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  • valar_morghulis7 1d

    It might not affect your senses
    when she is gone,
    But after you turn off the lights,
    A gaze at the moon,
    And everything after will only be dream.

  • valar_morghulis7 3d

    Trance my head into a vibe,
    And I shall dance in freedom.

  • valar_morghulis7 4d

    A thousand thoughts

    Perhaps you have pushed me
    too much now,
    May be I was at fault,
    And this wicked silence over
    the years,
    Took out a little more of me than it
    ever could,
    To blur my senses,
    That affection becomes the acceptance
    of chaos,
    It often haunts me down,
    Right into the nerves,
    To have pulled the trigger
    when I could,
    But I didn't,
    So now the bullets keep sipping
    the stained blood,
    To delay the demise a little more,
    Because what death couldn't have done,
    Is now an oath of the dark moon,
    To sink me me in these empty shadows.

  • valar_morghulis7 1w

    Back then

    You knew me back then,
    Perhaps I didn't,
    But the story changed,
    May be a little,
    And now,
    What I've become,
    Shall be a little hard for you to handle,
    May be too much,
    And I have started to fear too much,
    Will you be able cure my sins,
    Or handle my breakdowns,
    May be,
    You'll fear me too,
    If I break you,
    Or break myself,

  • valar_morghulis7 1w

    एक बात है

    समय समय की बात है,
    कल मै साथ था,
    आज वो साथ है,
    साथ है तो बात है,
    साथ नहीं तो क्या हुआ,
    ये ज़िन्दगी की शाजिशे,
    वो कल भी उदास था
    वो आज भी नाराज़ है।

  • valar_morghulis7 1w


    That vibe you couldn't take in,
    Was the answer to your deranged
    head may be,
    That was it,
    That smile,
    That smile you just fell for,
    Nothing more or less,
    That was all.

  • valar_morghulis7 1w

    Palm trees

    May be I rushed my way too
    To reach what I couldn't seek,
    Though not knowing where,
    Neither what,
    But I did,
    Perhaps I shouldn't have,
    And now,
    I realised,
    That I traverse a loop,
    Knitted into my head,
    To get doomed,
    Beside a sea,
    Under the palm trees.

  • valar_morghulis7 1w

    You define your existence
    with their presence,
    And what if their presence is not
    presence but a hallucination,
    You won't cease to exist,
    But then you will crave for it to
    And that is when you'll find your

  • valar_morghulis7 1w

    Into your head

    If I could pull the trigger right
    into my head,
    I would,
    The desire was quite high,
    So I met toxicity,
    One hit down,
    Into your head the bullet goes,
    Right through your blood,
    And boom your head flies,
    Into tiny pieces of freedom,
    Everything you ever craved for,
    Is there,
    Right there,
    In your head,
    But you,
    You are somewhere else,
    Or may be nowhere then

  • valar_morghulis7 1w

    The deal is,
    I gotta feed these demons,
    Or may be,
    Feed me