trying to find rhythm in the entropy

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  • wacky_whiner 6w

    Stockholm syndrome

    We pick up the pieces,dress up the bruises.
    We strive for fortune, thrive in the gloom.
    We're abducted by life, entrapped to survive,
    And tied to affliction, but blurred by illusion;
    Carpe diem is not a choice, but is the only wisdom.
    Don't we all suffer from Stockholm syndrome??

  • wacky_whiner 7w

    In the world guided by deadlines, excellence takes a backseat, and mediocrity is all that prevails...

  • wacky_whiner 7w

    When you think of death,while you're thinking about dreams,
    The devil and the angel sway together to blaspheme,
    The green sheet and the ceiling fan entice you to relief ,
    For, asphyxiation allows you to finally breathe.

  • wacky_whiner 7w


    A huge canvas,this world, enabling an illusion,
    And all its beings hanging on their ladders with paintbrush,
    Securing a space to paint it colourfully in congestion,
    A million dreams with every stroke rendering the narration,
    The death drops the paintbrush and the art sees an abortion...

  • wacky_whiner 7w

    Only the bravest of us can reach out.
    For others, death is the only answer...

  • wacky_whiner 8w


    I'm proud of what I am
    Even though, I may not resonate with your ideas of 'ordinary '
    Iwas born this way,hence,futile is your prayer and therapy.
    Neither my identity is an insult, nor it's "just a phase"
    I've lived too long in the dark,the fire in me is now ablaze.
    I refuse to live my life as a secret.
    I wish to come out of the closet
    I wish to hold my lover's hand and put my love on a show,
    All the narrow black and white minds, brace yourself up for the rainbow!

    I'm proud of what I am.
    Even though, I may not look like either of the popular genders,
    I was born this way and I don't have a luxury to be a pretender.
    Neither I mean to scare you, nor curse you under my breath,
    For,I've been abandoned by my own family and now I'm reduced to beg.
    The stigma around me denied me employment or even education,
    An official's certificate, denied me even the right of self-identification.
    I refuse to silently bear with the society's humiliation,
    I wish to be granted a life of dignity and gratification,
    I wish to cease the opportunity and render myself grow,
    All the narrow black and white minds, brace yourself up for the rainbow!

  • wacky_whiner 8w


    I warn them, "I won't reciprocate, if you fall in love with me"
    They still try to tie me down, but I'm hopelessly free,
    'Coz I understood long ago that love doesn't last forever and losing it makes you abhorrent,
    I maybe no better,but atleast I'm different.

  • wacky_whiner 8w


    She was lying on the ground,flat on her back.
    Collecting her breath,she straightened her gaze
    Disgust,not fear in her eyes, triggered my mood black.
    I picked up a rock, smashed her beautiful,proud face,
    As she profusely bled,I stood there and watched her until she was dead.

    What a delight! Dare she challenge my might!

    I grew up with whore of a mother,lecherous;
    She slept around,while my father rested stuporous.
    Oh! The trail of her lovers,I wanted to kill, but couldn't
    The amount of torture, I wanted to inflict,but didn't...

    Tonight, this cunt looked at me in the store,
    Her tight top hinted me a signal to score.
    Sure,she was asking for it with her smile,
    So, I grabbed her waist, but she shoved me aside.
    How could she reject me like that?!
    How could she not want me back?!
    How could she think she had power to decide?!
    How could she slap me and injure my pride?!

  • wacky_whiner 9w


    Just 2 likes on her sexiest Instagram photo didn't make her feel dejected, rather she was elated;
    One was the the guy who had a crush on her, and the other, the one she had a crush on...

  • wacky_whiner 9w


    Her xxxl t-shirt declared:

    "Searching for something perfect?
    Well,you're looking at one"

    Never did i know that a t-shirt could spell the gospel of truth.