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  • wamuyu_wamburu 9w

    You can't be a girl.

    Walking around with female genitalia is risky you know...
    You can't walk alone in the dark.
    You can't be in the library alone.
    If you have a pair of breasts, you have to be a pair when you go for a morning run.
    You can't board an empty bus ,
    oh, no! Not if you have hips.
    You can't walk into men's hostels ...
    at least not alone
    I mean, you can go star gazing,
    but only for a few hours into the night .
    It's worse if you have a "pretty face"
    then, then you can't smile as you wish
    or you'll be called a flirt.
    You can't wear shorts or a tiny dress,
    or you will get what you are asking for.
    Being a girl almost means walking with a target on your back.
    You have to be alert at all times!

  • wamuyu_wamburu 10w


    See, am afraid of letting go of this anger.
    Am afraid those sad memories are fading away.
    I can't stand the fact that am starting to forget how my mother once called me "useless and slow"
    How she took everyone's side but never mine.
    How she thought everyone else's ideas are mature and deserve to be heard except mine.
    Am angry at myself because am about to let go of how my ex hurt me.
    How he flirted right in front of my eyes.
    How he forced himself on me and left me for the cold .
    Am about to let go of how he compared me to other girls.
    I am angry at myself because I have grown out of my childish ways.
    I hate that the very noble idea of forgiveness has infiltrated my mind and it's winning.
    I hate how the idea of letting go of the past sounds pleasing to my brain.
    I hate that my whole being is willing to forget of all the wrongs.
    That it's convincing me to love my enemies .
    I hate that am at a good place with my past.
    In a world where every person has a story to tell, mine was how I craved attention from those I adored but they didn't give it to me.
    I am afraid am losing my story.
    I hate that am smilling and laughing genuinely with no pain behind it.
    I feel like my whole being called a meeting and I didn't get the memo.
    I feel betrayed by myself.
    I hate that am moving on.

  • wamuyu_wamburu 10w

    You're gone, so is my dream!

    They say you shouldn't marry a man for his potential
    You marry him for what he is at the present
    Sadly, now it all makes sense.
    Well, everyone thinks am crying over you
    but am crying for me.
    I was waiting you know,
    I was waiting for the day you will look at me like I look at you.
    I was waiting for the day you will stare at me
    and say, "you are beautiful!"
    Waiting for the day you will kiss me randomly
    I was hoping that one day,
    One day, I will tell you how my day went
    and you will actually be interested.
    I was hoping we will grow to be best of friends.
    I was waiting for when we can have little pillow talks,
    Hate on people together
    I was waiting for that Friday night that you will opt to stay in with me
    the day we'd cuddle all night.
    the day we go on an actual date ...
    I knew you loved me, but not as much as I loved you.
    See, I saw potential ...
    I was giving you time.
    and now they tell me you're no more!
    You left with my dream
    My dream to be a happy wife.

  • wamuyu_wamburu 14w

    Lord, just in case I confuse you..

    See, I know I can be hella talkative
    I start talking about woman empowerment,
    and sound like I don't need a man
    Then right before I sleep,
    I pray for my future husband.
    Now, just to be clear God,
    I do want a man.
    I do crave love.
    I am a strong woman ,but I do need a man.
    Please Big G don't get it twisted.
    So, Lord just to be clear...
    I want a nice tall guy,
    Sweetest thing ever.
    A kind heart, genuine person.
    Lord, you know am big on gender equality
    I hope he believes in it too.
    A man that adores me God
    A man that will not be ashamed of me
    A man that is nothing like a few I've been with.
    Lord I can't stand cheating or battery.
    Can he be funny too?
    Lord , can he come looking like Shawn Mendes or is that too much to ask?
    God ,you know am weird and am about to ask a weird thing.Can we die together...
    because when I love, then I looove.
    Lord so tomorrow I'll prolly tell someone that I don't need a man, trying to be all feminist and stuff.
    Don't let that confuse you.
    Don't ever forget this convo God.
    I do want a man to spend our forever with.
    Till next time Lord.Adios amigo!Love you.

  • wamuyu_wamburu 16w

    I choose.

    I have always been the type of person that is proud of my work.
    I remember writing this bold poem;Grey.
    I defined myself as grey; not white, not black. life then was just this big grey area.
    I chose "may be" over "yes" or "no."
    I stood for everything
    But really, I stood for nothing.

    And now am growing into a woman.
    I can't help but pick a side.
    I find myself choosing either hot or cold, not warm.
    Either right or left not just being still.
    I choose going separate ways over "just being friends" with people that don't deserve my friendship.
    I choose to speak up for my rights and not to keep silent not to hurt your feelings.
    I choose love over hate !
    I choose forgiveness over bitterness.
    I choose inner beauty over a pretty face.
    I choose God over the world.
    I choose my family over and over.
    I choose me.
    I choose and I choose.
    I want people around me to choose too but I guess we go through grey to get to black or white.
    If am not better, at least am different.

  • wamuyu_wamburu 16w


    In a world full of opinions,
    A world of emerging philosophies,
    A world of pressure,
    You have to choose one thing; choose one path.
    You have to be hot or cold.
    Be black or white.
    You have to go right or left.
    It's either yes or no.
    Well I think it's only human not to be sure.
    It's okay to want people around at one point and to push them away right the next minute.
    It's okay to want someone to hold one moment and to be a alone at another.
    To be an extrovert at one point and an introvert at another point.
    It's only human to know what you want and to be lost at other times.
    But we should free ourselves.
    In a world where you have to be hot or cold, I say warm is okay too.
    Say yes or no ... But "may be" is okay too.
    In a world where people expect me to choose black or white,
    I choose grey!

  • wamuyu_wamburu 16w

    My man

    I'm a woman,
    and I want a man.
    I know exactly what I want
    I don't want a rich man,
    I want a provider.
    Now, he does not have to always provide but he should be a giver at heart.
    I want a man that knows he's the man.
    A man that leads.
    He is vocal...not like a baby,
    like a king.
    A man that lets me win too.
    A man that adores me,
    I in turn will adore him.
    When I get this man,
    I will treat him like a baby, I will treat him like a king.
    I, I am a woman and I know what I want.

  • wamuyu_wamburu 17w


    Society wants to tell you that you are beautiful, but when you say it yourself, you are bragging.
    Society wants to tell what you can and cannot do.
    If you do not consult with society, you are proud.
    Society wants to condition our minds...
    So, every time you need affirmation, you will look to society.
    That way, society remains relevant.
    It keeps winning.

  • wamuyu_wamburu 25w


    Society visualises perfect in a certain way in its head.
    Society likes to push its ideas on us.
    It likes to convince us that "perfect" is all the same for everyone.
    Society wants us to fall for the perfect girl, the perfect guy, yet society itself is not brave enough to find love.
    Society has made us believe in a perfect world.
    Reality check, no such thing as a perfect world.
    No such thing as a perfect friendship or love.
    But yes, there exists a "my perfect" and "your perfect."
    See it in your own eyes.
    See "your perfect."
    © wamuyu_wamburu