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  • vatsa_23 9w

    Once upon a time, few trainee engineers were called in a workshop. It was said that they were building a huge ship, trying to make history. That's why, very few talented trainee engineers got the opportunity to visit the workshop and gain experience.

    When the selected engineers entered the workshop, they were amazed of what they were building. They were really excited to work and be a part of history. But as they entered, they were stopped by a man. The man asked,

    "What are you kids doing here?"

    "We were assigned as trainees for the project you are working on." One in the group said.

    "This place isn't for you guys. You had to go to the other workshop down the road." Said the man.

    "But we were told to report here." Another trainee spoke.

    "I am the chief engineer here. I know my job and this project isn't for you guys. Only experts and vast- experienced professionals are allowed to be a part of this project. You may now leave."

    Disappointed, the trainee engineers left the workshop and went to the other small workshop where they were building life-boats.

    The project they were working on was "The Titanic".
    Experience isn't always helpful.


  • vatsa_23 9w

    I was watching one of the soap operas with my mom during the afternoon. I was so annoyed by the cast actually. And particularly it was an Indian television serial, which was rather much irritating. The acting seemed so fake and the direction was so bad.

    There was some climax going in that serial, and when everyone was worried, there was this one person who was giving that evil smile - the bad guy in the serial. I thought to myself and asked mom,

    "Mummy, why is there always a villain in a story or these TV serials? Whatever is the story, there's always someone who is evil. Why is that? Why can't be all people in the story be good"

    To which she instantly replied,
    "Every story needs a villain. Without the villain, the story won't be interesting, the story won't move forward and the story will be useless."

    She pointed out the villain on the TV and asked me,
    "Think about the story of this serial without this person. It would be nothing, right?"

    I gave it a thought and smiled. She added,
    "Life is the same. You won't be always surrounded by good people in life. There will be bad people. And due to them, you'll survive. You'll fight and get stronger. That's how your story will move forward."

    She winked. I smiled, again.


  • vatsa_23 9w

    Mom had sent me to buy some groceries. I was returning back home when I saw a man on his bike who was trying to throw the garbage on the road which he had brought from his home.

    This was not a surprise for me, because not only him but many people came daily to that particular place to throw garbage instead of throwing into their dustbins. This was the reason why that place looked like a garbage dump.

    Interestingly, the moment he swung his left arm to throw the garbage while riding the bike, the same very moment he lost control and his bike slipped and he was on the ground in no time.

    No one came to help him. Even I drove right past him. He was doing something wrong, he got instantly paid for it. That's how everything works! Karma.


  • vatsa_23 11w

    When everyone used to close their eyes during school prayers, he used to keep it open.

    Things we do for love.


  • vatsa_23 14w

    This write-up will be very close to me!❤️

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    The Bus Romance

    Everything was silent. The screaming and the disco music about an hour ago had turned into snoring sounds. All anyone could hear was the honking of the vehicles and the drifting sound of the tires on the wet highway. The lights were off, the teachers were closing down the window glasses as it was getting cold with every passing minute of the night when most of us were sleeping.

    Yes, we all had promised to play fun games on the bus. We knew that we will be tired by the end of the day but we were so sure that a picnic wasn't enough to make us drain. I couldn't sleep. I was smiling thinking of all the fun moments and how we enjoyed the entire day.

    I was sitting on the aisle seat. My friend's head had fallen on my shoulder and was in a very deep sleep. I looked over to my right and I saw her sleeping. I could only see her in shades of yellow as every car passed by our bus, leaving just a moment for me to look at her. Her eyes opened up as I was looking at her. We looked at each other for a minute. She raised her eyebrows in a way asking me what had happened that I was looking at her. I just nodded my head left and right saying nothing. We both smiled.

    It was dark. We could hardly see each other. But I did notice her friend also sleeping on her shoulder. We were looking at each other. Constantly smiling and blushing. She pulled out her left hand towards me. I was shocked. She gestured with her eyes telling me to bring my hand forward too. I raised my eyebrows gesturing - Hey, somebody will see us. She squinches her eyes giving me a wink saying - No one will know.

    I put my right hand out. We held hands. That's what we had planned for the picnic before but we were always surrounded by friends the entire day. Her hand was cold and soft. Our fingers were playing with each other, the grip got tighter every minute we felt less shy. We were looking at each other and holding hands. It was beautiful.

    "I love you." She said to me, voiceless with her soft lips.
    "I love you too," I said with the same gesture.

    Our hands were now warm and fingers tightly wrapped around. We both fell asleep looking at each other, holding hands and it was beautiful.

    Tears fell out, reading the diary.


  • vatsa_23 15w

    I'm a person who hates insects. And especially those light attracted bugs and insects. And because of that, I keep my curtains closed during the night time. Because they all rile up on your window nets. But there's this humidity in the weather that forces you to open up the curtains and let the air circulate in that room. Interestingly, I noticed something today due to this and I felt happy.

    So last week, I came to my room after dinner, opened up the curtains to let the fresh air in and sat on my study chair. I was browsing through Instagram when I suddenly noticed a sound from the windows. I saw a lizard which was outside my room, on the window net trying to eat a cricket that must have been sitting on my window due to the tube light. After a few while, the lizard grabbed that big cricket and was trying slowly to gulp it down the throat.

    I witnessed this and I felt bad. Because, if my curtains were closed, that cricket would have been alive. For the next two days, I kept my curtains closed. The next day after, I somehow forgot to close the curtains as it was the examination week. That day, the same lizard came on my window net, ate a moth first and then a cricket. It reminded me of how hungry it must have been for the past couple of days. That day, I felt worse than the day before.

    I realised that I was breaking the food chain indirectly. The crickets eat those little flies on the window net and the lizards eat those crickets. If I close my curtains, the insects would never come and thus the lizard won't be able to eat that cricket.

    I realised today that we are a part of the food chain too. It's the circle of life. I was glad to be a part of the circle. I did what I could and that made me happy. Felt contented.

    Take time to observe things around you. Those things can make you happy. Even if they are the smallest of things.

  • vatsa_23 16w

    I get annoyed when people get annoyed by their birthdays approaching! Had to write this. Would love to discuss on this if anyone has some good points.

    Thanks for reading :)

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    I don't know why people aren't excited about their birthdays! People get anxious, they feel like they are getting clogged. And I'm not talking about introverts. This happens to those too who consider themselves as "not an introvert".

    Yes, social media is gaining power over our lives. I get it. You don't like all the fake people wishing you just because they saw stories of you or maybe Google Calendar showed it or last of all, Facebook. And yes, it's important to stay away from all these fake people. You had some worst experiences in the past and you don't have enough strength to face those situations again but why ruin your special day just thinking about those?

    Yes, it feels bad when someone doesn't wish us on a birthday even though you were there on their day. And it's fine. You are a good person. A good person is the one who stands by other's happiness and stays quiet during theirs.

    You know, "Birthday" comes from the word "Born Day". Your Born Day. The day you were born. Not your family, not your friends but you. It's about YOU that makes the day so special and people never realise this.

    It's the one day you can be yourself. You'll all argue with me on this with - Hey, you can be yourself on any day. And that's true. But the day you try to be yourself in this world, you get hurt. This is the truth. Birthday is the only day where people won't judge you and even if they do because they always do - try to remember it's your birthday and not theirs. You can be who you want.

    You see, it's not about who didn't wish you or who fake wished you. It's about you getting a year older. A year more experienced. A year more mature. A year more ambitious. A year more better than who you were. It's your day, enjoy! Listen to music, remember your close and loved ones, burst a balloon, just be happy. Just for one day try to smile the whole day. Just be happy and be thankful to whomever you beleive for such a wonderful time here on this planet.

    And to be honest, even you know who's fake and who's real, right? Then why spend the entire day, getting annoyed and ruining your mood while you can be yourself, you can be happy and hope to have a better life ahead of yourself? :)


  • vatsa_23 16w

    Being alone,
    Isn't bad.
    It's beautiful.
    Just find a friend,
    In you.


  • vatsa_23 16w

    I'd rather be human than rich!


  • vatsa_23 16w

    You know what's worst?
    Even though being humans, we fail at humanity.