Dead, as words have left my side

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  • vaidant 8w

    You are in my poems
    Consuming spaces through words
    Which you didn't even read...

  • vaidant 20w

    This place is filled with memories.
    #reasontowrite #past @writersnetwork

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    It's difficult to live in a place where memories live.

  • vaidant 88w

    You do the same my dear sun
    When you go down, you leave
    Your beloved moon all alone

    Night always accompany solitude.

    #reasontowrite #lost @writersnetwork

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    The mind seeks to escape into seclusion
    To indulge in some peaceful moments

    Solitude is bliss

    In the distance echoes the hum
    Of a bird in a pursuit of nest

    Even the earth resonates my feelings

    Shall I loose myself in this new journey?

    And it seems the earth and
    The azure skies are in agreement

    Bathed in the radiance of the new moon
    A star has lost its sheen

  • vaidant 89w

    Love is like a circle

    You start with a wrong person you may even end up with a wrong person, but in that process of completing the silhouette which marks the definition of love for you

    You end up knowing what's right for you

  • vaidant 99w

    "Even ashes have some spark left in them,
    do love someone but not to the extent that
    ashes are revived back to fire and the
    free are resurrected back into bondage"

  • vaidant 107w

    On the way to an endless journey of finding myself
    I light your memories up to keep myself warm

  • vaidant 108w

    Blowed back by life
    I tried and revived my time

  • vaidant 109w

    Those ashes of wait have filled the ashtray of hope signifying the end
    #reasontowrite #writersnetwork

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    Counting The Ends

    I count days before I count the buds of my last promised cigarette(s) just to know what would kill me first, the wait to be complete again or the burning desires between my hands

  • vaidant 112w

    Everyday thanks to you
    My heart beats anew

    Your breath without announcing
    Merges with mine affirming

    The second your hands fit mine
    Tears in the alcove of my eyes align

    With kisses kindling pleasure
    A well-combined mixture

    Even if the sun rises new
    Sky should paint a purple hue

    Your glance towards me
    Should last endlessly

    Where does happiness end?
    Let's travel the whole length

    When you look at me repeatedly
    My love intensifies wholeheartedly

    In my heart surges love
    Infinite treasure trove

    Many births I may need
    To show it in thoughts and deeds

    Time may stop or end
    Our love will always extend

    When you look at me often
    My love often smitten

    We should both be blessed
    With a lifetime of happiness

    We should live together right away


    #reasontowrite #pod @writersnetwork @readwriteunite

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    Where does happiness end?
    Let's travel the whole length


  • vaidant 112w

    She is like sliver of hope
    In the mundanity of everyday lies