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  • viigis 10w

    Love is never found

    Love is never found in places where..
    You can't be your true self.
    Where you are rigid to change for them.
    Where your intent is often questioned.
    Where efforts are not made by both.
    Where you can't be fragile ,
    Where your heart and mind isn't beating in unison.

  • viigis 11w

    Lets Escape

    Let us escape
    To a wonderland,
    Where we know none and
    None knows us.
    Where no one will judge us
    When choices are not questioned
    When beliefs are not forced to follow.
    Where we find calm in the serenity of nature and bliss in the innocence of children.
    Where kindness is used as the only weapon to melt others.
    Where freedom means respect of privacy.
    Where our disturbed soul is finally at peace.

  • viigis 11w

    The sublime feeling.

    The sublime feeling,
    When my soul smiles effortlessly
    When my heart roams aimlessly
    When I face the world courageously
    When I could stare at you breathlessly
    When I travel endlessly
    When I look fabulously
    When I give generously
    When I accept my fate graciously.

  • viigis 11w

    Listen to you

    When I listen to you speak..
    My fate succumbs everytime and I find myself on my knees,at your command as your words carry the wisdom of ages ,beauty of gardens, politeness of mesmerizing fields and a force beyond anyone's comprehension.Your sweet words treat my soul every moment,a secret and instant source to my happiness.

  • viigis 11w

    Change for good

    To change one's life for like the moonlight,silent ,calm and ever present.Just be there for people when they need you,in suitations which become hard to carry on with them,is the only time they need it the most ,that can change someone's life and perspective for good.
    Be a light that doesn't blinds by its presence but just enough a light and hope to those who are lost in the darkness.

  • viigis 11w

    Those nights

    Remember those nights..
    When my lonely ache found your comforting hand.
    When my world of unspoken grief was encountered by the presence of your magic wand.
    When my internal storm was met with your own bland.
    When my request became your command.
    When our togetherness was unplanned yet grand.
    When moon was our only witness.
    When we were us.
    Alas!those nights were beautiful.

  • viigis 11w


    If you forget me who will walk with you in the dungeon of darkness and show your nomadic soul the ultimate freedom of wilderness.

  • viigis 11w


    Always remind yourself to be kind to everyone but more kind to yourself first.Kindness is the weapon my dear, today and for all the time to come.

  • viigis 12w


    I am running towards myself after realizing how paradoxically powerful it is to be dependent on only oneself is this ever deceitful world.

  • viigis 12w


    I will sit here and wait..
    Wait for your clumsy heart to understand my pain.
    Wait for the moment where our soul will finally gain.