Not a pseudo nationalist claiming to be a nationalist by reporting anti-national posts.

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  • vishal_mehta 79w

    #BeLogical #NoAgendas

    These points are not bullet-proof but they will surely keep you on the correct path. I'll add more points when i come across and might share a few examples of the same in the future.

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    Identifying information with personal agenda.

    There are always two types of people sharing fake information.
    a. The one/group with a personal agenda for their self-interest.
    b. The uninformed person who just believes in any information and shares/forwards it without thinking.

    So if we save ourselves from type (a) kind of people then we can save not only us but a lot of other people as well.

    In this digital world its very difficult for us to identify correctness of information and before forwarding/accepting the information what we should do. I am listing the steps that i personally do to identify a fake agenda vs a real information.

    a. Ask questions.
    Always ask questions first and confirm the source of information. This is the main question that will make it or break it.
    Either the party sharing/forwarding the information themselves won't know the credibility of the information or they'll react to your questions by other irrelevant questions or targeting you in the agenda as well.

    b. Identifying emotional v/s logical quotient of the information.

    In such cases the information is spread provoking an individual on the basis of religion/caste/nationality etc. This is done so that individuals start thinking emotionally than logically. So controlling your emotions and sticking to point one will ensure that an individual is on the right path.

    c. Not coming to conclusion too soon.
    Take time in coming to conclusions as a sense of urgency is created around such information i.e. Do it now, warning to all, if not today then when, etc. Such information comes in a package where requests are made to take steps urgently and as soon as possible. Make sure you take your time and make decisions as per your own timeline.