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  • wannabe_writer_guy 13h

    By unknown writer

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    Maybe years from now, we'll
    bump into each other.

    No words. No smiles.

    We'll both look at each
    other and murmur,
    "Why didn't you stay?"

  • wannabe_writer_guy 1w

    And they went from
    two text
    a minute to
    two text a year.

  • wannabe_writer_guy 4w


    My destiny was tough
    But I never lost my path,

    Pain lingered in my heart
    But I never shed tears,

    No one I knew
    Ever asked me,

    Why I worry about someone
    Who never cared about me.

    I promised her one thing
    That I will hold on to our memories,

    Because with or without conversation
    You are still important to me.


  • wannabe_writer_guy 4w

    Sometimes you must
    Hurt in order to Know,
    Fall in order to Grow,
    Lose in order to Gain,
    Because life's greatest lessons
    Are learned through Pain.

  • wannabe_writer_guy 12w

    Only our pillow
    Knows the amount
    Of emotions we hide
    From the world.

  • wannabe_writer_guy 13w

    This is the best I could come up with ��

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    To be a Jack.

    Jack had Rose,
    But the poor guy froze.
    Jack had Jill,
    They fell from a hill,
    And got a big ass hospital bill.
    Jack even had beans,
    Which fulfilled his dreams.
    Even got him a girl,
    And trauma of a whole another world.