“never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake” -the art of war

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  • vickimamawolf 4d

    That’s the last time
    I will ever say that name
    And I wish I could say
    That’s what I wanted,
    To be rid of you
    But I cannot picture me
    Without you laughing
    By my side

  • vickimamawolf 1w

    I wonder if I die who among you would weep?
    Who would sit by my side pretending I am simply asleep?
    If tomorrow I was gone never to return,
    Would you remember all the words I said or let that shit burn?

  • vickimamawolf 1w

    If I die before you get there
    I only ask one thing
    Show Aureolin the world for me

  • vickimamawolf 1w

    I’m not sure where this poem came from but I felt it needed to be shared

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    “All that is gold does not glitter,
    Not all those who wander are lost;
    The old that is strong does not wither,
    Deep roots are not reached by the frost.
    From the ashes a fire shall be woken,
    A light from the shadows shall spring,
    Renewed shall be the blade that was broken:
    The crownless again shall be king.”

  • vickimamawolf 2w

    The sad thing was
    With every word, every action
    I really did believe in you
    In the best of you
    I thought highly of you
    I believed you were better than you were
    I was wrong
    I thought I knew you
    I loved you
    And for that I really am sorry

  • vickimamawolf 3w

    You were my best friend before you were ever anything else
    And that Sandman
    That would have been enough
    God it would have been enough

  • vickimamawolf 3w

    Feel free to choose to look away
    But never claim you did not know

  • vickimamawolf 4w

    They say not that not all that’s bent is broken
    Not all that glitters is gold
    But if your missing the best part of yourself
    What exactly does that wisdom hold?
    It falls on deaf ears for those whose it’s words don’t bind
    It gives you hope where there is none for you to find
    Isn’t all that is bent still broken?
    Can’t all that glitters be gold if you want it so deeply in your soul?
    The truth of the world is simple
    Your life does matter in truth
    Whether you are broken and bent
    Whether your made of gold
    Nothing is worthless unless you believe it
    Only then are you bent but not broken
    Only then is it truly not gold

  • vickimamawolf 5w

    I wish you knew
    I wish you knew that when I told you I love you
    It wasn’t because I wanted things to change
    I just wanted you to know
    I wish you had listened when I said
    You are my best friend before you are ever anything else
    And painful as that may be it would have been enough
    Damn it Sandman, it was enough

  • vickimamawolf 5w

    “Be a lady they said

    Your skirt is too short
    Your shirt is too low
    Don’t show so much skin
    Cover up
    Leave something to the imagination
    Don’t be a temptress
    Men can’t control themselves
    Men have needs
    Look sexy
    Look hot
    Don’t be so provocative
    You’re asking for it
    Wear black
    Wear heels
    Your too dressed up
    Your too dressed down
    You look like you’ve let yourself go

    Be a lady they said

    Don’t be too fat
    Don’t be too thin
    Eat up
    Slim down
    Stop eating so much
    Control yourself
    Don’t eat carbs
    Skip desert
    Go on a diet
    God, you look like skeleton
    Why don’t you just eat?
    You look emaciated
    You look sick
    Men like women with a little meat on their bones
    Be a size zero
    Be a double zero
    Be nothing
    Be LESS than nothing

    Be a lady they said”