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  • warriorpoet 1w


    most hunters freeze. when they lose the element. that they so desperately need.

    the surprise given to them. by technological or evolutionary means. but neither could mask their presence.

    and their game quickly flees. but every so often their targets won’t make for the trees.

    it’ll defend itself, it’s home and it’s right to live free. so it will turn to face it’s hunter. knowing that in doing so, it may have to pay a heavy fee.

    and it uses the brush to mask its lead. the tracks to lure its hunter. into a false sense of security.

    and only when it’s hunter thinks it has the upper hand. that comes with intellectual maturity. it gores with all its might and ferocity.

    and in the swiftest of moments. it’s quarry dissapers in the shadows. leaving all but unseen.

    but laving it’s mark. in a most horrendous scene. the flesh ripped and agonizing screams.

    the hunter attends to the wounds. trying to keep it clean. and to stop the blood lost that’s truly severe.

    until it notices the sounds that draw near. the twigs that snap. and the uneasy feeling that comes with an unknown leer.

    and despite what gave this predator the advantage. it has been queered. and with the realization comes the fear.

    of knowing they were the hunter. but the strike of what now hunts them. is the last sound they’ll ever hear.


  • warriorpoet 2w


    i’m not afraid to die. For my opportunity to fly. far from these battlefields that’s claimed so much of my life.

    far from this sty. In which so many unknowingly lye. though the memories will follow me. till the end of my time.

    I will embrace them and know theirs no harm in setting the dread aside. for a few precious moments. to live a life untied.

    and unhindered by these scars that infect the mind. because carrying these burdens is like a cancer of every kind. and their is no body so strong, they won’t succumb to the grind.

    but sadly these are empty words. I send out to an unforgiving world. knowing full well their a lie. at best they’re wishful thinking.

    because I could never see the world through those eyes. untainted and still hopeful. not on the lookout for storm riddled skies.

    with no pretense or guise. in my younger years I would ha called them fools. For not keeping their eyes on the prize.

    but now I actually envy their resolve. for they were able to fight the good fight. And truly survive.


  • warriorpoet 6w


    you either play the hand you’re dealt. Or I promise, those cards will play you. living in poverty, as an outcast.

    or just a slave, forced to live by someone else’s cues. Believe it or not, There is a remedy. that helps you rise above your station. surpassing those who would misuse.

    and The answer is not to rely on anyone or anything except you. it’s hard to hear the truth. but trust in God’s, government, family, friends will turn out to be an excuse.

    as to why you couldn’t ascend. past the boundaries that keep you subdued. selflessness does exist, but it’s an outdated idea. Meant to draw in the fools.

    at every turn they’ll make you weaker. because the need for support will tie your own noose. meanwhile the story is very different for those who knew the truth.

    Chances are you’re working for them right now. And they owe nothing to no one. because they paid their dues.

    all you can hope is that they remember the golden rule. that they leave a little for the next man. never taking more than they’re owed. lest their greed will reduce.

    them back into the mire. To which they first sprang loose.


  • warriorpoet 10w


    Heaven. it’s a reward in which You literally must die. in order to receive.

    and in my sardonic moments. I can’t even conceive. of people so stupid. as to whole heartedly believe.

    that if they live as cattle. They will see a field of dreams. And will be received. into the bosom of a god.

    and see it all as a goal achieved. am I the only one who sees this nonsense for what it is? a fucking Ponzi scheme.

    intended to strip your resources. past, present, and future clean. the sacrifices that led no where. causing you and those around you to greave.

    for the times wasted. and what could have been. if only you put down the propaganda.

    and had the courage to fucking lead. instead this stagnation spread to those you’d feed. and as you’d recount the tales.

    their dependance would become a noose you’d weave. for those who trusted you, also trusted that the righteous are the ones who get relief.

    and set themselves up there. to escape lives so meek. but one can only wonder.

    Do they see the paradox? Even when it rolls right down their cheeks. that when they pass in to the next world.

    that’s supposed to be a haven for the weak. where lyes all the answers they ever did seek. and no longer do new days start out as dismal and bleak.

    why is it when they feel the presence of death begin to seep. and their on their death beds surrounded by family. listening to machines countdown the beeps.

    why do they tend to bawl and weep?


  • warriorpoet 11w


    The more you have, the more rules don’t apply. It means they’re judged as better. and therefore more important. so they’re under no obligation to comply.

    A lesson learned from their parents. And the only one pass down overtime. And what’s worse is it’s not an arrogance that will soon die.

    because even people who are self made successes. Will tend to forget where they were born. And will only focus on where they lye.

    for instance how many entertainers take their children back to the ghettos and trailer parks. That’s so enriched their lives. The truth is none do.

    and to even think it would be a thought so maligned. the truth is they’ll teach that same arrogance to their children. and will be taught to theirs over time. never being seen for what it is. a Legacy of swine.

    because in their world respect is not something they work for. It’s something they buy. and when you reach your moment. and are finally able to cross to the other side of the divide. To this message you will conveniently be blind.

    as it’s taught to every child within your bloodline. Furthering The gap of the divide. and making it harder for the next person. who stands on the other side.


  • warriorpoet 12w


    this world is no place for cowards. it’s an all for me society. who’s moral compass has spiraled downwards.

    and carrying burdens behind you is bad enough. but when it’s deadweight, it’ll soon attract buzzards. who don’t give a shit if you’ve had it rough.

    they’re con, pitch, and salesmen. who can’t tell the easy marks from the others. and because thier to weak to withstand the smother.

    it’s down to The strong and wise to subvert. and grant them cover. all because they can’t assert.

    Nor will they look past their own hurt. to see that each generation grows less. because the words of their forebears go unheard. and every story that signifies the overcoming of hardship.

    is thrown by the wayside. and is considered absurd. as they unjustifiably glower.

    believing their meager accomplishments. rival an entire life of sacrifice and concern. but if that were true their confidences wouldn’t be so easy to burn.

    leaving them in the featal position. as the depression in them churns. till death is considered the only way to compensate. for a life they failed to earn.

    and as they lament to those closest to them. as well as those on the screens. they are fool enough to believe are friends and allies most firm.

    they’ll have to come to a decision. Whether to start from the beginning. and open their eyes and ears to learn.

    how to spot and deal with adversaries. and make sure their lives run on their own terms. to avoid the landmines as well as other concerns.

    or continue living as a worm. upon the hooks of those manipulative enough to make them squirm. all because they were too fucking stupid to discern. Who was looking to take advantage. and whose trust was truly earned.


  • warriorpoet 14w


    Prayer, the last refuge of a scoundrel. In a sad final attempt. To seek forgiveness for all Ill mannered deeds and debts. 

    Before death deems it final. Beseeching gods no more chaste then they are. Now adopting the role of faithful disciple. 

    After leading a life filled with stepping upon the weak. That at the time they saw as nothing more then a trifle.  

    As well as the debauchery. That they saw as delightful. only when the end is near. 

    They hope the gods they pray to won’t be as spiteful. they’d rather go into the next world knowing their past won’t hold them liable.

    then taking the time to reconcile. the deeds committed against those the saw as infantile. before death turns the dial. One last selfish act. 

    For beings so vile. Not praying for the families they leave behind. Loved ones they kept weak and fragile.

    even though the grief would flow from them. as water does the Nile. in a display that’s as unsympathetic. as it is bile.

    Prayer, the last refuge of a scoundrel. (Lisa Simpson)


  • warriorpoet 17w


    We are furthering down a spiral. Of what’s real and unreal. And what’s acceptable. And what sounds like bullshit people spiel.

    It would be easier. If Reality was just black and white. That the cards we got, were just what fate would deal. And changing our hand.

    Meant We’d be part of a Journey. Of toil, sacrifice, and fighting back a doubt. You couldn’t help but feel.

    All to make good on dreams. Finally understanding why it’s not a right. That at birth it isn’t assigned and sealed. And only the pursuit was guaranteed.

    But change seem so effortless now. For any fool can be a hero. Just because they refused to eat veal.

    That honor was once a title. Given to a person for a valor that was to be revered. Now it’s used for any person. Overcoming any problem. Whether its a small or a gargantuan ordeal.

    Society doesn’t make it easier to understand. They blurred the lines of what’s culturally ideal. Choosing what contradictions Not to see. Because there aren’t enough people who are brave enough to squeal.

    To stop everything in its tracks. And say why is this OK. But that goes way to deep into the surreal. For instance, Why is it brave for men to be women? And women to be men within society?

    But it’s not ok for people of other races to take on tropes that appeal. Or just come out and say they’re part of those races. Whether it’s genetical or out of sheer want or will.

    Gender is OK to trade and conceal. But a change of race crosses a line. Thats just to fucking real?

    Before humans had color. There was sex.
    And yet we hold one higher than the other. Amongst the social wheel.

    Where are the boundaries? Who sets the rules? And when does understanding finally yield.

    At what point do we finally stop trying to make room for one another? And fix the problems the plague the human ordeal? The selfishness, that keeps the haves wanting for more. And keeps those without, in a position where they must kneel.

    The ignorance, Where we live in a world filled with Scientific Discovery. Yet the majority still give praise to Gods that arent real. Praying to them to change their lives. Instead of rising and grabbing the fucking wheel.

    The distractions, our focus firmly given to fools on social media. Whenever they drop a tiktok blurb. Or go on a Twitter spiel.

    These diversions are now all that’s real. Race, Sex, Money, Media. Have forced our priorities to keel. Leaving me with a pit in my stomach. And a raging thought in my mind. That won’t soon yield.

    I think we’ve gone too far from where we started. To ever fucking heal.


  • warriorpoet 19w


    I’ll never understand human nature. People who care enough to put on masks. To prevent the spread of disease.

    But then take it off the first chance they get. To suck down a smoke. Because of the tensions they need to ease.

    Their smart enough to protect themselves. From a virus that will turn them into walking incubation machines. But not smart enough to stop a habit.

    That causes them to cough and wheeze. At what point did common sense leave. And why don’t these people use their intelligence to fucking see.

    All their doing is trading one respiratory disease. For another that kills slowly. And yet somehow on this planet. We’re the top species.

    A win by default. Is the only solution I could ever grease. From brains smart enough to understand the concept of birth. Housed within people who still live in fear of fatality.

    But that fear will never drive them to act accordingly. Because they only know how to raise their voices against non-causes. That would lave them socially displeased.

    Anything more then that, they’d need an audience of people to collectivly agree. Because they find strength in mob mentality. But you can’t stay six feet apart when it devolves in to brutality.

    And by then you might as well light up. Just for the release of Dopamine. To celebrate a job well done.

    You showed the opposing side your willing to live in peace. Showing your distain for the sickness. All while catching and transmitting the disease.

  • warriorpoet 19w


    i’m not afraid to die. So I’m not afraid to kill. Or go to any extreme I have to.

    In order to live this life to its fill. too much was taken. for far to long.

    I can no longer sit still. living on fanciful pleasantries. kneeling beneath someone else’s will.

    so now the blood on my hands will no longer be my own. it’ll beat from the hearts. of those who instill.

    fear as well as tepidness. and convince the weak to swallow the swill. they’re the ones who would feel these long endured skills.

    But I’m not without my own sense of honor. it’s this moral compass of mine.

    that keeps me in control. And that’s more than fine. a set of rules.

    Making sure i walk a steady line. a mans got to have a code. a personal set of declarations.

    That separates him from the swine. But it’s when it’s tested. That’s where you know whether you have the spine.

    or you just say to hell with it. That you’re code was nothing but empty words. or was something that truly defines?

    all that you are. and what you would pass along in time. To a younger generation.

    If you were so inclined.
    “I’m not afraid to die Frank. So I’m not afraid to kill her. You understand that don’t you.” (Peter McCabe- Desperate Measures)

    “A man’s got to have a code.” (Bunk Moreland- The Wire)