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  • veneela 6w

    रात के आंगन मै
    चांद की रोशनी और तारों के बीच
    तुमने कहा कि हम एक थी
    एक है और एक ही रहेंगी ।

  • veneela 6w


    उसका जाना
    एक सपना था ,
    फिर भी उसका हाथ...
    कस्सके पकड़ती हूं ...
    .... इस ख्याल में कि ,
    .... कई वो सच ना होजाय।

  • veneela 9w

    मेरी विश्वास करो

    क्योंकि जब तुम मेरे विश्वास करोगी तो
    मुझे अपने आप पर विश्वास होगी और
    इस दुनिया पर भी

  • veneela 9w

    One thing I learned about writing is ..

    We write ..
    what we feel ..
    but not what we think ...'s just ..not to show .
    to world ..
    but just say ourself ..
    what we are
    ..what we ..have
    inside ...

  • veneela 9w


    I said ..

    "What if I die ..someday ? "

    He said ..

    "Simple soul dies .. along with you ..but your soul within me .. till my last breath ..and after ..that .too"

  • veneela 9w

    It's a lonely night .....

    We are sitting in front of each other darkness everywhere ..but your smile is throwing all the darkness away ..I am looking Into your eyes with a different expression ...
    realising something ..
    suddenly ..
    you kissed me on forhead and said ..
    " This is not a dream "

  • veneela 9w

    The first time I met you ..

    Felt like I met a stranger ..
    but now ....
    I became ..stranger to myself ..
    assume yourself ..... your
    presence changed me
    that much ..

  • veneela 10w


    నీ పెదవుల మాటున
    నీ దుఖం..,
    నీ కోపం..,
    నీ అలక...
    నాకు మాత్రమే ...తెలుసు ...

  • veneela 15w

    నా కనురెప్పల చాటున దాగి ఉన్న నీ చిత్రానికి నా కన్నీటితో రంగులు అద్దగలిగాను కానీ ..
    దానికి ప్రాణం పోయే లేక పోయాను..... ప్రియతమా.......

  • veneela 16w

    I still remember that...

    I said, "I love you "
    He took my face in his hands with tears rolled all over his eyes ..
    .planted a kiss on my forehead..... And...
    With out taking the help of any words from any language ..he that
    I will never let you to lock the door of your happiness until I be with you and after that too.....