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  • virtually_real 4w

    A letter to my Love!

    Dear Love

    You are the grand universe and I wish to be your loveliest star. Your words flow into my silent veins and you reach into my heart with tiny drops of blood. My heart beats for you and you keep me alive, I'm alive because of you, and you are my eternal happiness.

    Do you know who you are? You are meaning for everything which exists in my life. Without you, life seems to be a lifeless road to travel. With you... Even my death would be a journey to heaven.. I want to hold your hand... when I stand in front of the heaven's door.. yess my dear, your soul is my key to heaven.

    I love you in each moment of my day.. I crave for you in every moment of my sleepless nights. I can always fall for you, even if it makes me die. Your name surrounds my soul.... and my skin endures for your lips. Whenever I enter into my room... I ask the walls to open a magical door for you to come in.

    The magical door opens and only my eyes are able to see it... You are smiling on other side of that opened door and my eyes wait for you to come near. Beautiful light enters into my eyes, along with your lovely image painted by blissful beams... this image settles deeply into my mind.

    My mind becomes that mirror before which you stand for lifetime. You smile and sleep into my eyes.. I embrace this lovely mirror.. whenever I wish to feel you. You are only reason for me to open my eyes... I only wanna see you for the rest of my life.

    I not only love you.. but I live with you in each and every moment... I die with you whenever you are sad. You're not my love of life... You're my life whom I love the most... You are the life of my dreams.

    If I have to choose between heaven and hell... I would choose to live in hell with you. As You're my true heaven... Nothing is more beautiful than you... My soul can't sense anything beyond the bounds of your love.

    You are my sight.. you are my soul... You are my sense... You are my complete reflection.. The reflection of my life. I don't have words to describe you... You are the best masterpiece ever created by God... You are the best for me... And no one is so close to me... As no one can ever reach my heart... better than you my dear.

    Your love and affection has seized me untill my last breath. Your name will be the final word I utter...Your arms will become my shroud... Your heart will become my coffin.. and your chest will be my grave. I want to run away from this world and die inside you. As your love is the heaven I sought to live in. I would love to die.. if you are there to hold my hand. And hold it forever... Till our existence comes to an end.

    When sleepy night spreads before my eyes.. I draw your face on surface of shinning moon. Then moonlight spreads over my face and I touch you with my sight. You come near to me and my heart beats for you... And your heart sings for me. Our souls dissolve in beautiful moonlight and my heavenly angel holds my hand and leads me to Paradise.

    A Paradise where I find the paintings your smiling face. Your Smile is enough to make me smile everyday.. and your love is potion which makes me come alive. I crave for your love more than anything else. I breathe only to feel your love which is dissolved in air around us.

    Before I cry.. and before I die... I want your words to touch my heart. My heart needs you love.. I need you more than anyone else. I'm not as good as you.. but I will love you better than anyone else. Please hug me again and hold my hand... You are the loveliest gift that destiny could ever give me. I want to keep you safe inside my heart for the endless time. Please become the leading character, in the story of my life. Be my love dear.. I will love you the most.

    I'm waiting for you near the door to heaven... Please come for me... We would enter the heaven together. All the angels will see the loveliest lovers of this planet.. and you will hold me... Like skies holds the stars. I'm waiting for you... I will wait till all the stars die. Yet you would be the brightest star of my sky.

    You are the most brilliant... The definition of beauty.. the synonym of love and amusement of my life... I want you and I want to be with you... Till everything comes to an end.

    Your lips are the only book-marks between the pages of my life.

    Yours Forever

    A heart possessed by you

    ~ Zaid Khan

    I'm extremely sorry for Such a looong post. I truly appreciate you reading it, thank you soo much for your priceless time and efforts.

    I was highly inactive from last few weeks, I'm sorry for that. But thank you for bearing with me throughout this entire period. Keep smiling and stay jubilant always!

    And feel free to criticize and give suggestions, I would love to hear from you. With lots of love, wish you a very happy and extremely blessed month of Ramzan.

    @writersnetwork @zeiun_ziolet @samswan @iammusaafiir @fastidious_fascicle @meghasharma @mirakee @hridaya @kosachaya @captainfatimahabiba

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    A Letter to my love

    Dear Love

    You are the grand universe and I wish to be your loveliest star.
    Your words flow into my silent veins and you reach into my heart with tiny drops of blood.
    My heart beats for you and you keep me alive.
    I'm alive because of you as you are my eternal happiness!


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  • virtually_real 9w

    @mirakee @writersnetwork

    Shadowing over my blank heart
    Your lovely lips coloured me red
    Gliding over my sleeping soul
    Bonnie face hits my head

    Singing closer to my heart
    Your words dissolve in veins
    I get lost in your love
    As the naughty sky rains

    Dreams erupt in my closed eyes
    Your love is enough to please me
    My emotions have aroused to skies
    Your arms propose to seize me

    Appealing all my silent senses
    Heartbeats pronounce your name
    Loving me like never before
    Into my world an angel came

    Holding me like your own part
    You pass the night into light
    Being the most beautiful Art
    You take my heart on a flight

    Flight to reach heavenly heights
    To my soul your love delights
    Against all odds we both fight
    I'm the lamp and you're my light

    Come with me my beautiful love
    Let's go on a delightful date
    In this bliss of musical delights
    Let's become eternal soulmates

    Forever I searched you
    In drops of fallen dew
    You bruised my lonely heart
    As the cold wind blew

    Love you till I land
    On my gravely sand
    Yet beneath my grave
    Our love will yet expand

    Heaven is hell without you
    You make my each moment new,
    Though my thoughts are quite few
    Often they cluster around you.

    I wait for your messages
    Very lately at the night
    Even if my phone sleeps
    For you is awake my sight

    I wait for you to post
    Your daily pic at Insta
    In my life full of troubles
    You become jubilant fiesta

    My tiffin box waits for you
    To it only you can unscrew
    As you open it's tightened lid
    Hungry hands run in pursue

    Teachers always scold me
    You make me late to school
    Eating snacks at roadside
    Is your daily rule.

    Though you're sweetly stupid
    Your smile is godly greeting
    Being my hope for happiness
    You make life worth living

    You help me all the time
    With your loveliest compliments
    You complete my freaky work
    Finishing creepy assignments

    I wonder if ever I can
    Complete anything without you
    You are my life's epilogue
    I'm incomplete without you.


    @carolyns_challenge_account @secretwords @iammusaafiir @samswan @zeiun_ziolet @poetrydelivery @kosachaya @hridaya

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    When the world sleeps
    You become my divine bliss,
    As your soul gives me
    The true love's first kiss


  • virtually_real 10w

    This Life is the most beautiful gift we all have received from the hands of Almighty. Surely there are difficulties and problems in life, but they all are just mere exams.

    These difficulties give meaning to the life and to our existence. Love yourself and love your life, nothing is more beautiful and precious than this love.

    Don't be the star which shines brightest in the sky
    Instead create your own sky and be the moon of it.

    Your life firstly belongs to you. So design it as per your own wish!

    Please read the poetic piece below


    Beautiful is each aspect of your life
    Just absorb positivity into your eyes
    See the best in each and every soul
    Your vision will lead you beyond skies

    As you love yourself before anyone else
    Happiness becomes your eternal soul
    Blissful love relishes your sleeping cells
    Makes you a person in happy role

    If you kill your pain at level of mind
    The outer pain becomes meaningless
    You are the only person like yourself
    Always in life please do confess

    Life is a journey without destination
    You don't have right of resignation
    But useless is this frustration
    End up your endless hesitation

    You can always change the situation
    If you polish your talent with passion
    Just follow your goal with dedication
    Your journey will surely get elation

    Live your life in way you always wished
    Catch up all fun you had earlier missed
    Due to someone else don't be ever pissed
    Lovely souls himself by God are kissed

    So don't bother about someone else
    Your life is the most beautiful gift
    You got it from your divine destiny
    Now your job is to yourself uplift

    Work hard for sake of your dreams
    It's not hard as it may early seem
    Just give your best shot everytime
    Reality will become your each dream

    Love yourself my dear
    There won't be any fear
    Learn always to cheer
    Your life is all clear!

    Please kindly share your thoughts and reviews via comments
    @mirakee @writersnetwork @secretwords @iammusaafiir @samswan @zeiun_ziolet @poetrydelivery @kosachaya @robertvee @jaydmarvin
    #ceesreposts #s_rooh #ayeshakazi #pod #passionbookworm #life #love #cami #yaminiread
    #ss_writes #positivity #optimism #happiness #motivation

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  • virtually_real 12w


    Zaid Khan

    Refugees are facing several problems in all parts of the world. Their issues and problems are hardly noticed on a global level. Ignorance and injustice have became the base of their life.

    They are also equal humans like all of us. But they had to leave their homeland due to civil war and other adverse situations. It's completely inhuman to treat refugees like a threat. They consist adults, children, workers and families. Refugees too have the right to live happily. They too deserve to be respected and loved. Let's open our arms for these lone human beings to enter into our hearts.

    Let's add life to lives of many lone refugees and make this world a better place for them. Kindly read the poem below, and share your precious thoughts via comments.

    You can find all parts of this series #_change_society

    @mirakee @writersnetwork @chidera @iammusaafiir @samswan @zeiun_ziolet @poetrydelivery @kosachaya @tomorrow_is_amazing @__cami__02

    #ceesreposts #s_rooh #ayeshakazi #pod #refugees #asylum #love

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    Hunting aback is heartless hatred
    Scares ahead an armed force,
    Swallowed by bullets of both
    Gunpowder only soil on course.
    Bullets become normal pebbles
    Air holds depressing bubbles
    Showing image of lost siblings
    Painfully whom this war nibbles.
    Drops of water now I drink
    Fallen down my eye's brink
    When before bullets I blink
    Into wounds my life sinks.

    Starvation is eternal routine
    Days nights are both mean
    Dieing like a deceived teen
    Bleeding scars remain unseen.
    Hunger is eager to eat me up
    I stare at an empty cup
    A last drop of milk to sup
    Evaporates as I go to gulp.
    Drops of boiling blood too
    Are slowly now evaporating,
    Sounds of scaring gunshots
    Are in mind resonating.
    Happiness never long lasted
    Graves too are now frosted
    Dreams currently contrasted
    Lively homes cruelly blasted.

    Missing my hunted homeland
    I Lovingly kiss this alien sand
    Like a senseless soul I stand
    Near borders of loveless land
    Suppressing my teary gland
    Eyes crave for helping hand
    Listening to this bombing band
    Shrouds never owned a brand.
    Being here a lone suspect
    Treated like a lifeless insect
    Deserving not bit of respect
    I speak in a different dialect
    Humanity divided into sects
    Dictators only left to elect
    State claims to be perfect
    Even having million defects,
    Clasped in such mist of crisis
    Life never my soul accepts,
    Pain along sadness now
    War into my vein injects.

    Hope missiles will not now
    Disrupt my grave as well,
    Let me die in peace at least
    Sad graves plead to tell.
    If my life never matters
    Why should I stay alive?
    Being just an equal human
    How can rights you deprive?
    River water coloured red
    Life turned to bloodshed
    Look where has war led
    Each home become dead
    Upon bodies politicians fed
    Ambitions of cruelest dread
    Ignorance is as surely said
    Has stolen our tasty bread.
    Time's flowing by my side
    I'm surviving devilish ride
    Bullets are my only guide
    My life's a gleaming glide.
    Over the rock of mistrust
    Above the lands of hate,
    Upon meaning of humanity
    I completely lost fate.
    Away from this ambush
    My soul pleads to escape,
    Being just a soulless body
    I face the unjust rape.
    I'm disturbed upto the core
    Standing at selfish shore
    Now my heart shouts
    Don't kill me anymore...
    I request, please...
    Don't kill me anymore.

    How happy is your life
    On either side of border
    Let me ask the God
    Was it his holy order?
    To divide the world into
    Many smaller parts
    Due to such borders
    Our life away departs.
    Lands and lone sects
    Many lonely nations,
    Borders have killed
    Old human relations.
    I die every single day
    On my lonely way
    Waiting for a sway
    To take now away,
    My all internal pain
    Each eternal stain
    Let me leave today
    Let my eyes rain...
    Let my eyes rain.

    We don't wanna steal
    Your national freedom,
    We just want a good life
    What we've got seldom.
    Food to fill stomach
    Is all what we need,
    Is this world that poor
    So to us it can't feed?
    We've lost humanism
    In mist of nationalism,
    It evenly reflects the
    Sense of cannibalism.
    Let's unite once again
    And decorate this world,
    With the notions of love
    Where cultures are swirled.
    Holding hands together
    Singing songs of trust,
    Helping entire humanity
    We eradicate this rust.
    War ends with wave of
    Peace and prosperity,
    Each human gets right
    To live with dignity.
    World becomes heaven
    For all alluring minds,
    Where only love is
    What a teenager find.
    Borders are erased
    Our children are raised,
    In environment of peace
    And everyone's amazed.
    Let's make this world an
    Abode of amusement
    Where each pain is,
    Completely absent.
    As a refugee I want
    Asylum in your heart,
    Please make me too
    Your tiniest lovely part.

    Let all the differences
    End for once and all
    Then only true humans
    To ourselves can we call.


  • virtually_real 18w

    I will wait for you
    Zaid Khan

    Surely I will wait for you
    Till dark sky turns blue,
    Night comes to rest in drops of morning dew
    Your lips colour me pink in kiss saying adieu
    Above heights of heaven I run in your pursue
    Each passing moment turns amazingly new
    Soul starts singing songs without single clue

    Being quite clueless mine
    Only desire remains you
    I Will wait for you dear
    Till dark sky turns blue

    Our shadows speak as you sneak into my sight
    Your skin absorbs musical bliss of moonlight
    Silence of night sleeps in eyes quite bright
    Blissful blush ignites my flaming insights
    My eyes are painting your portray out of light
    Along rosy petals is your beauty infinite

    You become my lovely angel
    Whenever I lonely mew
    I Will wait for you dear
    Till dark sky turns blue

    I wander beneath wounds bleeding your name
    Restless memories feed upon each stifling stain
    Shackled at the shores of mind soaked in slain
    Fountain over eyes evolve blood bearing pain
    Barren lands of drained skin badly grudges gain
    Diluting dusky dreams thus rain engulfs vain
    Inscriptions of love slowly now turning plain
    Emotional rivers don't survive such divine drain

    Over hustling hearts of us
    Once eternal emotions blew
    Telling you that I will wait
    Till this dark sky turns blue

    All the day long your love holds my heart
    Setting into heavens pristine poems apart
    Lost in your love I miss that surreal start
    Running after you holding my poetic cart
    My life turns you into an eternal art
    You are universe and I'm smallest part

    We may stay away but
    We rejoice our love's hue
    I Will wait for you dear
    Till dark sky turns blue

    I miss your fingers woven to my hands
    Your soulful words wet my hearty lands
    I sensually crave for you to be back
    In your dress coloured in deep black
    To reach you there might be many ways
    But not a single one to find those lost days

    Feeling your love upon
    This lonely Christmas eve
    I Will wait for you dear
    Till dark sky turns blue

    I will wait for you dear
    Till you become my reality
    I will wait for you dear
    When sleeps the entire city
    I will wait for you dear
    Till our love finds eternity
    I will wait for you dear
    On steep edges of infinity
    I will wait for you dear
    To drown in poetic purity
    I will wait for you dear
    To sustain my surety
    I will wait for you dear
    To make my life again new
    I will wait for you dear
    Till dark sky turns blue

    Zaid Khan

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    Image credits - To the rightful owner.

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    I will wait for you

    No one will ever miss you
    The way I always do!


  • virtually_real 21w

    Happy delights dear stranger

    From the lovely gifts hidden between moving arms of clock, treasurer of time has bestowed you its loveliest gift today. Wrapped in alluring attire of love, making you sense your surreal beauty, which endures along the eternal time. Alike you are that special piece of cherry, placed on topmost layer of delicious cakes to beauty their looks. Even if you are small, you are the one who makes the biggest difference. Blissful vibes are evolving out in smallest amounts of air you exhale in your each breath.

    This soothing air caresses your sweetest feelings and brings them in front of my nose when I am ready to inhale. Sensual sweetness dissolves in each bit of air to make me absorb it in tiniest droplets of my blood. Imparting my blood its sparkling colour you settle deep inside the core of my heart. So my dearest stranger we are amazingly connected in this way via the air quite aromatic. I was gazing along my heart to find this essence of affection connecting our distinctive souls. Then a tuneful voice from our bonnie writer's clan has made me realise the wonders of this wordy reverie which wonderfully connects us. Words formulate the lace connecting our souls.

    You are the noblest person with a golden heart, which hides under your simple personality. Yet this personality upholds intuitive infinity in all of its caring shards. Twinkling in the darkest sky, you are the lone love of luna. But the normal mirrors inside your home, don't cast the righteous reflections of your truthful soul. So let me now place you, in front of a magical mirror which reflects your inner self. And today's your Birthday my dear, go and sink in this poetic mirror and find the reason why!

    You are beautiful the way you are
    Shining like my surreal star,
    Your loveliness is bliss at par
    Blissful beauty your lovely scar.
    Sitting beneath our heavenly tree
    Words make an emotional sea,
    Daily diving in alluring glee
    For your soul to set it free,
    Like around any flower a bee
    Makes with petals a firm decree,
    Never away to anyway flee
    You are petal and poetry the bee,
    Love is what words want to see
    Let me be you and you be me,
    Diving deep in this divine sea
    With pens arousing loveliest plea,
    Let's sink in its positive glee.

    Curbing uncured aura of fear
    Build immune out of falling tear,
    Run your life's car on fifth gear
    Making each ambition quite clear.
    Live this life for genuine sake
    For everyone to happy make,
    Respect and success all fake
    Truthful only the love's lake,
    To you destiny will try to shake
    But luckily you are now awake,
    Be ready now to lastly bake
    Your sorrows into delicious cake.
    Light up now these lovely lamps
    Life's entering into newest camps,
    Where still we are all champs
    Walking along our wordy ramps.
    Celebrate now this lovely day
    In each time you lovingly pray,
    Earlier were you an idol of clay
    Now it's your new birthday.

    Love your writing as its yours
    No one else this right deserves,
    To judge your work in single glace
    Is right only your heart reserves.
    Don't they know about success stories
    Of Joan Keats and J. K. Rowling,
    Earlier them people laughed upon
    Now their words in each heart gone.
    Hold your writeups close to heart
    They resemble your emotional cart,
    From the end upto the start
    They set sorrows amazingly apart.
    Hold your pen gentle in hand
    Paper is your subtle land.
    Dear writer work hard now
    As if world will know you how?
    Imagine your words soaring in sky
    Colouring clouds turning dry,
    These clouds your canvas and
    Love is your single sigh.

    Bestow world the best you can
    Let words flow under furious fan,
    Surrounding each soul your love
    Can make humanity an United clan.
    With pristine power of your pen
    Make this world a better place,
    Connecting all the human hearts
    Via strings of your wordy lace.

    I believe in kindness and affection to be part of our lives without any special reason but just for the wellbeing of our emotional world. So share these tokens of kindness, as love you show towards others is reflected back to you. And yess, with a higher magnitude indeed. Believe that best will happen on the best time for you in the best way possible.

    You are defining your destiny by the way you spend each second of your priceless life. My dear writer, your destiny is dripping down the nib of your pointed pen. Glide this nib in the best way and you will find the most beautiful painting of your destiny to be formed. Don't be afraid of anything, as the one who brought you here is the one who will lead your life always in future. Just please him with your deeds and he is all yours.

    I am the one whom you can never feel, as I am diluted in your shadow to stay always connected and be always apart. Though we would never meet my dear, remember my existence in each breath you exhale. I am always there around you in form of air and in image of kindness.

    From these words my soul reflects,
    This air which us amazingly connects,
    So now let me take your leave
    I am there do always believe.

    Adieu and Sayonara!

    Best regards from

    A heart singing your name on music of its beats.

    @writersnetwork @mirakee @iammusaafiir @jenniferara @fastidious_fascicle @samswan @zeiun_ziolet @lovenotes_from_carolyn @hridaya @theroyalhighness

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    Letter to a writer

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  • virtually_real 26w

    Naively In love
    Zaid Khan

    When I entered my classroom yesterday, my eyes collided with something strange written on wooden bench I used to sit upon.

    As in excitement I went closer to have a clear glance, and I saw a heart being pierced by the bow. On two lateral sides of bow, two different names were inscribed and unluckily my name was one of those two.

    The other name was of the most beautiful girl in entire school. That goes without saying, rumours and murmurs filled the whole air around. Teachers were converted into unexperienced investigating cops, and culprits ( Artists of Bench painting ) were assured about credibility of these cops.

    Two names were never against this crime, but it's itself a crime to accept this fact! Innocence in these interactions within the school premises, has its truthful place hidden in each heart here.

    Let's revisit this soulful naivety and mischievous mania deeply embedded in our souls.

    Let's Fall Again 'Naively In Love'

    @writersnetwork @mirakee @samswan @iammusaafiir @jenniferara @zeiun_ziolet @tomorrow_is_amazing @fastidious_fascicle @theroyalhighness @hridaya

    #s_rooh #passionbookworm #i2w #pod #schooldays #love #naivety #naive #ceesreposts

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    Naively in Love

    Sensual messages scribbled upon
    Canvases of woody benches,
    Delighting my darkest desires
    Essences of attractive senses.
    A heart holding two names
    Souls igniting flirty flames,
    Adjoined by the blunt bow
    Starring from their restless row
    Girls and boys breathing together
    Lustrous zephyr love infused,
    Time to when teacher returns
    All of them usually used.
    Writings on those final pages
    Notebooks being bloomy stages
    Bonnie birds singing together
    Songs lasting eternal ages.
    Innocence in those lovely winks
    Stops heart a moment to think
    Evolving out perennial ink
    Enduring as the surreal link.
    Connecting few distinct souls
    Blissful bonds of dreams intense,
    Caressing each creamy crush
    Our desires the furious fence.
    Knowingly reeking rings thrown
    Pleasing persons picking them,
    Expects escalating heartbeats
    Glittering via a gloomy gem.
    Meeting eyes manic muse
    Fearing of their flirting news,
    Ignoring old outdated views
    Eluding their teary dews.
    Arousing via the acrostic air
    Figuring out the time fair
    Chasing that cheesy chair
    Touching each pristine pair
    Air revokes a great despair.

    Crushed balls of piercing paper
    Flying planes of mystic message,
    Transmit trusty feelings that
    Fret on emotional passage.
    Flattering praises for girly gang
    Beguiles blush to bestow bliss,
    Awarding cheeky boyish bang
    Fuels of that fragrant kiss.
    Sharing lunchbox soaked in dove
    Food dedicating delicious love,
    Spices adding spice in heart
    Recess reliving lovely start.
    Drinking water with some wreck
    Dreamy drops wetting dress,
    Fingers over careless mouth
    Cleaning some watery excess.
    Smiles soaring in the sky
    Making lovely lips dry
    Clasping each wordy wry
    Laughing at the longest lie
    Beauty upholds right to cry
    Unanswered is the quest why
    Yet in rumours of restless fly
    Classroom is the rolling die.
    Flying kisses from angelic lips
    Never board the perfect trips
    From one to other bench it flips
    Bonded with those hair clips
    Having drops of watery sips
    Words making sugary dips
    Lovely lust never skips
    From surreal soul some time slips.
    Leaning towards those lips then
    Father figure haunts the mind,
    Venomous vision diminished yet
    Lovers we are of true kind.
    Thrown bag and scattered books
    All in haste of her looks
    As her eyes the elegant hooks
    Bonded to my poetic books.
    She the sound of selfless soul
    Me the bowl of blemished goal,
    My trust only tied to threads
    Hailing down her stupid stole.

    Playground as the name suggests
    Is the place to play some games,
    But wooing now the only sport
    Played for feminist fames.
    Reality's not that sweet dream
    Parents expect in school premise,
    Attractions between bloomy buds
    Is reason you became parent why.
    Crushes converting into couples
    Lovers lifting their lonely minds,
    In this mist of mewling muse
    Students being blushing blinds.
    Destined not to follow the rules
    Defined by senseless schools,
    Only in love with books are those
    Proclaimed as purest fools.
    Hands in hands to hearts in hands
    Eternal love always expands,
    From the soils of lurking lands
    Lending shirts of expensive brands,
    Boy does each foolish stuff
    Till in principal's office he lands,
    Many injustices a male withstands
    Yet he never ends his plans.
    Offering seats in school bus
    Invites some flattering fuss,
    Not issues here to discuss
    Words usually mean to truss.
    Flying with the windy gush
    Hearty atlas feels the hush,
    Stopping bus mean to slush
    Bringing back lost ambush.

    See you soon and goodbyes
    Carved on clouds in skies,
    Walking afar in disguise
    Eyes attaching truthful ties.
    Waves from hasty hands
    Kisses from lustrous lips,
    From one to another stop
    Back to back love flips.
    Call me soon and message me
    Are the words evolving out,
    As if fleeting away forever
    Is in mind the only doubt.
    Sharing the books in which
    Only a single paper matters,
    Holding a lovely note which
    In humic heaven scatters.
    Finally the bus moves ahead
    Letters opened to be read,
    Not worrying about the bread
    Stomach filled with what she said.
    Life rewards us wonderful time
    Ignorant when is each crime,
    Schooldays being delightful dine
    On the innocent way to shine.
    Me being yours and you being mine
    Our interactions so divine,
    Rhyming with soul's rhyme
    Love in school tastiest wine.


  • virtually_real 27w

    Walk with me

    Hold my heart firm in hand
    Till the dark is beachy sand
    Fingers on my hand do land
    Emotions on verge to stand
    Being me a blooming bland
    Sleepy is my soulful land
    Only because you do stand
    In ocean of my hearty sand
    Weaving waves our true love
    On canvas of humic dove
    Being trust an ocular glove
    Your simple smile is all above
    Pristine pearl of sea you are
    Clasping every surreal star
    Eyelids being the bonnie bar
    Darkness you are from afar
    Gleaming in my drunken glee
    Nowhere close the way to flee
    From the eyes made to see
    Me like it's soulful spree
    Only witness is of me
    Your soul the buzzing bee
    Revolving around lovely we
    To urging you dissolve in me
    Hold for once my heart to be
    Apart from this glorious glee
    C'mon dear walk with me
    Walk with me over the sea

    Delight of my dawn is you
    Lights of my life were few
    Yet being my light new
    You spark a diabolic dew
    Hailing down my eyes it
    Haunts only for a bit
    Of lucky love to up lit
    Each of our furious flit
    Mews of moaning morn
    Blew pages previously torn
    From each word is again born
    Bliss of our alluring adorn
    Reliving each bit of me
    Your hugs the healing plea
    Caressing each curse of thee
    Your laugh the refreshing tea
    Each falling leaf of tree
    Flying off my mental emcee
    Reminds me about you
    Whose words my hearty key
    Away from the zephyr of
    Your affection purely eternal
    World seems so barred with
    Detections surely fraternal
    Decide living a life in second
    And an afterlife in moment
    Not do we have enough
    Time to fret and lament
    Kiss my lips again to see
    Lavishing love evolving free
    Curtains of stars are down
    Paving way for deep decree
    On this night you and me
    Forget every fastidious flee
    C'mon dear walk with me
    Walk with me over the sea


  • virtually_real 28w

    Ramps of Exams

    (It's worth a read)

    Exams are the rattling ramps, filled with the riots of mind and heart, with soul and senses.
    Paved for the knight of mews and mania...grooming along the gleams of success and frets of failures. Each step obliges the hearty barrow to get diminished into the oblivion of unrest and anxiety. Slowly the sleep is seduced and dreams are diluted in the mist of wordy muse. Ramp is decorated with the mirages of mean miracles...restricted to ones own self. The weary words revolve around the meadow of mind to elude the education in mere amounts of ink spilled on the paper. Exams made to test the memory and tease the truthful thoughts...who dare dreaming against the book.

    From ages many stages have passed into the wordy pages. Yet the ramp of exam still continues to chuck the cheers of originality soaring against the bookish beliefs. Lost into the tradition of slavery, our insights are dimmed in droughts for new thoughts. We the wreck of words just...wanna be called educated. When still the life's exams are those who have their true existence..and we used to fail in them. Doesn't matters, as the ink spilled on paper determines the destination for us to drown in life. Drowning against the will of heart and for the selfish sake of mind. Heart being the slave of mind and dreams being the servants of seamless slavery...nothing more than a robot we are!

    Nostalgic nudge of exams is evolving out the unemployed youth to shake in the showers of disrespect and crimson crimes. Rusted ramps of exams will never lead to the wonders we used to ponder about. Unless a new chapter opens beyond the bounds of books and ravages of perplexed pages. Boundless is our succeed in its eternal exams, which designed by our only original master. Let's reverberate this ramp to take the rust away from its floors...and make our lives surreal beyond scores.

    Hoar of this ramp needs to be reverberated once again...with blows of terrifically modern thoughts and hunger for the change. Beginning to be an ending for something which previously was meaningless. Exams must be infused with a new meaning which goes against the mean mirages of mystic miracles. Deaf is the one who dreams as per someone else's desires!

    We are only responsible to the figure we see in the mirror in front of which we stand. Not exams, grades, degrees, certificates, reputation, status, and looks have the right to define us! 'Listen to the rules only created by your own heart'...This is the only truthful rule to exist in our life. Self love and satisfaction always comes first. Let's chirp for the change which is the choice of our youth.

    ~Zaid Khan

    @lovenotes_from_carolyn @iammusaafiir @zeiun_ziolet @samswan @mirakee @writersnetwork @tomorrow_is_amazing @jenniferara @prashantlm @when_eyes_narrate

    #i2w #s_rooh #pod #exams #pressure #suicide

    If the exams and our integral education system is good enough then,

    ● Why most of the educated youth in our country is unemployed?

    ● Why millions of students commit suicide each year before and after exams?

    ● Why the most successful people in present world were never praised by the education system in past?

    ● Why the most creative minds don't belong to that highly qualified clan of toppers in academics?

    Many more whys, and not a single rational answer. A change is must, this darkness surely needs to be diminished by the dawn of new thoughts and system for education!

    ☆Basically the incapable one is also defined as a capable and intellectual person due to these flaws in our education system. For an instance it happens like this in my nation-

    1) Money given as bribes and donations, assures your admission in good institutes.
    2) Phobia of your sociopolitical status paves your way to get good scores in each semester.
    3) At last You achieve your degree by investing minimum amount of efforts.
    4) And thus a simple stupid is transformed into a genius by truthful influences of our system.

    And those who truly deserve the right of quality education, are deprived on basis of their poverty and mere sociopolitical status.☆

    Why don't we kill our students instead of suffocating them in this hell of injustice and meaningless run for miseries? It's the question that, every teenager wants to ask this entire world of weird nature!

    Make sure to share your thoughts with me...I love the people who correct my mistakes! This series is back again #_change_society

    Have an insightful glance at the poetic piece below!

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    Deadly Didactic

    Frosted mind with plunged hearts
    Bleeds from its blooming ends,
    Pierced by the poignant papers
    Bonded with these blind trends.
    Dejection of disciplined deeds
    Grooms along greedy needs,
    By fretting frames of humanity
    On wreck of words it feeds.
    Endurance of education now
    Ends along the engulfed dews,
    Of suicidal hinges hailing down
    From ceilings of studious mews.
    Mere drops of lifeless ink
    Evolving out memorised words,
    On canvas of careless papers
    Being the life of disguised nerds.
    Thoughtless tables and chairs are
    Only the solid stuff around studies,
    As our knowledge is deleted quickly
    In a new year with old buddies.
    Sentences we are used to recite
    Day and night with all the might,
    Caressing the curious journey
    Of mind to find its truthful sight.
    Completion of nomadic notebooks
    By copying from exam guides,
    Is wild run towards oblivion
    Where only there are restless rides.
    Rides to the earn the manic money
    Struggle to sing the soulless song,
    Making our existence shorter
    And it's shadow quite long.
    Baffled in this bruise of
    Satisfaction being separated,
    In this weary world yet
    Our status is overrated.
    Education just a mirage now
    Blows away the bonnie life,
    Exams hanging on our heads
    Are brutal like its blunt knife.

    Connection of this lame learning
    Is made cleverly with earning
    Due to its partial nature yet
    We only earn the mere yearning.
    Sun of the shining souls
    Sets in this dark dilemma,
    Of only worth for written pages
    If reality dilutes in enigma.
    Realistic are not the rains
    Precipitating from academic skies,
    As selfish are it's waffled waters
    Infused with the panic lies.
    Lost in the lavishing lust
    Of success in vanishing vain
    Only from this alluring amor
    Evolved out is perennial pain.
    Values and the goodness is
    Drowned in the surreal score,
    Based on the amount of
    Words which can memory store.
    Haunt for the hoar of grades
    Arrogance of the mean marks,
    Pours some cold water
    On mind which truly sparks.
    Glittering gleams of gold medals
    Hanging from that nostalgic neck
    Is the hinge for many others
    Who don't respect the acerbic wreck.
    Competition of intuition now
    Ignites many senseless slaves,
    Based on the worldly expect
    Who always do behaves.
    Gloomy days and naked nights
    Both revoke the reverting mind,
    Running towards those great stats
    Each shredded soul in blind.

    At careless age of being cross-legged
    Each day our fingers are crossed,
    For the day to end in peace
    When life again is once tossed.
    Abusive are my respected teachers
    Hurting are their terrible thoughts,
    With nothing to lose ahead for me
    I die in these deceiving droughts.
    Respect is reflected towards
    Those who hold their grades high,
    For those who have truthful talent
    Have a better choice to die.
    Stream of my seamless senses
    Never flows on biased lands,
    As in its base it
    Only has its original sands.
    My ears are now used to
    Those shouts of shapeless scolds
    As deep in its drum it
    Some anxiety surely holds.
    Smile on my face does
    The best deceive in all the while,
    When in glimpse of papers it
    Always sights the clever wile.
    Treachery is the tranquil of
    Teachings we trap is class,
    Lynching our humic heart
    Wordy pieces of broken glass.
    Gushing out of gallows now
    Let's play our righteous role,
    Only in this world we are
    Responsible to our own soul.

    Weathered and weak is
    Flawed foundation where we exist,
    Few only are mentioned here
    Way beyond our sense is list.
    Let's strive to change something
    We can easily change in us,
    Never scold a child on
    Basis of educational truss.
    Let us live our life the way
    We always dreamt to live,
    Beyond the bounds of judgements
    Where always we relieve.
    Where comparison is diminished
    And talent always shines,
    Bliss is filled in days
    Starry are the nighty lines.
    Free are we to dream the way
    We always used to desire
    Let's put a lot of logs
    In our dreamy fire.
    Let's walk for the change
    Let's dream for the good
    Ready to emerge in fire is
    My each wandering wood!


  • virtually_real 31w

    Zaid Khan

    // Sin of slavery still exists in the deep drenches of our developing societies //

    ☆You are free to skip the caption, as the poetic piece below contains all of its juices☆

    On this Children's Day,

    It's my try to make the problem of child labour, human trafficking, and illegal business of human organs to come in limelight of highly creative artists and sensitive human beings on Mirakee.

    This poem is written in Villanelle style of Poetry, by being inspired by 'One Art' poem of Elizabeth Bishop.

    This poetry style follows the certainly strict rules of rhymes and repetation of words.

    It is generally of 6 paragraphs

    In which the following rhyme scheme as per every para is followed


    Repetation scheme

    ☆Last word of first line is the last word of 2nd and 4th para
    ☆Last word of third line is the last word of 3rd and 5th para
    ☆In 6th para the last word of 1st and 3rd lines are used as last words in final 2 lines of the

    It's quite complicated, but the flow which it imparts to the poem can easily oblige any poetic heart to fall In love with this fantastic style of poetry.

    This poem depicts that, how a slave strives vigorously hard, everyday for the sake of sustaining the arrogant mark ( Pride ) of their Lords but in this work, their own mark
    ( existence ) is someday diminished into the oblivion of unseen scourge and regrets.

    This children's day, let us strive to make this world a better place for the young and talented minds to live in! Free from Child labour and scourge of slavery.

    Think profoundly after reading the poem below!

    @mirakee @writersnetwork @iammusaafiir @fastidious_fascicle @secretwords @lovenotes_from_carolyn @when_eyes_narrate @jeniayn @jenniferara @zeiun_ziolet

    It's part of my series #_change_society

    #pod #mirakee #passionbookworm #i2w #s_rooh #slaves #slavery

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    Slowly the slaves were released in dark
    disrupted delimma of their lavishing lifes
    surrendered to sustain an exotic mark

    Eyes blurred while infusing with spark
    bleeding out of lord's unjust knives
    cutting nostalgic frosted nerves of dark

    Raising the auric bars of arrogant arc
    vigorously each day he strives
    to glorify acrostic muse of mark

    In eternal oblivion of emotional stark
    on colossal canvases of hearty hives
    slowly the slaves were caressed in dark

    Nowhere is the placid place to embark
    for the furiously flamed deprives
    in shadows of mystically mewling mark

    Affront arousing with lustrous lark
    is diabolic dent on reverting rives
    slowly the slaves got diluted in dark
    glorious arc diminished their mark