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  • vivek_utters 8h

    In Love

    We met in a library, and we're still reading each other.
    If I opened earlier, you could've read me faster.
    But I couldn't crown you, when I was looking for mine.
    You paid tears for your throne—red cheeks, sore eyes.
    You valued my words, before they were much worth.
    I didn't reflect your love; I couldn't hurt much worse.
    You cheered for me, but who cheered you on?
    Who held you close and said, "You're strong"?
    Fears divided your soul—you needed to bond.
    You praised me whenever you can,
    Even when I clearly sucked as a man.
    You fed me love, though I didn't spoon you—
    You were starving, yet you kept me full.
    And you count my hugs, not my notes...
    I wish I could plug you my throat.
    I smile when I think of you;
    I cry when I think of you...
    I can't unhurt you, but I will hurt you less hereafter.
    You were broken once; never again you'll shatter.
    Well... at least not by me.
    Hold me, when you're crying.
    Show me, what you're hiding.
    I'm right here, baby; where does it hurt?
    What do you need? I'll gladly serve.
    You run through my blood—and it's a marathon.
    You live in my cells, baby, and the keys are gone.

  • vivek_utters 3d

    Best Way to Survive

    The sky is blue, and the sun is bright
    I have no clue, of what is right
    So all I do, is enjoy the sight
    That's the only way to survive

    I pack my things, ready for today's task
    But I wish I had wings, like Batman with a mask
    To escape the workings, so there's nothing to ask
    Is this the only way to survive?

    Tik tok time flies, from a far dawn approaches
    Just a moment ago butterflies, now I'm stinky like roaches
    Ain't worried of my cries, I know my 'Master' watches
    'Cause that's the only way to survive

    So let me relax and take a shower
    Eat gain energy and feel fresh like a flower
    He will lift me and everything will be lower
    And soon I'll be raising my own tower
    And that'll be the best way to survive

  • vivek_utters 2w

    Halo and Horns

    She was born as an angel,
    But she could never learn to fly,
    They snatched one of her wings,
    And crushed it right before her eye

    They left her miserable,
    With fear settling in her bones,
    Then one night a devil greeted her,
    And gave her one of his horns

    So with a horn surfacing off her halo ,
    And with half a heart black,
    She swore revenge on those who had hurt her,
    But her empathy always pushed her back

    Hence she is still worthy of an angel,
    Her halo surrounded by horn and a wing
    But she ain't an Angel anymore,
    She untied herself from all the strings

    Life taught me harsh lessons,
    But the best one I know,
    Is that your halo need wings as well as horns,
    Then only you can grow !

  • vivek_utters 2w

    Falling All Over Again

    We holdup hope from then till now,
    Feed it in within our fragile hearts,
    Take a sturdy aiding bow,
    Darting it to fight unspoken arts.

    She smiles beneath the moonlight.
    So beautiful yet, so serene, as tranquil as a lake,
    There my heart's little song began bright,
    Looking at me with love, for my sake

    Fulfilling my wish that I've never known it lived,
    Ignite it with fire,
    Which had brought it alive,
    That I've never expected to fill it with desire.

    There are times, there are days,
    It felt it was unrequited love,
    Her heart blaze like fire as it raises,
    When mine seldom dies like falling dove,

    My mind kept ruminate
    Carefully contemplate
    The agonizing choice. . .
    with a saying voice,

    to stay, or to go?

    It was confusing,
    I only need the kind of loving,
    That knows,
    It belongs in tomorrows,

    Till then, a realization dawned to me,
    My heart still beats for you.

  • vivek_utters 3w

    An Artist

    I usually cross the line,
    Baby—call me "beyond."
    Steering out of the common lane
    Is what drives me on.
    My art takes her breath away,
    Gasping her response.
    "Your womb is my canvas;
    You liking how I draw?"
    She breathes, "I can't see it,
    Painted in the dark."
    "Close your eyes and, baby, you'll see it all.
    "The scratches form slow, the sketches are raw."
    Once she feels the passion of my strokes,
    She demands, "Paint like you have a gallery show.
    "Paint like this is your last night before due.
    "I want your paintbrush to drip till it has no more hue."
    Her words make it hard... for me to think.
    I go deeper in the bottle of ink.
    I really can't swim, but I love the way I sink.

  • vivek_utters 4w

    A Pleasant sight

    I love someone,
    For sure, a pretty,
    Young Lady.

    A pleasant sight to watch,
    Makes your heart feel light.
    Like a shooting star,
    On a dull, gloomy night.

    She is often seen lost,
    Lost in thoughts.
    Perhaps of some meetings,
    And of things she taught.

    And silly me, I'm lost
    In her thoughts.
    She is far more beautiful,
    Than I had ever thought.

    I'm so lost in her,
    I forget about time.
    And as soon as I recovered,
    I penned down this rhyme

  • vivek_utters 4w

    Miles away

    It isn't easy
    this much is true
    And it can't be done alone
    It will take two.

    It's not for weak
    Or those frightened of pain
    It's something one never seeks
    But with it, love is gain.

    And when we'll see each other
    I hope it will rain
    We'll savor those moments
    Until we are together again.

    It isn't about
    Being far apart
    It's about being
    With only half a heart.

    But we can survive
    We can run through
    Because we love each other
    As our love is true.

  • vivek_utters 5w

    Let's not be friends

    I used to listen the story of your life that you share,
    But afraid that I could break the perfect balance,
    If I continue keeping a safe distance,
    So you wouldn't know about the loneliness I felt.

    I'm stuck in the past, you're ahead in future,
    I've met the right person but missed the chance,
    Clearly you're just standing right in front of me,
    But I keep muttering goodbye.

    Let's not be friends anymore as friends can't hold hands,
    The impulse of loving you, only I can smile and let go,
    As friends, there are words that can't be told,
    As so I don't have to bear a heartbreak of losing you.

    It's a torture to control myself,
    I feel like breaking down and this is my fault,
    The past is a wound that can never be healed.

    We can be friends since you're the one who understands me the most,
    We have a beginning and an ending until the world ends,
    We'll be friends until I find the next love,
    I'll be braver than now and hold her hand better.

  • vivek_utters 5w

    Devil in Disguise

    When she was Young,
    She had a purpose in her eye,
    But fear settled in her bones
    what she was living was just a lie,

    She became quiet most of the time,
    She'd just stare and think,
    She wrote until her hands were black,
    And her blood turned into ink,

    Its a world of dragons and witches,
    But inside you, the real monsters reside,
    So she turned her halo into horns,
    And fought every devil in disguise.

  • vivek_utters 5w

    Can I have her Back

    Yes, I lost her
    But can I have her back?
    Life without her is a crap.
    I'm smiling but my heart weeps
    dead inside filled with emotions heap.
    Nights without her are moonless
    laying under roof but feels homeless.

    I can see my contentment at distant
    Is it going away, is it still or coming back?
    I'm stuck again, want to move but I can't
    I failed to unravel the treasure
    Why this panic gives me pleasure.
    There is a void inside me now
    I want to fill it, but don't know how.

    These thoughts taking me somewhere
    Life without her is off track
    Yes,I lost her