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  • vikrambourne 3w

    Con call

    Hearing the same old story
    Everytime they get together
    On a con call
    With the same excitement and joy everytime
    They emulate from their words
    Makes me relive those moments with them
    Through their thick and thin
    Even though I have neither seen the place nor the characters in their story
    Still they take me back in time with them
    Displaying me a different world
    And new characters
    They just keep on going with the same story
    With more details added to it every time they repeat
    Which gives me more clarity of characters location and situations
    They never get tired of it
    And I just listen to them everytime as it was the first time

  • vikrambourne 10w

    Hundredth step

    Planting my foot firm on each step
    I kept on moving forward in a slow pace
    Where millions walked past me
    Still I was cautious taking each step forward
    With each step forward I was learning something
    With each step I found how weak I am
    With each step I realised what to change within
    And finally after years of stepping forward
    Here I am at my hundredth step
    Looking back I realise that I have taken a long time to reach here
    But this long journey to this small milestone
    Was quite enjoyable and informative
    Looking forward towards the next horizon
    And this time I'll be there before you know it

  • vikrambourne 12w


    Day in day out was working hard
    More and more than yesterday
    To get good a score
    In the upcoming examinations
    Examinations came by
    And went off in a jiffy
    But I stood in the same level
    And people around me had improved their scores
    Frustration and more frustration mounted
    As I could never reach a level that I comfortably pass
    Not just pass on the borderline
    Finally the final exams came by
    And I made a mess of it too
    As results of the board exams came
    I was faking a smile
    Crying in agony within
    All those all nighter that I pulled off
    Went in veins
    That short gap between clg and school life
    That changed me
    I was still working on how to change my approach
    How to build up a study plan
    That short period I decided to let go of my marks
    And just focus on the process of studying
    After that I took on a different approach towards studying
    And that turn that I took opened up a new world for me
    The only thing that I believe is
    Knowledge is an ocean which is endless
    Set sail in search of something new to learn everyday
    And remember to bring back souvenirs to share with others

  • vikrambourne 12w

    Happiness is a state at which the person is overwhelming with positivity in and around him and conveys the feeling with a broad smile and sometimes tears

  • vikrambourne 13w

    It always is harder to seek the truth in the world which portrays lies as truth

  • vikrambourne 16w

    Sow the seed of your dream
    Water it with hardwork consistently
    Your seed will grow into a tree
    And finally fruit you success


  • vikrambourne 17w

    Emotional side

    Enjoying the slow evening breeze with a cup of coffee
    I scroll down my works with the pen on different handles online
    And found out something interesting
    My creativity and imagination never yielded me any good comments
    But the works out of emotion had positive response all over it
    I just find it hard to believe
    Cause I always wanted my imagination to reach others
    To make people see what I imagine or make
    But the sad reality is that my fictional works ain't that good to earn a heart warming comment
    On the other hand emotions I pour out reached out well
    Well I realise I have a long distance to go from here
    Slowly moulding myself in the walk of life to bring out the best in me
    Emotions make a human humane
    And someday I'll put my emotional side into my imaginary world and make it lively
    I don't know when I can reach that feat
    Till then I'll keep on penning my imagination
    Like this one.

  • vikrambourne 23w

    Not all talented one's come to the top , maybe one percent the other ninety nine try ,try and just fade away. @mirakee @mirakeeworld @writersnetwork @writerstolli

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    The Journey began long back
    As failure was clobbering him everyday
    He was bleeding socially and mentally
    His inferiority complex grew like a giant pine tree
    Turning him into Mister Nobody
    In the large crowd below far away from the limelight
    He always wanted to get up to that stage
    Recieve an appreciation
    And smile victoriously
    There were two options for him to choose
    Give up or get up
    He chose one
    Now I see him smiling
    But not on the stage
    Alone in agony even after twenty years
    Makes me realise
    Not all hardships and choices fruit success

  • vikrambourne 28w

    Everyone thinks this is the moment only thing I need but once they reach it there are even bigger things to achieve. Like the down stairs life never remains high it has come to the low of the lowest to climb up the steeper slope of success. Giving up and self satisfaction never lasts . Desires and dreams never end pushing us forward everyday. Strangled with millions of thoughts what's right and what's wrong I walk to seek answers.

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    Walking up and down
    I was fed up
    So gave up
    And sat down for a moment
    I saw millions surpassing
    The step I sat on
    Everyone was keen on going forward
    Literally no one looked at me
    And I didn't care
    But as I looked up
    The steps where only upwards
    And I regretted that I gave up here
    As I walked down many steep steps
    To reach here and finally giving up here
    So I stood up
    With happiness I raced towards the top
    As I went on and on
    Steeper the steps got
    With all my will I climbed up
    To finally realise
    Now I would have to climb down
    What I climbed up
    Hesitating to climb down I sat there
    But in a few hours
    I saw a taller steeper steps towards the sky
    And thought that's where I need to be

  • vikrambourne 33w


    A quite night where lonliness is expelled only by a tv which has a awful movie going on enjoying the awfulness of the movie with a beer and a wierd tasted chips in my futon it feels good enjoying the last day of being an junior, cause tomorrow is the day where my hardwork gets appreciated and rewarded with the senior post and most importantly getting a pay raise , it's gonna be a different life , maybe I would love to get a new bike within a year or so and also find someone to fill my days and erase the word lonliness from my life. So I called my friend and said "I'll be senior soon and I'll take you to that new movie I saw yesterday , which was a psychological thriller portraying the wickedness of modern society ending sadly.." . "Ahhh.. I am getting all worked up for tomorrow and need get some shut eye". As I slipped into sleep I found myself sitting at the meeting room being praised for my hardwork and dedication but as I look at my senior's face its all dull and grey as he was already a lanky white guy who was quite expressionless but today he seemed dull as I wanted to console him I moved close to him he seemed moving away farther and farther from me suddenly as I was running after him and he was just moving away into the light as I reached the light I was confronted by a wonderful women on a beach who called me dear . I was pretty astounded to hear that a beautiful girl in a bikini with a lovely voice, as she was talking to me I couldn't understand anything cause I was just thinking how sweet her voice was and how beautiful she was and she left. The beach which was filled with people in an instant became completely empty and I hoped I meet her again maybe go on a date with her maybe fall in love make a family with her . My mind was filling up with romantic ventures that I wanted to do . Suddenly in embarassment in bury my face into my hands I am sucked inside and woke up standing in a ceremony for the dead as one of my friend approached me and said "its pretty hard it had to happen right now as the family is in shambles". I was wondering what happened and I saw my senior's body all tied up with cotton plugs in his nose and his wife shouting her lungs out and crying I was just really depressed seeing that so I walked away from their house along the platform thinking why is life so cruel to poor people. As the platform was slippery all of a sudden I slipped and fell into a drainage hole the moment I saw the light I was again standing at my office and some other boy was appreciated for his work and I was called upon by the manager and he said "you're fired". Millions of thoughts kept on coming up like family, children , happiness ,house I was totally dumbstruck and I couldn't comprehend what has happened here .
    Suddenly I woken up by a lady who said "dear we'll be late get ready soon". She resembled the lady of my dream pretty much but seemed bit older and beside me was two children who looked cute with their curly hair that's when I was brought back to sense. Realising that I found my love , married her made children with her and was living off that senior post in my office which I got by taking the full credit of a team work with my senior framing him and my colleagues to be a do nothing leech of the office and making them fight with me so that I could take advantage giving them a bad code of conduct from the company and take blame for all my mistakes . For selfish reasons to get that senior post to get to that safe zone I dragged everyone down which led to getting them fired . My senior was my first victim and that path brought me everything what I have right now. The want to have a settled life for myself , to find a happy life for me I ruined other people's life who later fell into more despair and couldn't shine again cause of my wicked plan to not only disrupt their work but also their career on the whole. Seeing that poor family crying their lungs out as my senior passed away I was rather focused on making my life even more luxurious and not reconsidering the fact that I played a role in his life which led to all this. But now I realise it as it's going to happen to me right now I feel the pain, really excruciating pain as my junior has done something similar to what I did to my senior and others . I know what you sow so you reap , caught up with my dreams, desires and needs I did awful things to get to the top forgetting humanity but time being the most cruel reality it has just returned what I did .
    The world never have shown mercy and I also went on with it but why is it all coming back only to me , or is it happening everywhere . I know it's pretty late that I realise my mistake . Still I hope I get away with this, but it's just a dumb wish to ask. As I was leeching off my colleagues and finally framing them for my mistakes and kicking them out . I think I'll have to kill that bastard today itself. Hurried and got ready and drove my car to his area to take him out. As he was walking across the road I raced fast towards him but as I went closer and closer I realised it wasn't him and pulled out all the stocks to stop the car but crashed into a tree. The only thing I could hear was a ringing sound again and again . And I regretted everything that I did at that moment as I saw my wife and children dead in the car as I forgot they were with me all this time . I woke up.