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  • valar_morghulis7 3h

    Let's just for once not fall for what wasn't
    meant to be,
    May be it really was,
    And we made it to be what wasn't,
    I could be wrong this time too,
    But what if I am not,
    And what if it could be a beautiful journey we never
    really realised in the past,
    Would you come back,
    And hold my hand to it together again,
    Would you?
    Please say yes.

  • valar_morghulis7 9h

    Some of constants are turning to a variety,
    Though it's not a notion I formed,
    Rather something injected inside my head,
    And this could true for the moment,
    For my senses are not mine to have a hold,
    A fear that might grow,
    A question that I have no answer to,
    Or perhaps a fence of society to hang me up.

  • valar_morghulis7 12h

    If I am not weak,
    I can't be strong,
    To take control of the inability to overpower
    I have to fall,
    To have touch of bottom instead,
    Perhaps coming back is yet unknown,
    Still there are no choices,
    And if don't then I had to.

  • valar_morghulis7 1d

    I could see them stabbing my reflection,
    So I chose to tear myself apart,
    More brutally than it could ever be,
    To let them know once and for all,
    To break the devil,
    You need the devil.

  • valar_morghulis7 2d

    To not know the mistakes you made to be
    your rightful regrets,
    Can form a tale of depression filled with anxiety,
    For when you cannot see the blood on your hands,
    You find no reason to stop the monsters ruling your head.

  • valar_morghulis7 3d

    No matter how crazy it drives you,
    You can be at ease,
    And at once,
    But what it takes is more than you could lose,
    So would you?
    Find an escape from your escape.

  • valar_morghulis7 3d

    An Escape is what we all keep searching
    for all our lives,
    From everything that keeps hunting us down,
    Never do we realise,
    This escape is the one hunting our souls.

  • valar_morghulis7 3d

    May be I have lost the touch,
    In the journey to discover my reality,
    And it could be that it never comes back,
    Making me realise that I would only drown into
    my greed to seek my existence,
    It could be madness for the world I do not recognise,
    But for me it is the only path to my survival.

  • valar_morghulis7 4d

    To let go of the people you drifted away,
    Can bring your sense to question the difference,
    That lies among your medication and toxicity.

  • valar_morghulis7 4d

    It isn't easy to be you,
    Or to be what no one sees,
    And then your agony passes by,
    To hand a touch of violence,
    To reveal the monsters that lay deep,
    But for this blind society,
    And only I could see them inside of me,
    Gripping my throat a little harder with every touch
    being bestowed in rising pulsation.