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  • varun_s 11w

    Will delete after seen by you.

    You can't keep dragging people into you agony.
    You can't keep pulling people into your hell.
    Your hell is your own making.
    Your hell is your responsibility.


  • varun_s 17w


    People will leave.



  • varun_s 17w

    World is full of people and it still lonesome.

    It is like you are in the middle of the ocean, you are thirsty and an entire ocean around you but it's not enough.


  • varun_s 20w


    Like earth
    you can't be in love and serene
    at the same time.


  • varun_s 22w

    The blood must flow

    You must be busy with your body.
    You must busy with your heart.
    You have to take care of the chemicals in your brain.
    You must remember the cuts.
    And look at the garden
    there is still mosses on trees.

    There is still time.


  • varun_s 25w

    World is running slow.

    It was a day that
    I was sad.
    It was a beautiful coffee but
    I was sad.
    It was a usual disappointment but
    I was sad.
    It was raining and wetting my soul but
    I was sad.
    It was mirror and iam clean and tearless but
    I was sad.
    It was evening.
    Then there is


  • varun_s 32w


    [ Suffering ]


  • varun_s 43w

    I can't be that sure

    You can have all that wounds in me once more.
    when the coffee mug is empty.
    When there is no more tears left.
    When I can feel the earth again.
    When the blood has reached back at heart from freeze.
    When your hands were in mine, I felt that touch again.
    When you are ready to have wounds in me again.
    I will be being for us,

    Or not.


  • varun_s 47w


    Tell me how you supposed to
    love me
    if you can't find
    or see
    that faded tree
    at the curve of that


  • varun_s 48w

    2 pm.

    You can't feel happiness when you are happy.
    You can only remember it when you are sad.