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  • vyas_nitya_nv 45w

    क्या करे?

    आँखें तो हमेशा सच ही कहती है,
    पर जब प्यार ही अंधा होता है तो कोई क्या ही करे?

  • vyas_nitya_nv 47w

    कह कर देख लो ।

    हम जो चीज़ें कह नही पाते,
    खेल सारा उन्ही का होता है ।

  • vyas_nitya_nv 47w

    Dear Topper Friend

    This is from somebody who laughs and enjoys more.
    Thank you for consistently topping all the exams and being appreciated and raising the name of our group, meanwhile I went through the inferiority of never being enough.
    Thank you for never telling me that my 6 hours of learning was not enough but your 2 hours of 'just turning pages' were.
    Thank you for always standing up to answer the questions, meanwhile my raised hand would go down with my build confidence too.
    Thank you for teaching me that we were competing against each other otheriwse I would've been living in my wonderland.
    Thanks to you because I always kept trying more and more so that I could also come to the same level of yours.
    Although this still may not have made me a good scorer but it made me a better human. I realised it now how as children my classmates who were trying (just like I'm doing now) would have felt while I was proud of my grades. Everybody is trying their best but these days your best doesn't work. Best is only the bar that is set and you can be the best only when you raise it even higher. Till then you are not the best.
    Thank you for effortlessly lying that you didn't study at all but still turned out to be the best (as always).
    Thank you for never telling me that I was always less than all of you, but eventually your marks did.
    Thank you for not telling me that I wasn't best neither as student or scorer nor as your friend.
    But still I was and will always be happy for you.
    Thanks to you again,
    From the member of the group who got the least attention and marks.

  • vyas_nitya_nv 49w

    Thank You Kaafi Hai Kya?

    Jab koi tumhe rota dekh tumhe chup kara de,
    Ya tumhare aansu poch kar tumhe hasa de,
    Toh kya thank you se kaam hojayega?
    Jab koi tumhe khush rakhna chahe,
    Tumhare bina kuch kahe tumhari har baat samajh jaye,
    Toh kya thank you bolna chalega?
    Jab tumhari family tumhare liye apni zaruraton ko bhi bhulaye,
    Tumhe bulandiyon tak pohchane ka zimma uthaye,
    Unke support aur har wo koshish ke liye jiski wajah se tum jo bhi ho,
    Wo ban paye,
    Thank you Kaafi Hai Kya?
    Tumhare wo dost jo tumhare liye duniya se ladne ko tayiyar ho,
    Tumhari har hasi, khushi, aansu aur gham mein barabari ke hissedaar ho,
    Unke inn sabhi efforts ke liye bhi,
    Thank you sab sambhal lega na?
    Jab koi kahe tumhe,
    Ki tumhare iss bachpane mein wo khud ka khoya hua bachpan dhundh raha hai,
    Jab kahe ki tum mein usse uska koi apna dikh raha hai,
    Toh kya bolna chahie? Thank you?
    Koi tumse baat kare aur kahe tumhe ki tumse yun hi baat karna usse acha lagta hai,
    Ya tumse baat karke uska din bhar ka sada hua mood thik ho jata hai,
    Toh Thank you bolna hota hai kya?
    Aur tab jab tumhe aisa lage ki tum ab haar chuke ho,
    Jo kuch bhi tha ya tumhara ho sakta tha sab gawa chuke ho,
    Aur utne mein koi tumhari or aaye,
    Apna hath tumhari taraf badhaye,
    Bina tumhe judge kiye tumhari sari baatein sunta jaye,
    Tumhare sabhi takleefon ko mitaye,
    Tumhe phir se ladna sikhaye,
    Tumhe duniya ki khoobsurati dikhaye,
    Bechain se huye ho tum,
    Aur wo tumhe dheere dheere thap thapaye,
    Tumhare sar pe hath rakh ke tumhe sulaye,
    Aur bataye ki tum akele nahi ho,
    Aur Tab,
    Bas Tab,
    Thank You Kaafi Hoga Kya?

  • vyas_nitya_nv 50w

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    वादों का दिन ।

    और अब आज हम वो दिन माना रहे है,
    जिसे हम निभाते कभी नही ।

  • vyas_nitya_nv 51w

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    फूल के काँटे ।

    गुलाब का फूल दर्शा देता है कि मोहब्बत जितनी खूबसूरत होती है दर्द भी उतना ही दे सकती है ।

  • vyas_nitya_nv 57w

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    Merry Christmas.

    May the Chritsmas be as Merry as the wishes are.

  • vyas_nitya_nv 66w

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    कोशिश ।

    तुझे रोक ने की कोशिश कर रही थी मेरे कलम से निकली स्याही,
    तू चली गयी मुझे लेखक बना के ।

  • vyas_nitya_nv 66w

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    Diwali Is Here.

    Let the infinite cycle of 'Soam Papdi' begin.
    Happy Diwali!

  • vyas_nitya_nv 67w

    To The Person I Cannot Thank Enough.

    Hi! So finally, last letter before your day and I'm here trying to figure out what to write in here. I hope you haven't read any of these that I've tried writing for you and I'm extremely eager to know your reaction. I remember somebody told me that he would send me a handwritten letter but I haven't got any yet! Though he hasn't got any from me too but I at least tried writing 5 letters to him prior to his day. You see I'm too greedy! Always asking for something or the other and also always taunting. Though I also know that none of my letters make sense but there's nothing I can do about it because you're the only one who is responsible for this but I won't tell you how and why! I'm also very sorry because I won't be able to call you. Also I saw today that last year on your birthday you had 400 plus followers and exactly after one year you have more than 4000 followers on IG. That's so huge! So far I have 136 followers only on my public account. I hope whenever you read all these 5 you have a smile on your face. I would be glad if I'd be at least able to manage to put a little smile or make you happy. With keeping my fingers crossed I end the last letter too.
    Thank you for literally everything!
    Hoping to get a reaction or a reply from an inexpressive!

    Somebody waiting for the time when all of these are read.