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  • vishaljaiswal620 3d

    It was my safe heaven,
    It was my warm home.
    An earthquake came down,
    And now I stand on my own.

  • vishaljaiswal620 1w


    I seem to have misplaced the letter,
    In which you promised to be with me forever.
    And then i whispered lies to my heart,
    To avoid damage further.

  • vishaljaiswal620 1w

    Ye jo muskaan haina mere chehre par,
    Ye hunar hai mera, haqeeqat nahi.

  • vishaljaiswal620 2w

    Happy Valentine's Day

    I called her my forever girl,
    because its only with her i felt the need ,
    Of a never-ending romance.

  • vishaljaiswal620 2w

    Happy Propose Day

    It wasn't attraction neither
    It wasn't a crush,
    All i had with her was attachment
    With a lifelong trust

  • vishaljaiswal620 3w

    Happy Rose Day

    ना जाने कितने दिलों को जोड़ देगा हमेशा के लिए,
    डाली से टूट कर आज फूल गुलाब का |
    - विशाल जयसवाल |

  • vishaljaiswal620 3w

    I love you

    Everytime i kiss your lips,
    It feels no less than a bliss.
    I would even let go off the heaven,
    Just to spend some more time with you in peace.

    Sketch Credits:THE SUGAR TO MY TEA

  • vishaljaiswal620 3w

    Toot jaao meri tarah kisi din toh bata dena,
    Aansuon ko pee kar jine ka hunar aata hai mujhe.
    Bikhar jaao meri tarah uske farebi ishq mein kisi din toh bata dena,
    Hummari sacchi mohabbat par yakeen ho jaayega tujhe.

  • vishaljaiswal620 4w

    Happy Republic Day

    न जाने कितने फांसी पर लटके,
    कितनों ने गोलियां खाई थी,
    पर आज भी लोग भ्रम में हैं,
    कि आजादी सिर्फ़ चरखे से आई थी।

    - Unknown!!

  • vishaljaiswal620 5w

    Can I ask for another Heart

    And some nights, I ask my heart to forgive you.
    To forgive everything that broke it.
    Your words.The hatred in them.
    Your hugs.The fading warmth in them.
    You.The stranger you have become.
    I ask my heart to forget all the ugly memories, the pain, the hurt.
    It refuses. Each time, it just refuses.

    And then I wish, I had another heart,
    Another one so I could love you again.