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  • vc_writes 7w

    An Interview

    Q. Is there anything that you have come to terms with ?
    - I have begun to understand the transient nature of success as well as failure.

    Q. Is there anything that you enjoy about "failure" ?
    - Processing the success of it.

    Q. What is the most joyous thing in "Success" that you wish could come true ?
    - It's longevity.


  • vc_writes 9w

    Optimism Vs. Realism

    OPTIMISM : Things may or may not look good. I might be lost into the woods.But you know what, I still choose to look for ray of hope and vision. I believe that light will eventually prevail over darkness, success will be achieved after tasting failures, lessons will be learnt from the battles won and lost, stories would be narrated, path would be found, happiness will be achieved, "everything would become fine one day"

    REALISM: Things may or may not be good. But you know what, I want to live in the moment. I want to understand the perplexity of success as well as failures. I want to untie the knots & find a solution myself. I will figure out the path, even if becomes hectic, I shall always be thinking about solving the problem in an organised manner. My motivation should not be gained from thinking about affluence gained from achievements, it should be achieved from the "process of learning important lessons while finding the solutions".

    I go for "REAL OPTIMISM"

  • vc_writes 10w

    Conversation with "Success"

    I asked "Success" : What is the eligibility criteria to be enrolled in your registration process ?

    "Success" replied : Forging a path sans a drive for affluence with an impetus of just and equitable share of resources, by walking along the lines of righteous moral values .

    I asked then : Any easy alternative ?

    "Success" replied : Yes....."conversation with failure".

  • vc_writes 83w

    Embracing Humanity....

    Little did I ever apprehend that
    Human sans Humanity is a possible reality
    As those who spent their lives fetching 'it'
    couldn't be perceived of giving up on 'it'.

    Inhumane breezes have step-toed,
    pitting one against another.
    We have fooled ourselves for affluence
    which drove us towards empires than

    Let us call back the tenacious warriors
    From the chaotic borders of the nation
    who thrive in vigorous mayhem and turmoil.
    Asking them who are you caring for ?
    when one is stabbed by his own
    Leaving us on the verge of being inhumane.

    Admission is far better than denial.
    So let us not hang it around our neck like
    an albatross.
    Virtues of being human need to be revived.
    Compassion and generosity are the values
    Which support the greater cause.

    Gone should be the days when
    One is perceived superior over another
    Thanks to the "so called" achievements.

    Just awaiting the days when
    One is valued over another
    for humanity.
    So, let us "embrace the humanity".

  • vc_writes 84w

    Dear 2018

    As we bid adieu to your events.....Let the star shoot not so in hurry...when we stand tonight beneath the night sky for almighty to devour it's blessings upon us.

  • vc_writes 86w

    Dear Brits....

    Dear Brits....

    Yes...we call u dear
    Because "to hate " is Unindian.

    Dear Brits...
    When u arrived at our shores in 1757
    Never had we imagined our fate ...
    But the deadly spirits of sky knew
    That evaporation of Indians was meant
    to be destined....!

    Dear Brits......
    Our share of world's gdp was above 24%
    before u stepped your toe..
    Thanks to atrocities of yours,it was brought
    down to 4% when "we made u leave us".
    But it is fine because DESTINY HAD US
    TO THRIVE....!

    Dear Brits...
    We know that we were a jewel to ur empire,
    But who treats a jewel to an utmost terrible
    way that u did ?
    Deindustrialization of Bengal made us wonder.....
    That India was being governed to generate wealth for another part of the world.

    Dear Brits...
    Thank you for introducing us to the concept of famines....
    As I wonder...what made u disgust about
    people being alive?

    Dear Brits....
    U looted us and put them into your mines,
    But we don't hate you...
    Because the country which is being applauded today is mine...!

    Dear Brits....
    Horrors of partition continue to haunt us,
    Radcliffe would have thought of us to applaud him....
    So do we,with our heads hung in shame
    when either of two nations loses a breath.

    Dear Brits....
    India is benevolent enough to forgive u,
    But Amritsar can't..
    As the wounds are still alive.
    But certainly the pain diminishes..
    when a native of yours bows down in the
    Temple of Gold.

    Dear Brits....
    I know u have a lot to atone for,
    But I feel u would dare not....
    As u have built "railways" in compensation
    But of course loss of life didn't appeal to u
    Because rail tracks were far more significant
    to you.

    Dear Brits....
    To face the loot & plunder done by you,
    we were blessed with a Mahatma who
    stood up to you....
    Today India has built itself too strong,
    that we are one step short of you in
    the ladder of GDP.

    Dear Brits....
    Should u hang ur head in shame or
    Should India stand tall with pride?
    I choose none...
    As benevolence is a superior tide !

    Dear Brits.....
    I wish I had much short to write..
    But list of ur atrocities wasn't short either...
    But as I said we are more benevolent,
    So here I stop.....!!!!!