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  • waltecko 9w

    The one who would never be envious about your success

  • waltecko 9w


    How beautiful the the wings wap in the air holding on the colored petals camouflaged by the patterns above wings.

    Seemed you flourished my mind soul and heart that the dreams come by thy natural face scented by the warm moisture arisen from the rained soil.How great I felt the Nora love from the heart

  • waltecko 10w

    The unfortunate story

    If fate was a wish then dollars would be flowing.
    If fate was a gift then could never been an issue.
    How I wish it could be a destiny ,mansion,dream car but it rolls around drops of mindset.
    Then it is the future you see in a daytime dreams when things are clear no dark scary voices of the creatures unfold.
    Fate is a belief held within crowded opportunities in a fearfull mind

  • waltecko 10w

    Reverse thought

    Sorry I'm I never grew to the principles I was taught.
    Never did I bother to swift the kindness portrayed by you when I was a toad learning how to swim.
    Sorry I'm I never put into action the deeds you showed me handling me furiously when I was wrong.
    I'm sorry dad

  • waltecko 10w


    Down the drying stream,
    rippling the fallen leaves,
    cool ambience along the stream
    feeling nature of

    Drizzles overhead curling the,
    Long natural hair,
    With a tickle in the weakpoint,
    Making you feeble I being the kingpost.

    With the eagle eye,
    Aiming on the epicenter of love ,
    Taking the moment, under the ,
    Soft palm wiping off the droplets of love out the face.

    Drenched in your love Nora with,
    Natural way of looking,
    Outfits tightly aligned over the slim tender body,took a step higher to warm your lips.

    Deep breath under closed eyes,
    Making ears clinched to high,
    Attention getting the whispers of "Nakhusima"
    From the ♥,carried away to fantasy universe.


  • waltecko 10w


    Short story of love named after romantic names I desired to call you .Official name seemed not bad only to be driven by emotions out of control .The butterflies inside belly yearned for you ,sweetie rolling out my lips .
    If it was about fantasy then no one knows what it entails "love" and that goes your name.
    Sylvia's love

  • waltecko 10w

    Furious drop

    I'm sorry she never took the principles you desired.
    I'm sorry the expected never came out coz she found a new home new destiny new character.
    I'm sorry you frowned upon the message about change of her attitude the morals you taught her about good life in marriage only to find new love new teachings.
    I remember you telling her forever is long to be dropping tears in the wrong page of love only her to come out can't run when I'm scared .
    Mum fantasy of love.