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  • voice_of_my_diary 2w

    Call me once, I will talk 100.
    Avoid me once, I will walk away 1000.

  • voice_of_my_diary 3w

    To those who didn't vote,
    Please stay away from passing judgements, giving advises, blaming the result and sharing your thoughts as your views don't matter now!

    To those who voted and are happy with the results,

    Congratulations. The good is in your favour. Hope you support your leader/party the same way for the next 5 (or more) years. Hope you help your leader to prove himself and hope you give him a helping hand when he needs, as no man can handle the opposition alone. If he is there for us once, we should be with him for 100 more times. And I wish, you don't start doubting your decision if he goes wrong, once. Support him till end.

    To those who voted and aren't satisfied with the results,

    It's a proud thing that you voted and don't worry if it didn't made any change. If your leader/party spends this 5 years in improving himself and not in destructing the opponent, he might win hearts next time. Tell your leader, in order to prove oneself, you should never prove anyone else wrong. Make a difference on your own and not with anyone's support. Lift yourself up but don't put the competitors down.

  • voice_of_my_diary 6w

    I could tell from your eyes, you are here with no intention to love back!

  • voice_of_my_diary 6w

    I don't wanna support anyone, neither the aunty nor the girl. I just want to say that, both are right from their perspective and both are wrong from each other's perspective.
    But, one thing which aunty made me learn is, never to poke our nose in anyone's business, even if they are wrong. Today's world dislikes advises and guidance. And we shouldn't always speak what's in our mind. Keep your judgements to yourself. And of course, mind what you speak! If you feel you did wrong, apologize on the spot.
    The girl made me learn is, I should not lose my temper in difficult time and try to understand which decision will not go against me. One shouldn't cross limits to declare someone guilty. One shouldn't get so much engrossed in proving oneself true that some other people start doubting our actions!
    Both the parties are wrong. Both are right.

  • voice_of_my_diary 7w

    Follow the wind and you'll reach me.
    Reach the sun and you'll find me.
    Find the sky and you'll see me.
    See the stars and you'll know me.
    Know the moon and you'll understand me.

  • voice_of_my_diary 7w

    "The city"

    The streets are never forlorn
    The gardens are never empty.
    The buildings are never silent
    The roads are never quiet.

    From home to work and back again
    So monotonous is the life here.
    No time to eat, no time to relax
    From meetings to discussion and back again.

    Socialising is interesting
    But privatising is boring.
    Known by many people
    But understood by none.

    The difference between dusk and dawn
    Is almost zero.
    The difference between fall and spring
    Is almost zero.

    Fresh air is a rarely found gem
    Pollution is an all time guest
    A green jungle?
    No, it's a concrete one.

    It's the city,
    It's the life.
    It's the city
    It's the home.

  • voice_of_my_diary 8w

    People just pop out from nowhere and start criticising you, demoralise you, discourage you and try their best to put you down. They make sure you get so much unconfident about yourself that you start doubting your talents and start thinking they might be right.
    But no, they aren't. They are just fitting shits in your brain and nothing else. So, give a blind eye and get going. If you would be wrong, there are many well wishers who would guide you to the right. No need to give a damn to those who wish to see you behind their back!

  • voice_of_my_diary 9w

    Why vote?

    Because you have to! It's not a thing to be ignored or taken lightly. You are given rights, you ought to use them.

    We, the youth have to take a responsibility in building a better nation. We have to choose a government who will take us to heights. Because if not for us, then who will?

    To have the blue ink on your left index finger's nail is a proud moment. The nation needs us and we need it back, too! Wanting for change is not a bravo thing, creating a change is.

    Choose a government or a representative or a leader. We are wise enough to do that, aren't we?
    It's easy to sit back and judge the government. It's easy to say "the government is useless." But, it's difficult to think and place a vote for the one, WE WANT! If you don't have enough brains to think whose best for us, then please don't use your brains to judge the government.

    If still, you don't step out to your nearest voting booth, the country pities you and you should consider yourself as a shame for the country.
    -Krisha Mehta

  • voice_of_my_diary 9w

    It's not that I hurt you willingly. It just ran out of my mind or maybe it didn't strike that I am taking a wrong foot ahead. I didn't want to do it intentionally. It happened, just like that. No grudges, no wickedness, no revenge. It just happened out of syllabus. Still, if you feel it was rude of me, I beg for forgiveness.

  • voice_of_my_diary 10w

    People want new stories everyday. Stop telling your same old problems and worries to them. They don't care about your shit. No matter how close a person is to you, they definitely get tired of listening to your problems. You have it. You deal with it. Ask for advise ONCE, share with them ONCE. But then, cry alone. Solve it alone. Manage it alone. People get bored of everything at some point. So, sit in a corner, try to find a solution yourself or try to keep your mouth shut. There is no other way. Let them deal with their's and let yourself deal your's!