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  • vikthepoet 41w

    The Mirror


    In a dark corner of a bright room 
    Stood a mirror waiting for a gaper
    The mirror offered a view 
    A view that would reveal the faker

    The mirror was never alone 
    It always had a visitor
    Always had a view to show 
    Always had someone sinister

    Once came a stranger 
    Looking for himself 
    He peeped into the mirror
    To look at his own self

    And in that mirror he saw
    As his own face was reflected
    A picture of this man 
    With a face that seemed infected

    He never smiled at the mirror
    Never showed compassion
    But expected a different image potrayed
    An image of attraction

    Something’s wrong with the mirror he thought
    He thought what was reflected wasn’t him
    He thought he should tell this to his friends
    About the mirror that shows images grim

    He went along his own way 
    Leaving the mirror in the dark corner
    He met his friends and joked about
    The mirror that he nicknamed  ‘Scorner’

    His friends thought it’ll be a good time
    To look at this mirror with displeasure
    And laugh around amongst themselves 
    When the mirror replied with equal measure

    Laughter and jokes soon ended 
    In the end they were just miffed
    Even though all they got was
    A taste of their own gift

    Soon the word spread 
    that this mirror is called the ‘Scorner’
    The room became empty quickly
     It became a lonely corner

    Oh how things would’ve been different
    Had the stranger decided to smile
    The mirror would’ve shown his beauty
    As opposed to his image vile 

    The mirror still stands there
    In the place that is still dark 
    Hoping a ‘smiler’ to come along 
    To make this scorner reflect his spark