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  • wahiija 12w

    GaNg oF oNe

    MySeLf ..R enOuGh tO faCe AnD fiGht probLems

  • wahiija 13w

    Don't tEacH hoW tO deStRoY
    tEaCh hOw tO cReaTe..

  • wahiija 13w

    Don't finD roAd, finD deStiNy ,deStinY don't nEed roaD ,
    iT nEed haRdwoRk ,paSsioN n condesCensiOn.

  • wahiija 13w

    ThE skY can't bE toUchEd,it iS so hiGh
    liKEwiSe kNoWledgE can't bE gaiNed ,it iS so DeeP ..

  • wahiija 13w


    BEauTy is gAthEreD iN thE empathy of love..
    Beauty is gatHered in thE probiTy of love..
    Beauty is vOt u realise after u shine with quest of haRdwork..

  • wahiija 14w

    niGht oF noThiNg

    i SLepT oN bed ,aLL saiD gooD niGht.
    buT vot i foUght at niGht no one knoWs
    my slEep got rubbed with the shamless thoughts.
    which not got rubbed off with the cusion of cotton.
    i tried, i tried to sleep but vot i fElt is that no one is right..
    blacket tried to hug me,
    but vot i need blacket doesn't read.

  • wahiija 14w


    People are loSted in darkness of shameless pride.
    u shouLd knoW evEry aspEct of life starts with smart cognizance and tranquility not vth giddiness n stupidity.
    Even diaMond hasn't pRide bEcox iT is reflection not it's own shine.
    So, y we?
    lifE is tactiCally giVen By God N evEn iT is baCkdated to GoD.
    So bE reaL oR be ready for get-off of GoD..

  • wahiija 14w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 8 word short tale on Pride

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    priDe bury good tranquility of person into soil.

  • wahiija 14w

    Bearing cognized mind make u hear about real,
    Stammered tongue not possible is olwayx unreal.

  • wahiija 14w


    I searched,I founded,I losted
    Birth got nothing, but a man of roasted.

    Benches got full by false pearls of nothing,
    Real pearl got wear into winter care.

    Falled on stairs not found,
    Nerd people on stairs got sound.

    They rushed on way doesn't found,
    I swimmed into way of round.

    Was it a death's cream?
    That got on my wounded dream.