a wandering soul...take me home

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  • wanderingheart 4w

    I have cried an endless times
    And everytime "u" were the reason

  • wanderingheart 5w

    Full circle

    Life does take a full circle
    And every bit is meted out and sorted
    Thanks to karma!!
    All is taken care

  • wanderingheart 6w


    आज ना बातें है
    ना बातो में तुम्हारा ज़िक्र
    ना ज़िक्र में तुम्हारा ख्याल
    ना खयालों में तुम्हारा एहसास
    सब ख़ामोश है........
    जैसे तुम कभी थे ही नहीं मेरे पास

  • wanderingheart 6w


    Since karna cafe' has no menu
    It does serve you what you deserve
    But also
    Clears all your pending dues....☺️

  • wanderingheart 6w


    Let bygones be bygones
    Work on frontline
    And think what's to come next......❤️

  • wanderingheart 6w

    Return to oneself

    i dont cry anymore
    i dont feel hurt anymore
    together with love
    you also took away all
    my feelings for you.
    thanks!!! I returned to myself safe ❤️

  • wanderingheart 6w

    Love fervour

    in the light of the somber moon
    with colors so dull and pale
    i budge to still see you soon
    in the colourful hail.
    the crimson red,
    the love of purples,
    from morning to bed
    where love grows in doubles.
    your quiet smiles
    shall enrich my mind
    and take me miles
    where we shall bind
    to the knot so unknown,
    for the lives to come
    and be for ever grown
    into eachother for this love shall sum
    the lovings forever
    in the true love fervour

  • wanderingheart 6w


    आज हालात ऐसे है
    कि नफरत तक करने का दिल नहीं तुमसे
    आज हम अजनबी ऐसे है
    जैसे जाने ही नहीं तुमको कबसे

  • wanderingheart 6w

    White wash

    I painted my walls white again
    The colour outshines
    I'm again set to gain
    All that was always mine❤️❤️

  • wanderingheart 6w

    Move on

    Look back at all that was wrong
    Which drowned you deeper.
    Don't feel sorry,
    Sometimes it's required not to feel sorry.
    Look ahead
    And the new beginning you have in hand.
    Then thank god for everything
    That ever happened.
    Never judge whether good or bad
    Take it as a learning.
    Be happy and keep smiling ☺️