Accept the situation on move on��

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  • wanna_be_happy 1w

    First day to school after 10 months
    I Eagerly waited for u
    But at last u didn't come��
    All my expectations vanished....
    Hope will meet u tomorrow ��

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    Like how Home is not home
    Without mom

    Classroom is not classroom
    Without best friend

  • wanna_be_happy 3w


    My first post in this year... That's on this special day.... And it's for u��

    The only one
    who understands me
    better than anyone does!!

    The only one
    who knows A to Z abt me��

    And it's been 9 months ago
    we left each other without even
    saying a bye(reason u know��)

    Most of my unforgettable
    memories are with u��
    MEMORIES!! It's just a
    Single word but it means
    A lot for us��

    And It's ur birthday tdy��
    I am sure ur dreams will come true!
    Stay happy and healthier...

    With lots of love,
    Ur best friend ��

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    My Best Friend


  • wanna_be_happy 4w






  • wanna_be_happy 6w

    Life talks

    Tdy, i had some life talks with my dad...
    He said....

    "Even if I make mistakes say me that i made that mistake...As I am ur dad,U should not support it.... Never encourage anyone who make mistakes.... Even ur family members"

    Ya..Its true... We should never encourage anyone who makes mistakes.... Instead we should correct them to right path

  • wanna_be_happy 11w

    It's life

    We don't know
    whether we will
    wake up tomorrow
    from sleep
    Or not
    So, live ur life
    as best as u can!
    Make urself happy
    and make others happy
    Life has ups and downs
    face it with full potential

  • wanna_be_happy 12w


    If I had to choose between
    loving or breathing
    I would use my
    last breath to say


  • wanna_be_happy 13w


    The one
    who is really broken only
    can understand and
    could sense
    the feel of sad and
    emotional songs

  • wanna_be_happy 13w

    I had thinked many times that
    if I die who will cry and miss me a lot
    If I had a power to die for a day
    Then I could know who will really feel.....

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    A power to die
    for one day

  • wanna_be_happy 14w

    Happiest day for me in the year
    More wishes
    Unlimited usage of the word THANK YOU
    Filled with surprises
    A call with best friend❤ @geweldig
    And many more


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    22nd OCT

    The only day, my WhatsApp turns
    from 1or 2 texts to more texts

  • wanna_be_happy 15w

    Silence mind
    Headphones on
    Eyes closed
    Listening to Melodies


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    A great feeling