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  • vinayakrugvedi 2w

    Red skies
    Diffident cries
    Facade of lies
    Say goodbyes
    Can you be wise
    and look in my eyes
    to watch the sun rise



  • vinayakrugvedi 5w

    A lamp is to the one who seeks illumination at dark times, not to the one who glows by himself!


  • vinayakrugvedi 6w

    "When the stethoscope fails to diagnose, your horoscope comes to the rescue"

    - an excerpt from the creator's diary


  • vinayakrugvedi 7w

    Did they say your existence is merely an illusion?
    Time to debunk them!

    It's well within your unfathomable soul,
    waiting for you with a smile.
    Stop looking at the shine,
    enough of being sun kissed,
    it's a distraction.

    Let me tell you a secret
    Look back at your shadow,
    an enigmatic lifeless follower of your life
    Admire and rejuvenate it by
    colouring it with your shades of life.

    This enigmatic piece of art
    is the testament of your existence
    and it's all vibrant to inspire.


  • vinayakrugvedi 30w

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    Difficult times!
    Can I sell them for a few dimes..?
    Oh thou, my Human mime
    Will you be my heart's rhyme..?
    As I ponder to be the prime
    Will this world make me sublime..?
    Don't be so cruel, oh time!
    As I have done no crime...


  • vinayakrugvedi 31w

    The Horizon

    Oh, yeah!

    It's the dazzling spin of the end
    and the Earth is embracing one final day of life
    One everlasting dawn to dusk

    It's high time for all of us to reach out the disputed horizon
    where life and death coexist
    where truth and lies are unscrambled
    where we can't escape into oblivion

    Am I defining illusion..?
    or am I too good to be called a believer..?

    Why did we say the sky to be the limit when we couldn't even reach, feel and capture the horizon..?
    Was it so well guarded by the twilight..?

    Don't blame the twilight now as we are on the verge of dusk
    Probably, our existence is merely an illusion, not the horizons!


  • vinayakrugvedi 48w

    Trying to demystify the twilight's reticence, I slipped into an uncanny oblivion where I was arrested by the dangling beads of truth and lies, love and hate which consolidated my dead euphorias...

    Sooner than I anticipated, my dead euphorias were metamorphosised into the hypnotising stars of stories, impelling the twilight to abandon it's reticence and soak into the enamouring night sky...

    With the advent of darkness and nothing left to demystify, I was trapped...

    As I realised being hoodwinked, the moon conquered and persuaded me to breathe and wait for my blissful dreams to rescue me...


  • vinayakrugvedi 50w

    12 : 00 AM

    Utter Silence

    "On this day, I surprised this world with my first cry",
    said the man with a voice like a foghorn, breaking the soothing silence,
    as his soulmate smiled at him.

    "Woefully, only two arms held me throughout my life",
    continued the man with a brittle voice as his eyes were at the verge of being wet, forcing the eager silence to hold on.

    This secret conversation was interrupted by an innocent voice which said "Papa, happy fathers day!!, with intense energy.

    Silence was pushed further back by the kid's impregnable love.

    Then came this statement which let the silence prevail once again
    "Papa, you know what..? My heart doesn't pump blood, it pumps your sweat"

    Utter Silence

    12 : 05 AM


  • vinayakrugvedi 50w

    A collab after a very very long time...
    Finally @harshitaarun!
    @mirakee @writersnetwork @mirakeeworld @writerstolli

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  • vinayakrugvedi 51w

    You must definitely read it!
    Beauty in pain and pain in beauty...
    @mirakee @mirakeeworld @writersnetwork
    Make me happy by dropping you comments!
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    The gravity played it's card!
    Her tear drop had to betray
    her cheeks for one last time
    even as she bellowed in agony.
    As it drifted down with ephemeral freedom,
    it garnered all her euphoria to bestow on her, reincarnating itself by tailoring a smile on her, impelling her to perceive
    the beauty in pain for the first time
    as her final breath perished,
    granting her soul eternal freedom
    while the world witnessed
    pain in her beauty for one last time...