just take a pen sit somewhere alone. create your own climate zone..

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  • vicky_soni 2w

    अक्सर वही रिश्ते लाजवाब होते है,
    जो अहसानो से नहीं एहसासों से बने होते है ।

  • vicky_soni 2w

    Kuch log incognito mode jese hote hai
    Jaante Sab hai
    Par bhole bante hai Aapke saamne

  • vicky_soni 2w

    असली मज़ा मंज़िल का नहीं दोस्त
    सफर का होता है।

  • vicky_soni 4w


    I'm the narrator of the story and a protagonist
    every chapter has good moments along with consequences.
    Some pages are torn which are mostly bad reminiscences

    As the new chapter begins, the new character evolves
    With new characteristics, with new faces
    The person is a devil or god depends on nature
    maybe a destroyer or a savior

    some characters will stay
    some characters will play
    some characters will make your day
    some characters will pray for you
    some characters will curse you
    some characters I will leave behind
    some characters will remain in your mind
    they always come to remind
    some characters are redesign and redefine

    Dialogues are the most powerful weapons
    In some chapter, you may find a ferocious
    In other, there are kind words
    some dialogues sound mournful
    some dialogues are filled with melody
    some dialogues are filled with arguments
    some dialogues are filled with compliments

    some events are filled with a somber expression
    some events are filled with affection.

    Life must move on
    The story must go on
    until the last breath
    The narrator will read the mind
    The protagonist will lead
    the story.

  • vicky_soni 5w

    wild rain

    I saw the wilding clouds scattered over the different places
    then, it came altogether and startled
    The drops started sprinkling all over the earth
    Warm soil-filled with Ecstacy
    Amphibians started dancing in joy
    The small lakes on the road
    Blocked my way but,
    I wasn't in a hurry to reach the home
    The heavy drops and heavy wind
    made my body shiver
    The blurry vision blocked my view
    Made it more thriller
    All people walking around wearing a mask
    All I was thinking about the Corona pandemic
    Should I consider the blessings or wrath
    from the Lord Indra?—flummoxed.
    Does it work as a healing antiseptic
    OR an apathetic?

  • vicky_soni 5w

    The early morning

    So early it's still dark out
    I'm near the window with a tea
    and the usual morning stuff
    that passes for thought
    when I see the sun rising
    I see birds flying in the saffron heavens
    to deliver mellifluous voice
    they are feeling so euphoric
    they aren't agitating anyone
    they are just spreading wings to the paradise
    without having any fear and trepidation
    even the breezy wind supporting them to fly high
    The sky turns bright
    Imagine a beauty for a minute
    even no one denies the feelings of joy
    and happiness is covered all over your body
    It comes out of the blue
    and goes beyond every thought
    clears and cures your every wound
    and we are back again sipping the tea
    to feel the magnificent moment.

  • vicky_soni 6w

    Positive Vs Negative

    The person with the negative attitude thinks "I CAN'T"

    The person with the positive attitude thinks "I CAN".

    The person with the negative attitude dwells on problems.

    The person with the positive attitude concentrates on solutions.

    The person with the negative attitude finds the fault with others.

    The person with the positive attitude looks for the good in others.

    The person with the negative attitude focuses on what's missing.

    The person with the positive attitude counts his or her blessings.

    The person with the negative attitude sees limitations.

    The person with the positive attitude sees possibilities.

  • vicky_soni 7w

    रिश्ता तोह अभी जोड़ ले
    पर फांसलो से डर लगता है।
    जिस मुकाम तक एक दूसरे को पोंचाना है,
    उस रास्ते से गुजरने से डर लगता है।

    ठोकरों से नहीं,
    रास्ते अलग ना हो जाए
    उसी बात से डर लगता है।
    वफाओं से नहीं
    उसके दूर जाने से
    और जुदा होने से डर लगता है।


  • vicky_soni 8w

    Behind every blank pages there is untold story and it's complicated to note them.

  • vicky_soni 9w

    The fault in our stars
    John green

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    Grief does not change you, Hazel. It reveals you.