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  • vidya_01 21w

    The Teachers Dedication is intended to send cheer and appreciation to you and all the teachers around the world.

    Like super heroes from distant planets
    That come and save the day
    Our heroes from the world of academia
    Come and lead the way

    �� Share it with someone special..!!

    #happy_teachers_day #mirakee @mirakee #writersnetwork @writersnetwork

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    Happy Teachers Day ❤️

    T hank you is all we can say
    H ow can we ever repay
    A mentor, a parent, a friend like you
    N ever tiring to guide us through
    K indness, compassion, your love so true

    Y ou're such a blessing
    O ne of a million things
    U nselfish, loving and so amazing

    T ouching our lives, you always care
    E ach patience you bear
    A ll the lessons you share
    C oaching us to be at our best
    H elping us to pass each test
    E mbedded within are lessons to ponder
    R embering and grateful will be us learners


  • vidya_01 21w

    Through...Thoughtful and Thankful

    I'm thankful for the sky,
    thoughtful for the music so high.
    Thankful for everything that I've seen,
    thoughtful for the smell in the breeze.
    I'm thankful for the moon,
    thoughtful for it's bloom.
    I'm thankful for the ocean,
    thoughtful for the motion.
    I'm thankful for the creatures,
    thoughtful of all their features.
    I'm thankful for the thunder,
    thoughtful for it's bravery.
    I'm thankful for thinking this through,
    thoughtful you took a view.

  • vidya_01 22w

    Friendship truly is for the better and for worse unless enmity


  • vidya_01 24w

    The clock of eternity

    Lights from stars and galaxies keep on turning,
    memories by spirit fire of time in that we burning.
    Time streams through the realms of wonder,
    flashes of moments faded away, come with a thunder.
    Celestial river of time with faultless rhythm,
    ocean of eons in years sublime precision.
    Shores of Moons in ebb and flow,
    many life’s without consent come and go.
    Today is already tomorrow on the other side,
    sensing the blood of time running in veins as ride.
    Winding back the clock by killing time,
    as it makes injured fools of us again.
    Life is but a varsity of eternity,
    learning that those who force time,
    are pushed back in that same.
    Those who allow yielding to time,
    corrected judgment in prime.
    Master of time by perception spiral,
    the center dot as conscience bible.
    The being of all ages with infinite between shores,
    time of healing are the reasoning doors.
    The councilor of time is wise,
    considering that we are only guests
    in this almighty device.


    #mirakee #writersnetwork #writersbay #eternity

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    The clock of eternity


  • vidya_01 24w

    Instinctive Intelligence

    Instinctive emotional response before considered thought,
    experienced salutation by proprioception wrought.

    Whispers towards the required faith,
    when the instinctive feeling is the mate.

    Hesitations that determine any destination,
    following the knowing will of reputation.

    Perspective intelligence to trust the instinct,
    respect the walk of given path distinct.

    Inherited ability to never walk alone,
    peptides communication as metaphor sown.

    The beauty from the instincts allow decision in instant,
    conviction of the mind by phenomenal insistent.

    The differentiation of genius from mediocre,
    cleared up doubts and righteous provoker.

    The invisible map of intuition,
    contributing solution coming to fruition.

    Instinctual in power sets itself in perfect place and time,
    the process of necessities in all the same.


    #mirakee #writersnetwork #writersbay @mirakee

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    Instinctive Intelligence


  • vidya_01 24w

    #mirakee #writersnetwork
    ~~Insane Thoughts~~

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    In an ancient castle, in a terrible, sorrowful dungeon,
    The guide showed the tourists a skeletons scatter.
    Tourists whispered in horror: - Who dumps them?
    The guide gloomily dropped: - It's not matter, Irrelevant who they are, but ask yourself - Why?

    People attempted to save money on guide?


  • vidya_01 24w

    ����|| So many of our dreams at first seem impossible,
    then they seem improbable,
    and then,
    when we summon the will,
    they soon become inevitable. ||����


    #mirakee #pod #writersnetwork #writersbay #inevitablec #destiny #fate @writersnetwork @writerstolli @writersbay @mirakee

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    Inevitable Fate

    Inclosed by a ferocious fortune for eternity
    Naught with naught, can't do anything
    Escaping means dying
    Vicious prognosticated destiny
    Inseparable with the prophecy
    Trust is the only weapon
    Against the foreshadowed storm
    Body had been marked
    Languidly lurks in the dark
    Enticed with concealing the stark
    Fallacy of the fate is desperately needed
    Although the destiny has been stated
    Take it and fight with it 'till the end
    Enraging predetermined events will amend.


  • vidya_01 24w


    Feeling of hurt & pain
    A poignant wabi-sabi stain
    Adding to soul beauty
    If we but look at it in serenity

    As waves of sorrow rise
    Each wave hides a surprise
    Prompting us to internalise attention
    Forgiving source of grief manifestation

    The cause being both the other and us
    Prior soul agreements in each pulse
    Looking then at sorrow as experience
    Inevitable in this world of transience

    Making this grief then our meditation
    Devoid of narrow thought precipitation
    We shed off attachments-fears-desires
    Consigning all contractions into the pyre

    Rotating polarity thus a simple trick
    Enabling us to resurrect like the Phoenix
    In love with love nonjudgingly dispersing
    The goodness of our heart all embracing

    We are never lost for God resides within
    Feel bliss in our heart in stillness sanguine
    Entwining with and imbibing in permanence
    Divine bliss pulsating as our innate innocence
    Within... ©vidya_01

  • vidya_01 24w

    The Tibetan paint
    To a human physic and
    Good For the spirit
    Lovely ancient traveling
    From India to Far East

    In poetry forms
    The spirit of poetry
    Should be a clear art
    Mapping for poems lovers
    Enhancive method



    ✓ Okkkk got to know a new form so did a little digging and tried to defined 'Tanka' in its form only (About Tanka)
    ✓ Since the theme is on nature so chosen "Lovely Blue Star" ⭐ and "Moon Face" (can't leave moon alone ��)

    #Tanka is a classic form of Japanese poetry related to the haiku with five unrhymed lines of five, seven,five,seven,and seven syllables.(5,7,5,7,7) @writersbay

    #mirakee #writersnetwork #writersbay #tankac @mirakee

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    Tanka - Nature

    Lovely Blue Star

    Lovely bright blue star
    More faraway much bigger
    Than moon and the sun
    it is seems smaller in sight
    The amazing true blue shines

    Moon Face

    Pretty pretty moon
    Moon face or human picture
    among the bright stars
    Good calm of her inner felt
    So my smoothing cool reading


  • vidya_01 24w

    Ice cream in my coffee
    Why would that be weird
    I'm just adding cream and sugar
    To something I deem dear.

    You may want to try it
    Before you disapprove
    If you try it just one time
    You'll find delight moods.

    Adding flavours to one I like
    Is like enjoying life with spice
    When creating something new
    It just might turn out nice.

    I started out with cherry
    Vanilla too is fine
    If you are a chocolate lover
    Some chocolates will blow the mind.

    There are many different flavours
    I'm sure you can think of some
    Adding a little ice cream is like
    Adding a little fun.

    Now that I had my caffeine
    Having added a little fun
    I'll be off and running
    Till my day is done.


    #mirakee #writersnetwork #writersbay #PoertyWednesday @mirakee @writersnetwork @writersbay #coffee_obsession ��

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    COFFEE ❤️