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  • virtually_real 4w

    Stories of longing are best to connect our hearts to one another.

    @writersnetwork @mirakee @seyfert @the_bird_of_wonderland @philosophic_firefly #pod #ceesreposts

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    Do you too want me back
    So badly as I want you
    Do you too miss my presence
    As madly as I crave for you
    Is my contact still saved by you
    Just the way it used to be
    A cringey little nickname
    Paired with a cute emoji

    Do you still hate typing
    Do you still chat with voice notes
    Do you still search for real listeners
    Do you still hate these virtual boards
    I found an old letter in the novel
    You had gifted me on Christmas
    I wasn't fond of its story much
    But reading your gift was must

    You had said
    "You can't feel this book
    Without having another look"
    I know what you meant
    This letter was on page 378
    And I had stopped reading at 113
    I was thinking it wasn't a big deal
    I didn't know what I was missing

    Your letter read
    "O' the paradise I always dreamt about
    Your arms have held me longer than
    I ever held myself. I found 'me' in 'you'
    I found sun in rivers, stars in falling dew
    I found myself in a world called you
    You were the garden where I flew
    You were the pot in which I grew
    In fireflies roaming through the night
    In vast galaxies beyond my sight
    Beneath the wells running deep
    Beyond the skies void of height
    You always glow in my eyes
    O' my heart's shining light

    Lemme make you a character
    And place you in my story
    Where you're alone and so am I
    We both fight a common enemy
    Where we own the land and
    Win the sky. Lemme place you
    In the centre of my life's story
    Where you're alone and so am I
    Flying over oceans. Loving in sky
    Lemme take you into a world
    Where there won't be any worries
    All world would be a fabled tale
    Where we would be just stories
    A character you and a character me
    You and me - two parts of same story
    Come with me my dear love
    Imagination is so Magical
    Reality won't be so lovely
    Just like you in my story

    What if we were movie theaters?
    On every weekend we'd get full
    With people paying to come to us
    To look at life on a lifeless screen
    Seeing how with open eyes we've
    Left countless parts of life unseen
    Your eyes will be the sliver screens
    In which I'd act and dance in songs
    Everyone will see a different movie
    To imagine us in a million ways
    We'd let this movie trend for days

    Posters of me travelling through
    Your mind's endless scenic view
    Will make a thousand people cry
    To just give this movie a single try
    Nobody's a hero in it nor a heroine
    Nor there's a beginning or an end to it
    There's no interval in the middle
    This movie is more than just a flop show
    And more complex than a mere hit
    There's no begining or and end to it

    I wanna be a careless traveller
    Visiting all places on planet
    Sometimes cutting through woods
    Sometimes getting caught in net
    And escaping it on my own
    I wanna love you over the mountains
    Holding you closer to my heart
    Surrounded by waterfalls and fountains
    Of my soul I'll make you a part
    I wanna clutch your hand for hours
    I wanna look at you for centuries
    I wanna make you my world, darl
    And then travel all the countries"

    Better late than never
    Or better never than late
    Love's a strange emotion
    Only loyal to its fate

    // i'm holding onto a part of me
    that has long broken apart from me //


  • virtually_real 5w

    It was the first time I saw you sitting under those beautiful trees with your diary resting on your lap and your pencil swaying beautiful sketches into pages that were often kept confined. I was never a patient observer, but the way your subtle picture poured peace into travelling wind, there was no way my mind could go away from such a peaceful place.

    Between us, there was a narrow pavement covered in yellow leaves where several students kept walking their way towards the college building. I still remember the red colour that spread across your picture and the way you tilted your head as soon wind changed it's direction.

    There were very few moments when you looked up from your diary, but every time you did, something changed in me deeply. Something just dropped down my brain into my chest and I struggled to get my breathing back to normal. Your eyes kept shining in shade of trees and under rays of evening sun silently falling down. Your back on the tree trunk, your shadow spreading across the pavement, and your pencil piercing through the wind, perfection was personified by nature in a single frame.

    You see? I still remember that day while the most of others I wish I could somehow forget. But, just like there's a 'but' in all stories, I can't forget the best moments I ever had. When I say you're my most beautiful dream, I mean you've become my saddest reality. I still sit across the same pavement, waiting for you to come under those trees, not for me, not for sketches, but just for peace.

    Next to me in bed
    Are letters you never read
    Desires drained away in words
    Dreams turned partially dead

    Along the coast of my eyes
    Skies have rained all night
    Waves flowed upon my cheeks
    Blurred by pain got my sight
    There was no lamp around
    There wasn't a ray of light

    In panic I searched for you
    In all corners of my room
    Whispering to the night
    I cried to kill the gloom
    I tried to call down the moon
    I looked with teary eyes at stars
    I wished for rain to wipe away
    Wipe away all painful scars
    I wished I had something to say
    Something for you to hear from far
    I thought of you the whole night
    Without a sound or a ray of light

    I imagined the day we'd be together
    How'd I love you everyday
    How'd I plant a rose in our garden
    How'd that rose bloom one day
    How beautiful would seem my life
    How far would go all pain and sorrow
    We'd happily live in arms of today
    Away from fear of each tomorrow

    How happy would we be
    In depth of a dreamless sea
    Where there won't be any desire
    We'd be absolutely free

    You were never meant to lay
    Your tired thoughts upon my arm
    When dreams become reality
    They often lose their charm

    Running wild in search of love
    I've come near a static waterfall
    There's nobody around here
    Nobody I can love, nobody can I call
    I've come near a static waterfall

    Where droplets stare back at you
    And nothing falls upon the ground
    You see your dreams soaring high
    You clearly hear each painful sound
    Here, right here in this part of world
    Nothing falls upon the ground
    Forever stays alive
    All silent cries, each deaf sound
    Nothing falls upon the ground.

    / just for once tonight
    i badly wanna believe in miracles /

    "One must practice drawing smooth lines before going to draw the whole sketch" you often said this to me, but, you know right, I always answered saying "One learns how to swim mostly when he's about to drown. Dive into the sea and learn from the waves."

    Yellow leaves ain't there anymore, autumn looks colourless, but I still wait under the same tree to see if my verses can find solace in your world of lines and shades.

    The more I tried
    Making peace with pain
    The more I fell
    In love with you

    Zaid Khan

    @writersnetwork @mirakee #pod @the_bird_of_wonderland @sadrita_chakraborty @philosophic_firefly

    Art credits - Pinterest

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  • virtually_real 8w

    Just some random thoughts.

    @mirakee @writersnetwork #pod

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    Where are falling feathers
    Where are boiling cocoons
    Where went my crying pets
    Where gone silver spoons?

    Where are the people
    Where gone their hustle
    Is dead their greed now
    Or they lost each muscle?

    Have we gone back in time
    When stars really used to shine
    When humans roamed freely
    There was no order,
    There was no line.

    So soulful feels this time
    So fearful are passing days
    But animals are walking free
    When real animals got caged

    Nobody's drooling over oceans
    Nobody's piercing through skies
    Life is allowed to swim freely
    In an ocean full of human cries

    We could've made this planet a heaven
    But we were always busy exploring
    heaven in books, and kindness in words
    Why we never heard the silent cries
    Of cut down mamals, and burning birds?

    Don't tell me - pandemic is a problem
    For first time in my life I've seen the sky
    The sky full of stars and no mist or smoke
    My eyes got blurred in city's ceramic cells
    For first time I'm feeling alive
    Feeling truly awake

    Don't I feel anything for people who lost their lives in such crisis?

    I do. But you know what
    When thousands of people die
    Due to the very same reason
    Then only our conscience
    Wakes us up to speak in unison
    Or else

    There are millions of people dying
    Because of useless proxy wars
    Killing themselves out of depression
    Being helpless in foreign occupation
    Dying of diseases that are curable
    But in this world for them
    Even good health isn't affordable

    What bout those dying of starvation
    Have we ever felt anything for them?
    So why United-against-covid is now
    Our new uniting anthem?

    The reason is - we all have now tasted pain

    Pain of being stuck at one place
    /like people living in disputed lands/
    Pain of being away from loved ones
    /like a soldier dying on foreign sand/

    Pain of feeling helpless at home
    /like a straving kid staring at dishes/
    Pain of fearing some unknow enemy
    /like tortured nomads hiding in bushes/

    Pain of facing death every single day
    Pain of living life like a molded piece of clay
    Pain of counting all pennies left at home
    /like a father praying for his child to stay/

    For his child to stay alive a bit longer
    And get chance to see the sun
    Feel the light when he gets stronger

    I've just one wish left upon my lips
    Please remember this pain untill
    Someone else asks you for help
    Then don't hesitate just to fulfill
    Whatever that person truly tells

    We all have now tasted pain
    This may not go in vain
    May this pain not go in vain


  • virtually_real 9w

    Just ignore this, I wrote this one in tears and pain, it's utterly meaningless.

    Song - No scars to your beautiful by Alessia Cara

    @mirakee @writersnetwork #pod

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    Am I the ugliest human being
    Red pimples, black scars, pale skin
    Round face, dark circles, uneasy eyes
    Do I have a body or a mere dustbin

    Is my soul all dust and no matter
    Am I anything, anything at all
    Beyond my shape and skin?
    Within my mind so small
    I'll lose and my death will win
    I'll ask a last question while leavin'
    Am I anything, just anything
    beyond my shape and skin?

    If I shatter one day into pieces
    Will somebody come to my grave
    It feels like I don't deserve love
    For my presence will someone crave
    Will anybody come to my grave?
    I look like I'm a corpse long dead
    Feels like I've no emotions alive
    While mocking me for my looks
    Nobody cares if I'd survive

    Is it that easy to love anybody
    Just at the first sight?
    What if you feel Nothing at first
    Will you take a step back and look again
    Or will you just opt away a flight?
    Will you like me for my taste in books
    Will you love me for the music I like
    I'm not so special I do agree
    Will you still come with me on a ride?

    I know you won't

    I don't make promises
    I know they sound fake on my face
    I try to smile and make it pleasing
    But all my attempts are disgrace
    I was born with an ugly face
    The perfect God's grave mistake
    I was born with an ugly face

    Don't get me wrong

    I tried my best to fit in
    I skipped the dinner and joined gym
    Lost some pounds and
    looked a bit slim
    But I wasn't made for it
    All I did didn't make me beautiful
    I'm still a photographer's discarded film
    Thrown away in a mere bin
    I'm just one discarded film

    But hold on

    Why is it so important to me
    To look good in a certain way
    You know right
    It's what most people care for
    Crave for
    Search for
    And yeah, fall for

    If I don't catch their eyes
    They feel like I shouldn't exist
    If I don't please their parameters
    With a beautiful face and being
    I'm not seen as worthy enough
    All words I deserve then
    Are just rude and mean

    What if my eyes ain't that deep
    I too feel sorrows and I too cry
    What if I can't answer you back
    Your words hurt like a fallen sky

    I'm not deserving of any equal love
    But at least don't hate me for something
    I have no control upon. Can I have this favor
    Can I have some right to be ignored
    If not to be loved.
    Can you stop making me think
    I don't deserve life. Can you stop
    Stop your biases for God's sake
    You may forget what you say
    Maybe the person who heard you
    Will live with those words forever
    Please have a better way with humour

    All that sounds funny on surface
    Is often murderous down beneath

    I hardly matter to anybody

    You know me for such a long time
    Still you don't know who's inside
    In this dustbin there's a scared light
    Scared of darkness within
    Too scared of glow outside

    Isn't it too much for a single soul
    To uphold deep in itself
    Grief, loss, humiliation, and pain
    Am I going mad or is this world insane?
    But I know it well enough
    It's not about a single soul

    There are many like me
    Failing to fall for themselves
    Trying to fit in pretentious voids
    Nobody wants them
    Everybody avoids

    Then I heard again

    But there's hope waiting for you in the dark
    No scars to your beautiful
    We're stars and we're beautiful


    I don't count myself as beautiful
    But 'hope' is beautiful
    Really, 'hope' will be beautiful forever

    Blemishes set upon my face
    Search your eyes as its mirror
    It's nothing a lot of a wish
    Just wanting to feel a bit better

    I'm miserable in my own eyes
    I need yours to feel beautiful


  • virtually_real 13w

    Heyaa my dearest

    It's another senseless night in balcony of my apartment with no shiny moon or any twinkling stars in sky as far as I can see. But there's something in me that says "it's not gonna be as boring as ever before" just as my mind wanders in it's own world I try to find something, something that's charming enough to light up this night and fill it up with miracles.

    Honestly, there's not much I can imagine about when it comes to happiness, so I wanna imagine about you. One of those few imaginations that make me happy, that make my mind feel new. There was once a friend of mine who used to say "if you can feel someone's presence in his absence, then that person has made his home in your heart"

    Maybe it's not that cold now in March, but I still have the coldness of that December evening flowing through my veins. Evening as it's said it was, but not like any other evening I ever had before. I typed a message and slowly it turned into a letter that had a kind of poem that I just wrote for people to read and smile once at meaning of its words. I sent it on a journey to a person who was going to make a home in my heart. Who was connected to me since years but I was yet to talk to her in reality.

    We were those who were never meant to be like what we are right now, I mean we were never meant to be so stupidly flawed as we are.

    But you know what, when your scars start looking beautiful in mirror of somebody else's eyes, that's the moment you see yourself beyond all mere reflections.

    I never thought of believing in myself, and then someone said "Hello Mr. Poet" and then it was a moment, the moment of magic. Magical isn't a meaningless word, magic means you. Words have magic of their own, don't they? Most of my words have found themselves in terrains and hills of Konkan. My home is there in those forests and in middle of its hills.

    Have you ever been to southern part of Konkan? It's full of hill stations and around each is some old fort near the seacoast. I've heard, warriors looked down at sea and prayed for victory around five hundred years ago. But the magical sea still hears and answers the payers of those who miss someone badly at times. As I looked down into the sea it sung a song with its waves, and then out of nowhere a guide came to me and said "if you hear a name in sound of these waves, then that name is most precious of all names in your life" His words struck me. Not because I had heard a name, I had heard much more. I had heard our favorite song.

    Damnn, is it true that stars only show up in starless nights when they have something to say? Well I'm not so bright to know anything bout such hidden secrets. But it seems like a suggestion just has dropped down in front of my eyes and it's strange to see how my heart beats faster every single moment since that star aroused out of nowhere and now it looks down at me.

    like a diamond in the sky
    like that name upon waves
    it's hard to let you go
    O' my lovely night n bliss of my days
    you're a prophecy
    fulfilled in magical ways

    Poems are places we once visited but forgot leaving and coming back home. I imagine if you were a city how beautiful would that place be! Paved with words of kindness it's roads would have lamps pouring down love over all hearts visiting her. And gardens would've your imagination poured out in sketches you draw in solitude with your soul. Air would have fragrance of sunflower and loveliness of rose. Sun won't be there over your city. There will be only fireflies roaming all over the place and lightening up lives wherever darkness feels scary. But what would be the name of that city?

    There'll be instrumental jazz to wake up people in morning and slow jazz when all would go and sleep in arms of their beloveds. Fountains will dance upon city's musical tune and birds will sing chorus when clouds will roam in sky with lyrics written upon them. All people will wear what they want, speak like how they wish, and be who they're meant to be. The only crime in your city would be judging others. Everyone will indulge in late night talks and early mornings would have blessings of love to be sensed from the previous night. But who'll be your favorite person in that city?

    My favorite part of whole day is when aroma of different spices comes from mumma's kitchen just few minutes before the dinner time. It's somewhat the same everyday. But some senses are rooted in us more deeply than many others. That aroma brings back to me an image of a person I just lost yesterday. She wasn't just a person, she was my first love, she was my grandma.

    I sit down near her room's door and wait for it to be opened and Nani to come out and hold me in her arms once again. Calendar says it's been more than a decade since she's gone, but these fourteen years still feel like talking about yesterday. Nani used to sing folklore, those forgotten songs in the most beautiful voice you'll ever hear. I've forgotten most of their lyrics but few songs still jingle in some corner of my mind.

    "O' the angel bringing dreams to me
    Bring me peace from your heaven
    This world bestows me no refuge
    In five of morn or in night's eleven

    It's long a road to travel by
    To my love who lives in sky
    My each word is a silent cry
    Ocean in my mind now
    Goes turning dry

    O' the angel bringing dreams to me
    Bring me letters I once threw away
    I wish to read events from destiny
    All chapters that have turned grey

    Do you know the reason why
    I can't touch the moon
    Why I can't fly?
    Why am I so shy
    To not even try?

    Oh these shadows from my past
    Why you love to last in every moment
    Haven't I suffered you already
    Can't you let me live in present?

    O' the angel bringing dreams to me
    Bring me a clock that shows future
    I wish to see how this world will be
    After decades past my departure

    It's another senseless night
    On the porch of my heart
    There sits a man with his quill
    Painting me into poems
    With an unsaid wish to fulfill

    He's pouring himself into ink
    In ways of magic he thinks
    His verses have lovely links
    In my soul he deeply sinks

    Glowing in dark sky
    His words rise upto heights
    But I can't read him aloud
    It's another senseless night

    O' the angel bringing dreams to me
    Bring me a lamp that pours out love
    I'm going to visit a heavenly home
    Meeting my soul that stays above
    All above in heaven"

    Is it true that life merges into death when someone goes into deep sleep? Sleep gives me solitude to dive into myself and touch upon the scenes of my story that have lost description. Most stories need description, but my dear, our story's outlandish.

    How can I describe the world within darkness of a black hole or a star shining in middle of a million suns? This story has more questions and those questions have no answers that can make them feel like questions. Are those questions meaningless? Are we meaningless too? Why does this night feel like another chapter skipped by universe while reading our story? This night is much more than a mere miracle. But I should better sleep now.

    My eyes are flickering on midnight jazz that plays so beautifully to stay in heart eternally ever after. But I fear if I close my eyes and let my mind stand at crossroads of life and death, who'll be the next person I meet tonight?

    "O' the angel bringing dreams to me
    Bring my love back to me
    Even if he stays on seventh sky
    Or lives in deepest sea
    Bring my love back to me"

    I'm turning off the light as it's nothing but another senseless night. Just another senseless night.

    Yours Alone


    @mirakee @writersnetwork #pod @sanguinity @ckfilvan @sadrita_chakraborty

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    I never forget the people I love
    Specially those who loved me back
    While painting my world of dreams
    Each canvas seems too black


  • virtually_real 14w

    I keep an eye on those pages I once wrote to never show anybody but you. Those pages have few words I said to you that night. Words making your name are now blurred by me. Those letters are kept safe as secrets to be loved and lived everyday.

    I wish someday you read what I've written for you, and someday you tell me what your letters mean in your absence. What do your words mean when you were meant to leave?

    @writersnetwork @mirakee #pod @ckfilvan @the_bird_of_wonderland

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    So often

    Do you too dream so often like me
    Of birds shedding away their feathers
    And making a thousand quills from it
    To sail upon a flowing river?

    Splashing ink on papery shores
    On mind's river imagination soars
    Drowning a bit in dreams
    Climbing a bit on fantasies
    Words bring along with them
    Life's unseen delicacies

    Have you ever heard of a lost country
    There are only people living there
    No rules no rulers no laws for a century
    Only love only peace only personal care
    Once there came a king on its border
    "Surrender to me" he said as an order
    People said "Don't send any of your soldier
    We'll just die here shoulder to shoulder"

    Then King looked into their eyes
    They had nothing but peace inside
    Death stood ahead but they smiled
    King's all life seemed to him like wild
    He gave up upon his ambitions
    He threw away his sword
    He thought about his own relations
    With human life and his lord

    He was the last king to visit that country
    While he was leaving he burnt all maps
    He buried all the knives, broke each axe
    He had decided to save all those lives
    So on his way back he left a lot of traps
    Since then it's been more than a century
    My heart's searching for that country

    // i lost you like my motherland
    i wasn't a prisoner of war
    i was imprisoned by my fate
    like a prisoner of peace //

    Do you know how my diary looks lately
    It's no more about poems
    It's more about sketches drawn hastily
    Sketches of me and you with drums
    Singing in air dancing on water
    Deciding names of our son or daughter
    Cutting distances everyday to shorter
    Of you becoming my screenplay
    And my nights and days your actor

    Like a piece of shipwreck
    drowned away from anchor
    My sketches are scattered
    Into reams of pages
    Too jumbled up to decipher

    But as I opened my dairy one day
    I heard your sketch speaking
    "Do you still watch cartoons
    before sleeping at night?"
    I answered "I pick up colours every evening
    But for colouring you my hands loose might"

    You said "Do you still buy gifts for me?"
    "I buy a book and give it to a child nearby
    When I buy Barbera I give to a homeless guy"
    "Do you search for me nowadays?"
    "I still believe
    in some stupid corner of my brain
    That we both are playing hide and seek
    So you'll come out as soon it'll rain"

    "Doesn't it feel awkward
    how we both are talking"

    "I know this isn't true
    But I can't dare stoping you
    For so long I've been waiting
    My words won't be saddening you"

    "There's been a lot of sadness
    There's been enough of it
    Can I talk to you for whole night
    Still with me will you lovingly sit?"

    "Let me bring the glasses
    let me pour the ice
    It's been a long time
    I've to refill my eyes"

    // all we gulped down was cold
    all our eyes poured back
    were blazing desires
    desires losing their track
    to be incomplete forever //

    Do you still wear that old bracelet
    Having our names written on it
    My name in white and yours in scarlet
    Do you still write, do you still knit?

    You haven't forgotten everything, right?
    You might not remember my address
    But you can remember what we ate that night
    Redness of tablecloth
    Glare of glowing twilight
    You haven't forgotten everything
    Haven't you, right?

    In my room I still have that teapot
    It has a small heart near its brim
    It's a bit fat around it's edges
    Near its top it goes getting slim
    I never use it but just when I miss
    That smoking cup of tea you brew
    I put a little sugar and some cinnamon
    Putting ginger was your favorite part
    I don't put it. Reason?
    You already have a clue

    When it rains I miss getting wet
    Just I sit near window, upset
    I see you dancing among droplets
    Writing haikus and scribbling couplets
    Slowly your dress begins losing colours
    Each drop of blue goes away as you
    Then a rainbow comes in sky
    It drops colours on you
    You start rising up into clouds

    And soon your feathers turn green
    And your eyes turn blue
    Violet becomes your dress
    Orange your sandals
    Eyelashes indigo

    But you don't stop rising up
    In search of more colours
    You leave behind for me
    Few of your fallen feathers
    I pick them up and look at sky
    I never ask you left why
    There's not answer to each 'why'
    No matter how much I try

    // it's my last question
    were you a dream i couldn't turn into reality
    or were you a reality i always dream about?
    did you really existed?
    don't say what i feel under my skin is unreal
    if you really existed,
    why you don't exist anymore?
    why you keep haunting my heart
    come in front of me
    will you come out of me someday?
    tell me, when will you come outta me
    into reality, becoming my reality? //

    O' my love
    Do you too dream so often like me?


  • virtually_real 14w

    Sorrows have no meaning untill you find a person who understands them. Like music and paintings, one needs knowledge to acknowledge the art hidden in pain. Keats once wrote "A thing of beauty is a joy for ever" It's so beautiful to see for how many times the same pain from past can be expressed in form of art. So I guess, pain is beautiful too, isn't it?

    @mirakee @writersnetwork #pod @ckfilvan #love

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    Will you?

    When there won't be any hope
    Will you help me open my eyes
    Will you caress my hair and say
    "My heart can't see
    anymore of your cries"

    Will you turn on the music and
    Pull velvet cover over the skies
    Will you kiss me on my forehead
    Just before the sunrise?

    When my lips won't utter a word
    Will you help my feelings to rise
    When loveless will seem this world
    Will you minimize its size?

    When my heart will lose its muse
    Will you glow like life in my chest
    Just for you and me in heaven
    Will you make a small nest?

    Will you put on hold the time
    And just look into my eyes
    Putting your fingers on my lips
    Will you gulp down my sighs?

    When I won't look good enough
    Will you still call me charming
    When I'll lose all my colours
    Will you still be my painting?

    When wrinkles will cover my face
    Will you still place your cheek on mine
    Will you still pinch me for not having
    Dinner with you on time?

    When I won't be able to walk
    Will your stories take me miles away
    When my words will turn meaningless
    Will you still listen to what I say?

    When I won't be so romantic
    Will you find my love in small moments
    Will you show me the world in words
    When blurred will look my lens?

    When all stars will shy away
    Will you lit a lamp between us
    Will you wear your favorite dress
    And make me smile thus?

    When I won't have anything to lose
    Will you become my treasury
    Will you pour your heart in tears
    Upon my each painful misery?

    Will you take me to the dancefloor
    And just move me by your side
    When I miss the count of steps
    In your arms will you let me hide?

    Will you come with me to rooftop
    For a moment to love and drink
    Will you make my heartbeats stop
    Will you make my mind not think?

    Will you hold me close
    Till moon and stars hide away
    Sky shines in sunlight
    And upon your glowing face
    Life welcomes a new day?

    Will you love me like this
    When we'll be all alone
    Will you still draw our names
    In a heart upon a stone?

    //will you still love me
    when i won't love myself?//


  • virtually_real 14w

    A writer's only religion is rebellion against injustice.

    To all those who were promised equal rights and democratic freedom - You're not the only ones deceived.

    (I'm just letting out my personal grief)

    Let's Bleed

    In the oceans of blood,
    Humanity is drowned deep
    Killed by ambitious flood,
    Died in ignorant sleep.
    From the streets of Iraq
    To the Syrian slums,
    Shades of lone death
    Is what the life becomes.

    Cloning the religious fame
    By the ruthless spades
    By its bold existence
    Life bleeds out of blades
    Blown by the bomb
    Eyes are filled with smoke
    Homes became the tomb
    Of words we never spoke
    Glued to the Silence
    No one dares to speak
    It issues a lynching licence
    To the killers on peak

    Timidity and Ignorance
    Are the human flaws
    Which curbed our existence
    Under inhuman laws
    For the flowing blood
    Silence is the single need
    It will stop only when
    From our hearts we bleed
    Let's uplift the unknown
    From the valleys of need
    For the lost humanity
    From our hearts WE BLEED
    Covering the naked skins
    Feeding a hungry child
    Let's fill our identity
    With the divinity of mild
    Shaping the broken souls
    Curing the lone hearts
    Let's unite the humanity
    Divided into parts
    Let's fade the boundaries
    Drawn through the mind
    Let's be the true human
    Of a real kind
    Who cares for the rest
    Who cries for the lone
    In the heart of whom
    Only love gets grown

    To every human being
    The blood is evenly same
    Wounds may differ
    Yet Pain is equal shame
    Syria shows the world
    How humanism gets cheated
    Beyond frames of democracy
    How human rights are defeated
    Citizens are lynched
    Dictators are in power
    Graves of unknowns
    Decipher a sad shower
    Let's shout for those
    Who are in real need
    Scared of the night
    The souls which bleed
    Slaves are shattered
    Into the lone groups
    Words are divided
    Into selfish troops
    Death is the flow
    Of their died heart
    Which evokes to show
    A ruthless shameful start
    Slogans are placed
    On the heights of selfishness
    Agendas are grown
    Like a mirage of greatness

    In my country so great
    Few people go in garbage
    Are killed while cleaning it
    In a very legal rampage
    Having similar surnames
    Doing it for generations
    Forgotten is their identity
    In great democratic nations
    They never make it to any
    National newspaper
    Journalism only serves here
    Politicians in skyscrapers
    Licking the lies of ministers
    They speak what they're told
    Never questioning the power
    With no value to uphold
    Justice denied to the poor
    How'll they pay for good lawyers?
    Criminals win elections
    Burning us in communal fires.

    Religion only matters
    Faith is the talk of street
    Pollution kills the future
    Employment - a topic offbeat.
    It only takes few rumours
    For us to kill ourselves
    Such a sad story
    Of our patience it tells.

    If you say something
    You'll be given a name
    Of an antinational
    Or something quite same
    There's an untold fear
    To be in a right group
    Dissent's no more a right
    It's conspiracy to coup
    Sold out are TV anchors
    Died the spirit of democracy
    Congrats on being a part
    Of a democratic hypocrisy
    There is still some hope
    Crushed under fake news
    Let's see who wins
    When we all would lose

    First be the human
    Then be anything else
    First listen your heartbeats
    Then ring the temple bells
    You pray the whole day
    To the God so aloof
    Then you make a crack
    In a poor's weak roof

    Flowing deep in thoughts
    A Poet must raise
    The voice of unknown
    In a poetic praise
    Humanity is the soul
    To be inscribed on paper
    Writer is a fighter
    Revolution's lone igniter
    To win against cruelty
    Let's fight for unknown
    In our world of infinity
    Let's unite for disown

    Flourishing our souls
    Liberating our minds
    Filling the hopeful colours
    In the eyes of blinds
    Let's be sensitive
    Towards the bleeding wounds
    Let's ignore for a second
    The world that surrounds
    Being usual to death
    Is being usual to Hell
    Get out of it
    Before into it you fell
    Let's Feel the flavour
    Of our painful greed
    For the rights of Humanity
    Let's truly Bleed

    Zaid Khan

    There is nothing to writing.
    All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.

    - Ernest Hemingway

    @ckfilvan @mirakee @writersnetwork #pod

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    I've been to places where darkness feels like destiny. Love's a lost emotion and it's hope a dead dream. Rain pours down from cracked ceilings of those huts. All one can do is stare into emptiness, searching for something alive, something far away. Life gets away from you, taking a small step at each moment. And then you hear a cry.

    "Congratulations, they're twins. You've got a son and a daughter!"

    Medical bills have taken away the only piece of land this family ever owned. They've packed themselves up to leave for the city by midnight.

    As clock strikes eleven of another cold night, mother wraps up her son in few leftover clothes she had. Their tearful eyes have a final glance on their newborn daughter's face, her flakey eyebrows match her mother's and her nose resembles the dad's bumpy one.

    Turning their backs upon that baby swing, a mother couldn't hide her tears in veil of darkness. Father holds her hand and leads her out of room. By now her baby swings back and forth, back and forth as if trying to catch her mother back.

    In each drop of milk that spills out of her breasts, she will think about a life that had came into existence out of her. A father, supposed to be strong, has three other lives to save than mourning over losing one.

    He decides by looking at his son while the train was piercing through darkness and leading this incomplete family to a completely new place - "I'll tell him" he said to himself "Don't become a farmer my son. Never, never, never become a farmer. Never for the God's sake."


  • virtually_real 14w

    When this world seems meaningless, will you sing a new song for me?

    I don't know if you still love me
    Or even if I still love you
    If flower has shedded away its petals
    Or it's still darkness all above you

    For few days we sat together
    On that last bench in classroom
    I was the late summer's soil
    You were the first drop of monsoon

    Your giggles still echo in some
    Childish parts of my memory
    You were the loveliest chapter
    Of my life's lame story

    Your voice was soul stirring
    Filling up for a missing part
    I had lost on a journey
    That took us both apart

    I played fiddle in my room
    And you sung "Darling don't be afraid
    I've loved you
    For a thousand years
    I'll love you for a thousand more.."
    I got indulged in your voice
    I was lost in your world
    You became a distant evening
    And I a homecoming bird

    I wrote you a letter on valentine's
    It read like "I was a path unknown
    And I'm glad you took me
    I wish I sail someday
    Upon your heart's deep sea"
    And you replied like this
    "You're a poet full of flattery
    I'm just a wordless street
    Under shades of your poetry
    It's always a pleasure to meet"
    I said on the next day
    "I place your picture in front of me
    Then all I see becomes poetry
    I dip my pen in your beauty
    A love like you, is each poet's delicacy"
    Your blushing eyes let out
    "Don't you get tired of speaking good?
    I don't think I deserve all this
    Just like sunshine in middle of woods
    Your presence to me is bliss"
    Our eyes had a conversation
    Without having a word exchanged
    I guess by someone in heaven
    Our destiny was soon to be changed

    I had also written a song for you

    "When sun's wearing darkness
    Shivering are arms of sky
    All stars about to fall
    In your hands come and die

    You pick them up and say
    It's not a night that's shy
    Shine above the clouds
    Into air you must fly

    And then I say to you
    I've lost my heart in you
    Your love has made me
    A painting coloured blue
    I've lost my heart in you

    Horizon holds your hand
    On sunlight you stand
    You kiss the moving clouds
    You sing in bird's band

    Your touch makes me move
    Beyond nature's soulful muse
    Your fingers have left upon
    My chest a deep bruise

    Skies have dropped me down
    Like a drop of falling dew
    Walking along my feelings
    I've lost my heart in you
    Like a fiction that comes true
    I've lost my heart in you

    O' my love
    I've lost, I've lost
    Untill my last breath
    I've lost my heart in you"

    At few turning points in life
    All we can feel is helplessness
    Few things we can never change
    It feels so strange to be in
    Love's hidden lifelessness

    They said "no one's gonna accept you
    both as a couple"
    We often heard "he goes to mosque
    and she prays in temple
    how the hell it'll be possible
    such love stories are just ample"

    And we used to answer in unison
    "Love has no religion
    And no God is fond of division"
    And they said upon our backs
    "They'll soon learn their idealism
    Is far away from reality
    Just a mere sense of optimism"

    A day came without the sun in sky
    It was all bright but felt total dark
    Our families found it was something
    Leaving on our lives a deep mark
    Our love's shining spark
    Got splashed in tears of sadness
    Not understanding a single word
    Our homes witnessed madness

    Your mom said "Don't you dare
    talk to him again"
    Sobbingly you answered "I won't"
    with pain
    My Dad shouted "Don't you dare meeting her"
    Frustrated I answered "I'll try not to"
    with my eyes blur

    I waited and I waited the whole night
    For your profile to say 'online'
    All in the line of restlessness
    I never saw an hopeful sign

    Memories are cruelest of all invaders
    They don't take away something
    But bring back what you've lost
    And make you go missing
    In the world you miss the most

    I remembered another song we played
    When in arms of cuteness we had laid

    "Falling in a million ways
    I wish we had a zillion days
    Just to find who we are
    Watching a thousand movies
    Or enjoying a trillion plays
    Falling in a million ways

    I would dream of you
    In all shades of night,
    In warmth of the day,
    In all seasons we have,
    In your arms I wanna lay
    In your eyes I wanna stay

    Falling in a million ways
    I wanna be your night's moon
    A part of your loveliest days
    Your life's heavenly boon
    I wanna be your night's moon

    My eyes long for your look
    Like missing pages of a book
    A story left incomplete
    Cathes each heart in a hook
    And all we do is love behind
    Those last pages kept confined
    It's like a journey undertook
    By missing pages of a book

    Falling in a million ways
    O' the lightless sky
    To you my heart prays
    Don't cry anymore
    There'll be sunny days
    We'll fall in a million ways
    For ourselves someday

    Call it a piece of clay
    Or just a nature's play
    This heart for you
    Is falling in a million ways
    O' the crying clouds
    For your zillion stars
    I'm falling in a million ways
    Falling in a million ways"

    I recently heard you left the town
    To some city far away
    Oh my love, I know you're sad
    But it too shall pass away

    Maybe we weren't born to love
    In the way we loved each other
    We didn't knew between us humans
    There was an invisible border

    I've stopped playing fiddle
    But I'm still addicted to songs
    While listening to the music
    For your arms my heart longs
    For your arms my heart longs

    Zaid Khan

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    @mirakee @writersnetwork #pod @ckfilvan

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    If I will tell a story
    Will you come back to me?
    Sipping coffee in the balcony
    Will you take me to the sea?
    Holding my hand for long
    Will you play with my hair
    Will you sing me a song?
    If I were to play the fiddle
    Will our lives heal altogether?
    If I will tell a story
    Will you come back to me?


  • virtually_real 15w

    I've travelled a million miles along those deep wrinkles upon your face. Those pimples across your cheeks are not blemishes from past, they're in fact stories of times when you weren't afraid of falling in love with your inner gifts more than your outer looks.

    When your blushing face upholds your sparkling eyes in front of me, I can only see the beauty glowing in layers of your dark skin. So beautiful are those tales your words are wrapped in and so mesmerising the music your soul often sings.

    Music has no complexion nor beauty owned any definition since they both were streams of art. And art is to be felt just like human beings. I feel the beauty in you as much I feel the life in me.

    Shapes are shadows that change with passing time. Your curves are careless about the shadow they leave behind. Such carelessness often scares those who fear their own flaws. Those who tease you for these love handles above your waist have no guts to dive into depths of your personality and explore the magic that lies within. Magic has no shadow nor it's shape can be ever defined. You're magical.

    And you're not out of shape, but few people have fallen out of sphere of selfless love. They crave perfection within their imperfect existence. They've their own insecurities, but my dear, you just have yourself. Love what you have and life will love you back. You ain't perfect, it means you ain't clichéd. You're who you were always meant to be.

    As you know, people will love you only when they're meant to.

    When I read your letters in my room all alone, I could feel each word rising to the clouds above my balcony. They rose upto the height that I didn't looked down and kept reading your letter over and over again with my eyes held straight upon the sky. I fell for you at the end of each para, and you blossomed in my heart wearing your colourful words.
    You not just l o o k beautiful, but you a r e beautiful my love.

    A beauty breaking all parameters with her lips spreading wide and her smile melting a thousand galaxies into ponds of her eyes. It's not always bodies that tell if somebody's really beautiful, sometimes few words are enough to make one's heart go numb.

    You may not reach upto my shoulder but your words have made a home in my head. Short of height never means short of happiness. Your height isn't in inches and feet, it's in influence you make and leave upon this world to last forever. You're not here to please strangers, but to please yourself by bringing smiles to those who had loved you without thinking twice. Who had loved you from heart and used their mind to understand you rather than judging you for anything.
    You belong to yourself, and to those who belong to you.

    While everything can be improved with efforts and dedication put in, the only salvation of human endeavor still lies in acceptance of one's true self.

    Kiss your wounds to heal them. Hug your flaws and turn them into gifts. Feel your scars to make them feel like a part of you. And there you are, left alone with yourself to collect all the happiness that exist in and around you. You won't become perfect at all, but still you won't strive for other's approval but for yourself.

    As we've often heard "Beauty lies in the eyes of beholder" you must also know that love lies in the notions of selflessness. True love is not about how charming the lovers are, but about how glorious their love gets with every passing moment. Few clichès are life-saving, ain't they?

    You're not defined by how you look, its all about how they look at you. You always have a choice to pick the best up for yourself and remove what doesn't adds up as positive in your life. Pick the pieces of your life wisely and you'll always find people who'll be worthy of your thoughts and deserving of your feelings.

    Oh God, when I start ranting I just don't know how the hell make myself stop. But putting it all together, just remember the only person you'll always need in life is you. So what? Go and give this person a soothing kiss and wake her back to life.

    This earth beneath your feet is not greater than the sun that glows within your soul. Let it outshine every little imperfection that this world has found in you. You can't get perfect in all aspects, but in few for sure, you were already born perfect.

    This world belongs to those
    Who don't belong to this world

    - Zaid Khan

    @mirakee @writersnetwork #pod @iam_rose @ckfilvan @elusive_me #love

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    Your ugliest flaws make up for the most beautiful books. So write what you mean and mean what you write.