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  • vacuous_feelings 11w

    I'm Ankur,
    I'm Pisces if you'd care to know,
    My favorite color is blue,
    but when it comes to clothes I like to wear black,
    I'm a skinny guy,
    although I eat a lot though,
    I love reading, and writing,
    and even though I'm not quite good at it,
    I could write you poems,
    It might not be romantic,
    but the silliness of my words will make you smile,
    I'm weird,
    I guess that's something that you'll have to learn to love about me,
    I swear that I'm gonna try to help too,
    I love the silence of midnight when I'm alone,
    But I guess I'll love it more when I'll be with you,

    I love talking to myself,
    and if you ever catch me talking to myself,
    I hope you smile back,
    but I'd probably feel the smile and hide it.
    I know I talk a lot sometimes,
    but I can be a very great listener too.

    There are many things
    I'd love to do when I meet you,

    I'd love to drown in your eyes,
    Even though I know I can't swim,
    I'd love to wrap my fingers around yours and hold your hands, but you may not like it,
    cause sometimes it gets sweaty,
    And I'm sorry about that though,
    And most importantly I want to remind you that

    If we are to be together,
    I do not hope of much,
    but I do hope that we cherish each moment together,
    I hope that soft kisses will be enough to heal our hard times and I hope that hugs will be enough to fix us when we are broken,
    sometimes I may not like the way you are,
    I promise I'd still love you like I first did.

    P. S : I made a video on this, check the link in my bio. ����

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    I hope that soft kisses will be enough
    to heal our hard times and
    I hope that hugs will be enough
    to fix us when we are broken.


    full piece in caption*

  • vacuous_feelings 11w

    Late Nights

    You made me hate
    the late nights


  • vacuous_feelings 14w


    She's a moonchild

    under the stars she goes wild


  • vacuous_feelings 14w


    In the world full of chaos

    In him she found serenity.


  • vacuous_feelings 14w

    It's actually the lyrics from my recent song, you'll find the link in my profile ��

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    But lately I've been feeling so low

    wondering if anywhere could I go below

    feel like my life's filled with lies

    and lately I've been ignoring my own advice

    but never mind we still trying

    and every single time

    we'll be better

    move on with heart's that shattered

    hold on until time's make's it all good

    some lessons that I should've already understood


  • vacuous_feelings 14w


    She's a Capricorn,

    a rose with no thorn.


  • vacuous_feelings 14w


    Love is two lost souls,

    finding themselves

    in each other.


  • vacuous_feelings 14w


    And darling,

    heart is conquered by words,

    sometimes by sharing,

    sometimes by listening.


  • vacuous_feelings 14w


    She scratches my skin, leaving marks,
    like some wild cat got over me,
    her ring slips off,
    the one that her ex gave her,
    she loses herself in me trying to erase the memories,
    lust is surely a cure for bad moments given by love,
    but she is not doing this for pleasure,
    she's doing it for the pain,
    it doesn't matter what others judgement on her is,
    no one was there when she was heart broken
    so why they judge when she trying to do what
    she wants, she stays numb after a while,
    she whispers into my ear,
    "Do Not Stop!" I said nothing and
    soaked the pain in my arms,
    never really lost my virginity,
    I am just a masochist satisfying
    others with my innate skills to perform
    quiver movements with the flicker of fingers,
    and is enough for the pain and pleasure to
    suave through the soul,
    to be free for once, just once.


  • vacuous_feelings 14w

    I'll be fine

    Every night they ask me
    If I'm alright?
    And I just tell them
    that I'll be fine.

    But how do I define
    that the past I'm trying,
    to leave behind
    always get back in my mind,
    and I can't face the truth so I'm lying