Its a crooked way to myself

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  • vikatakavi 15w

    Comfort zones

    Sometimes your comfort zone is being with people who don't care and people who don't try to fix you.

  • vikatakavi 95w

    Can you blame me for being unfaithful
    So that i can I can cry for a while...
    Can you not forgive me for what I have done
    So that I can cry for a while

  • vikatakavi 130w

    Raindrops will still hit the window glass
    With or without you.
    Coffee beans will warm up lazy mornings
    With or without you.
    Beer glass will be left foamy
    With or without you.
    And It's going to just feel different
    When you are around

  • vikatakavi 131w

    I couldn't write anymore
    Because it starts bleeding from old wounds
    Only way I can survive
    Is to distract myself with the living

  • vikatakavi 135w

    That shadow of sadness leaves
    When you stop looking back.
    One day when you are so sure,
    Look back and make sure it's gone.

  • vikatakavi 135w

    I remember all those people
    Who put together all the broken
    Pieces of me and applied a
    Non sticking gum and said
    "You look whole again".
    I was fixed because I believed.

  • vikatakavi 135w

    With a better camera phone
    Started seeing things in a different

  • vikatakavi 136w

    Don't know where this meaninglessness
    May be I will end up finding some
    Meaning to the meaninglessness

  • vikatakavi 136w

    Came out from the feeling
    of missing a specific person
    But couldn't come out from
    the feeling of having someone by our side

  • vikatakavi 138w


    Some people in our life never change.
    Sometimes it's a bliss.
    Sometimes it's not.
    I want people who can
    Evolve with me till the end