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  • vaibhav94s 4h

    If You

    If you listen to my breath closely,
    You will hear it calling your name
    If you look into my eyes closely,
    You will see the reflection of your image.
    If you touch my hands,
    You will feel the warmth of your care.
    If you listen to my heart beating,
    You will see it skips a beat everytime someone says your name.
    If you hear my mouth talking,
    You will know it only says prayer wishing you were here.
    Oh my dear if you ever cease to exist in my life,
    Know that I shall also vanish into thin air.


  • vaibhav94s 5w

    By unknown writer

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    Insatiable is my desire for you
    Insane is my love you
    Limitless are my boundaries for you
    True are my feelings for you
    Wildest are my imaginations for you
    Intense is my passion for you
    Soul is my offering for you
    Commitment is my promise to you

  • vaibhav94s 13w

    After Dark

    The night will hold us close
    and the stars will guide us home
    I've been waiting for this moment
    we're finally alone.
    I turn to ask the question
    so anxious my thoughts
    Your lips were soft like winter
    In your passion I was lost.


  • vaibhav94s 13w

    I See You

    So many people around
    Yet no one is so much comforting as that one indirect gaze
    Atleast for a fraction of second I had it all


  • vaibhav94s 14w

    A Bleak Winter Night

    You still visit my dreams,
    Like a western wind in the plains
    Cold as ice with a little bit of rain.
    With your old jacket on
    And blue slip ons
    Rushing towards me
    In order to set me free
    Free from these desires
    And all those who conspire
    Conspire against me
    As I have you
    And you have me.


  • vaibhav94s 20w


    Insanity is just relative to what being sane means to you. Sometimes the only way to rise is to fall!


  • vaibhav94s 21w

    By unknown writer

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    My favourite faded fantasy

    You could hold the secrets that save
    Me from myself
    I could love you more than love could
    All the way from hell

    You could be my poison, my cross,
    My razor blade
    I could love you more than life
    If I wasn’t so afraid

    You could be my favourite faded fantasy
    I’ve hung my happiness upon what it all could be

  • vaibhav94s 22w

    Eerie whispers

    I jumped in the river, what did I see
    Black-eyed angels swam with me
    A moon full of stars and astral cars
    And all the figures I used to see
    All my lovers were there with me
    All my past and futures
    And we all went to heaven in a little row boat
    There was nothing to fear and nothing to doubt


  • vaibhav94s 37w

    Late Night Dream

    There she is standing in front of me
    With her long black hair and dark brown eyes
    Sparkling like a northern star among the rest
    Though she is one of my failed conquest

    Taking one step at a time she rushes forward
    I reached out my hand to feel her presence
    But she vanishes in the air & left no essence
    Everything turned dark and there was no sign of light
    I opened up my eyes realising it was just dream of the night.