you're ready.
    If your life is all about cold nights, can i be the one to warm you up? Like a huge fluffy Teddy?

    Again, don't answer that, for I've read your eyes before and they speak the unspoken.

    Your company, goodness!
    Long walks, short talks, with you everything is a bliss,
    I mean what i say and there never shall be fake flattery", to you, lady, today I Promise.

    I believe what i feel isn't containable in the mere boundaries of a few words, but anyway, I'm gonna speak.

    I understand your life is a garden, and i might be just a tiny bug,
    But try to feel the vibes, vibes that speak what you mean to me,
    You felt them long ago, remember? That night we shared a Hug?

    You deserve more than me, of course you do. Believe me, I'm trying to be a better me, the one to treat you right.

    The emptiness inside, the fears, it's like staring at an abyss,
    I saw them then, i see them now, i see them everytime we Kiss.

    But I'll tell you what.
    Hold my hands, and I'll grip it tight,
    Through thick and thin, with all my might.
    It's no more Me, or You, for it will be a We,
    A future so beautiful, is what i want you to see.

    All i have to ask of you is just to be Mine,
    So tell me, love, will you be my Valentine?

  • va_run 31w

    I promise.

    I promise you late night conversations when you feel alone.
    I promise you early morning wishes, when you call to wake me up.
    I promise you days, the best days you'd spend with anyone.
    I promise I'll never be the reason for a single drop of tear that you shed.
    I promise you hugs and kisses, in sickness and in health.
    I promise to make you smile, inside and out, when you don't feel like wearing even a blank face.
    I promise i'll never let go, togetherness through thick and thin.
    I promise I'll never ever do you wrong, since you're one of the very few things that's right in my life.
    I promise to not be a "someone" in your life, but "the one".

    Just be by my side,
    Hold my hands,
    And i promise time will freeze, and we shall have
    An Always, an Eternity,
    A Forever, an Infinity.
    To you, the one i say and i know i love,
    I promise you myself.

  • va_run 35w

    Loving you is living myself.

    It's learning to love today, not think 'bout tomorrow,
    Adore this very joy, no room for any sorrow,
    I grow everyday.
    For now i love something that's temporary, not longing for permanence,
    It's your smile that keeps me going, your very sweet essence..

    What's coming, who knows?
    You might not be mine, or you just might,
    But well, "till death do us part", right?


  • va_run 36w

    Dear you,

    There in that crowd, i saw you.
    I saw those eyes, as they reflected
    everything around, with an unusual yet pleasant ecstasy.
    Made me wonder, that sight,
    What was my world?

    The image, or the mirror?


  • va_run 40w

    Love at first sight?

    Does that happen when you first see them?
    When you have seen their early morning face?
    When you have seen them laugh out loud till they can hardly breath?
    When you have seen them yelling out loud at the tv?
    When you've seen their face as the smile slowly forms?
    When you've seen them sick and bedridden?
    When you've seen them look into your eyes as you see everything you want reflect in theirs?
    When you've seen the way they treat you, and everyone?
    When you've been through nights apart and then when you see them when they meet you?

    Does love happen the conventional way or when you've seen them through for what they are, completely, for the first time?
    That's what it is.. that's love at first sight~


  • va_run 42w

    The One~

    You could be someone's "i want this person for the rest of my life", you know..
    Someone whose smile gives them butterflies,
    Someone whose eyes reflect the moonlit sky,
    Someone whose long blabbering makes them stare at you in amazement,
    Someone whose tears strike like arrows in their heart,
    Someone whose mere presence makes them forget that anything else exists, for you're the world to them,

    You could be "the one" to someone.
    That doesn't need you to be pretty,
    That needs you to be you,
    To be beautiful...