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  • vrushmahi 86w

    Well i can write but he can demonstrate love with his words...
    Well i see world but he feels it....
    Well i can see myself in mirror he sees my soul...


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    I lay in my bed and think about you.
    I love you so much' I don't know what to do.
    I feel your warmth at my side.
    The pain in my heart moves to my eyes.
    So far away, yet always so near.
    You are the reason I am still here.

    I await the times when we can talk
    I await the times we can finally hold hands and walk.
    To feel you for real... so close to me.
    The happiest person in the world is what you would make me.

    Your eyes shine like a million suns.
    You shine more brightly than anyone.
    Your smile so sweet can't help but make me smile.
    It stops my world, even for a little while.
    I await the time when my hand is in yours,
    To hear you say those 3 little words.

    There are still no words I can say to describe.
    My heart, it aches; and my eyes, they cry,
    But when we talk, my heart flies.
    You always wipe away the tears I cry.

    Even though you aren't here,
    And I miss you so much, my dear,
    I'll love you forever and ever.
    I'll always love you, my far away lover.....

  • vrushmahi 87w

    Well I stopped writing but I can share a piece I liked. This is something shows us that out culture has always respected woman as well as treated them like a goddess.
    Nowadays woman only does not know her strength and her values. Even though men are accepting them women are letting themselve down. This is for all the woman outside who think that they should be pampered and taken care of. You are very well capable of doing that on your own and your people. Somebody taking care of you should be out of choice not by rules.
    Understand and use your you all.

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    The Infinite Energy which streams forth from the Eternal and sets the wheel to work, looms up in the vision of man in various aspects and infinite forms. Each aspect creates and marks an age. Sometimes She is Love, sometimes She is Knowledge, sometimes She is Renunciation, sometimes She is Pity. This Infinite Energy is Bhawani. She also is Durga, She is Kali, She is Radha the Beloved, She is Lakshmi. She is our Mother and the Creatress of us all.

    - Yogi Arvindo

  • vrushmahi 95w


    Not everyone get what they desire and not everyone desire what they have....
    This is how it goes on..

  • vrushmahi 120w


    Writing is letting know the world about your feelings in a hidden code..
    Some can crack it and be with you and some can just read it and leave it....

  • vrushmahi 123w

    Dreams are something gives us lifelong goals to chase...
    Unpredictable fears to experience...
    Live a life we want to live...
    And feel the person who is 1000 miles away from you.
    Everything is possible in dreams which is why they are dremas to chase..@writersnetwork @merakiapp

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    We can know dreams..
    We cannot weight them, or measure length
    Or find their basic parts in an atom smasher...
    Which is why they are possible...

  • vrushmahi 125w

    By unknown writer

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    I dont know what frightens me more,
    The power that crushes us
    or our endless ability to endure it...

  • vrushmahi 128w

    This is the price you have to pay for having a great get the wonder, the joy,the tender moments but you get the tears at the end too.....

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    Nights & he

    Dark nights, deep thoughts...
    I left the bed and walked under the sky...
    Their he was bright and calm, waiting for me to show up...
    I smiled with a pleased expression and
    he blinked back at me responding gently...
    Then started our silent conversation...
    I looked at him and said "maybe things are not so right today...but i know you are here to fix it up for me.."
    He nodded and ensured me...
    Along with tears in eyes, in hopes to see him again..
    I took his blessings and peacefully returned to my bed..
    You might be wondering who is so bright...
    He is who is called my dad...
    Yes he is far from me but the closest to my heart...
    Blessed yet cursed...
    Seen yet unseen...

  • vrushmahi 128w

    'Dont betray me...'
    Said the boy to his dreams...

  • vrushmahi 129w

    @writersnetwork @mirakeeworld
    We always tend to talk about truth and how it helps us to be honest but as i said earlier we all have some hidden skeletona of truth in our closet. What helps us to be proud and on hills in front of this cruel world is a cover up lie. Which helps us smile in feont of the world while you are hurting. It helps us to be fearless in this world while you are weak inside.
    Truth ia great and it always come out but we have fear of truth. Sometimes we just ignore it or sometimes we accept it. Although in all cases we Always get hurt one way or other. Truth is brighter than our imagination and sometimes we are too weak to accept it.. thats why i believe that truth a greater bully than evrything else in this world except time.

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    Truth is a bully we all pretend to like and lie is a soldier who fights all of our battles for us..

  • vrushmahi 129w

    How much devil have you got into yourself?