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  • vaishsb 1d

    Sometimes it's really hard ,
    As situations are not in your hand ,
    But hold on as you will get your chance,
    Struggles are there to make you alive ,
    Make you weak till you drown ,
    Don't forget to think positive,
    As positivity will never bring you down.

  • vaishsb 1d


    Sometimes it's a miracle ,
    You get the people you like ,
    Suddenly out of no where,
    You became happy ,
    Just some small talks ,
    Make you feel lovely ,
    You won't forget this moments ,
    As they are best ,
    They will stay with you ,
    This people are the best .

  • vaishsb 1w


    Three words ,
    A world to us ,
    Beautiful emotions ,
    Pure soul .

    Three letters who can define you more than yourself .

  • vaishsb 1w

    For all those who are feeling low .
    Cheer up you are the best out of the rest ��.

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    Brave you

    Mysterious stories ,
    Haunting nights ,
    Scars and pain everywhere ,
    Still you have hope of light ,
    You are epitome of bravery ,
    Your the strongest ,
    Stay there,
    Don't get lost ,
    In the world full of rocks ,
    Be brave & fight along ,
    You have struggled a lot ,
    Still struggling & rising voice ,
    You will rise don't get scare ,
    Stand out & be yourself ,
    You are the only one to help yourself .

  • vaishsb 1w

    Some deep insights ,
    Towards our life ,
    Just trying to put forward a different perspective,
    Like if you feel you are going through this.
    Along the things you feel.

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    I don't know ,
    How to feel failure ,
    How to sense the aspect of fear ,
    As this things are normal ,
    For this time era ,
    Failure & fear ,
    Have been there along ,
    In the long way to go ahead ,
    I sense I am in a long torture ,
    Torture propose by my life,
    Which never ends the more you go ahead ,
    Deep inside I am trying to change ,
    Adapt myself in a way ,
    To reunite me to my soul ,
    To go ahead to establish ,
    In the long way ahead ,
    I hope I can make myself ,
    Confidence enough to say ,
    Fear & failure are my golden gate,
    Towards opportunity i get.

  • vaishsb 2w

    We all have down moments ,
    Sudden hurricanes ,
    Disturb emotions ,
    Mind betrayed ,
    Still in air ,
    trying to sort out ,
    What to scale & prepare ,
    Deep within ,
    Your pain ,
    Still trying to move ,
    From your despair ,
    Wake up ,
    Bless yourself ,
    With some strength ,
    Achieve everything ,
    As you gain.

  • vaishsb 3w

    Happiest new year

    Let's forget our old self ,
    To give birth to our new self ,
    Let's do our best ,
    For this new beginning ,

    Let's forget last year's misdoing ,
    With a bright smile ,
    And warm heart ,
    Welcome this prosporous year ahead.

    Happiest new year everyone
    Stay safe
    Stay happy .

  • vaishsb 4w

    Don't force yourself too much ,
    that you literally forget you as a person
    Learn to sacrifice but not to the level you starve yourself to death.
    Improvements are important not to
    discourage but to encourage yourself .
    So make sure to also love yourself .

  • vaishsb 4w

    Fight till you breathe

    Situations are toughest,
    Says your frightened heart ,
    Stories can't repair them ,
    Till you fight hard ,

    Emotions embedded ,
    In that sweet smile ,
    Trying hard to fight ,
    In her own life ,

    She waits for that beautiful ,
    Sunrise in the sky ,
    Where hopes are light up ,
    In the best way they can ,

    Life is not easy ,
    As people use to say ,
    If you want to win ,
    Fight till you breathe.

  • vaishsb 5w

    वह ना कुछ कह पाई ,
    ना हम कुछ कह पाए ,
    मिले थे सालों बाद ,
    होंठों से लफ्ज़ ना निकल पाए ,
    बस एक हल्की सी मुस्कान ‌‌थी ,
    जो दोनों को छू गई।