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  • warriorpoet 1w


    this country needs to bleed. So it can heal. Because they’ve lost the ability to feel.

    And they overcompensate by being shocked. By every little comment or offense. That they Believe condemns.

    and to the defense of those uninjured they flock. which wouldn’t be so bad. If those people were at all burned, by a flame.

    that in reality is not even hot. They haven’t grasped the stupidity. In being more offended than the “victim”.

    the “subdued” have got more important problems, that make their gauge. issues that are truly filled with fraught.

    Social justice warriors, like politicians. want to control language. As a means to control thought.

    Hoping it changes people’s outlook.
    Negating the reason brave men and women fought. Turning what use to be a country of free idea.

    In to a social gulag. where the loudest get their way. And nothing is taught.

    They’d rather not do any serious work. In to why Americans feel so emotionally wrought.
    They’d just prefer to shame others.

    In order to illicit a self congratulatory response. they care not if this is false idealism. or if any significant changes are bought.

    it’s their sad attempt to matter. in a country that’s lost all comprehensive thought.

    “Government wants to control information and control language because that's the way you control thought.” (George Carlin)

    “You can’t be more offended than the victim.” (Bill Maher)

  • warriorpoet 2w


    We human beings are the greatest of all things. That arose from an earth. That was missing it’s king.

    As if it’s progress was ever halted. Just waiting to see. What wonders our brains and hands would bring.

    Like a new genesis spring. We migrated across the globe. To show the environment exactly what was lacking. The very reason why it evolved.

    To thrust forth the only organism that adds nothing to it’s being. Yet we continue forward. Charging without seeing.

    Looking at anybody trying to halt our progress. As an enemy fleeing. Never to understand the majesty we’re bringing.

    And the gifts to the world we’ll be leaving. The smart phone, internet, mass transportation. All very necessary things.

    But only to a species who gets more denser. As winter turns to spring. each generation comes and goes.

    We pass along nothing. In the way of insight. And now a days what we do learn as a species, just isn’t worth knowing.

    Especially because it’s our population and not our intellect that’s growing.

  • warriorpoet 5w


    we’ve been looking at other countries for years. who’s people needed to wear masks. in order to live their lives. and work their careers.

    we knew the why of it even then. It’s because their environments had gotten toxic. to the point of being severe.

    Yet we did nothing to keep it from happening here. we assumed that because the air was clear.

    that there was nothing ever to fear. a mistake that should be long seared. within the psyches of those who live through the Contagion.

    but we’re not a race that learns from its mistakes. ours is a bemused species. that assumes it’s lies.

    when we don’t like what we hear. even if it could save our lives. Our priorities are shallow and clear.

    we don’t have enough discipline. To socially adhere. to stay put and listen to those who have the wisdom.

    who fear not the scientific frontier. we’d rather listen to misinformation. from a sun burned brigadier.

    and that’s why other countries should question what appears. because though we may look like the strongest and smartest. When it really comes down to it.

    we’re bringing up the rear. were first in nothing that matters. and it’s the reason we swore into office a jester.

    who takes his responsibilities much to cavalier. and maybe the time for a comeuppance is finally here.

  • warriorpoet 7w


    we don’t live with this planet. We just live on it. because even though it birthed us.

    and we believe were the smartest. Like leeches we take. and there’s nothing about it that says we’re modest.

    all this wondrous knowledge. And we have yet to harness. the idea That we are not hurting the planet.

    we’re just killing our place upon it. And sooner or later. just like all debts.

    the check comes callin. and our place in history will be fallen. as the apex of the world.

    A world where we dismiss caution. wasting your fucking time. Pursuing pointless endeavors.

    Like money, wars, or Martians. when the 98% are left starving. And we can’t even Sustain relationships with each other.

    Despite all we have in common. so what are our fucking options?

    living in an environment thats as fake as we are. made of fiberglass and concrete replacements. for the jungles and forest.

    we knowingly departed. for open lands to build what would become our graves. after every resource has been used.

    Then carelessly discarded. and yet very few wonder why these sicknesses so Easily take hold. With in the body.

    and there’s little we can do to Guard them. so we gave our free will to those who said they protect. and to the commonwealth defend.

    but we’ll see through sick and dying eyes. that now we are all condemned.

  • warriorpoet 12w


    The three of us or all that’s left. The remainder of what you wrought. We surround your vacant flesh.

    As the cremator prepares to send you to the god you long sought. The wound of your passing still fresh. but at least you go with the knowledge.

    That all you had to teach, was taught. About the battles you could’ve won. But you never fought.

    The things worth grasping. That were never truly sought. You leave us as a cautionary tale.

    All but one of your endeavors were for naught. The only peace you ever truly knew. Was the calm that we bought.

    And with your passing so ends the conflict. Forty years of lives distraught. To which we were caught.

    May the peace we gave you. Finally come to those who fought. The ones who sacrifice their blood and brains for you.

    And paid the costs. For your passing leaves an opening. To start lives that we forgot.

    Endeavors we only saw as an afterthought. The question is are we smart enough? And strong enough?

    To take our shot. Our very last chance. And in some cases our only one.

    Because they’ll be no one to grant us that solace. Whether we deserve it, or not.

  • warriorpoet 12w


    she was there. At the beginning of my life. Making sure I knew what I got myself into.

    Making sure I could navigate the strife. teaching me through the stories she lived. The endeavors of her own life.

    for better or worse. these are lessons I learned. and with them came every scar earned.

    for it’s not often that a damsel trains the knight. seeing the world not as a bastion of hope. but as a place where you’ll need to fight.

    tooth and nail, left and right. to stay one step ahead. of the people who live in spite.

    and hate others Because they live without the fright. that dogs them day and night. keeping them from living in the light.

    but nothing lasts forever. for even a star that burns bright. will occasionally dim.

    allowing the darkness to rise. and it took her. as it will all who once live and thrive.

    and all I could do was sit and hold her. as the life drain from her eyes. both of us, trying to find the words.

    before she sleeps her long good nite. finally I dare to speak. fighting back emotions of great might.

    What she said has stuck with me. Through the whole of my life. When I told her that I would miss her stories.

    She pulled me close and said. You have your own to write.

  • warriorpoet 12w


    You were the best of us. And at the same time the worst. You plunged us headfirst into the darkness.

    But then gave us the humanity to ward of this curse. When there was nothing left of us to hope for. Your presence gave us a reason to fight off anything adverse.

    When we didn’t know what to do with ourselves. It was you who gave us the will. and the want to thirst.

    For a better life. Where we don’t just wait for the bubble to burst. Allowing us to nurse these infected wounds.

    And to ultimately try to reverse. A harmful contamination. So that it won’t traverse.

    Any further than those who were once immersed. But what will become of us? Now that we saw our hope ride away in a hearse?

    Will we doom the cure we’ve found. To a sorrow that we fought every day to keep immersed. Or will we remember this sobering verse.

    That before a Phoenix Rises. It has to die first.

  • warriorpoet 14w


    They repeat the same rhetoric. that they have spewed for years. that suicide is a permanent solution.

    To temporary problems. A Half hearted truth. you no longer want to hear.

    you’re tired of the fighting. You grow weary from the arguing. Of seeing them sneer.

    here’s one you thought you’d never hear. your thinking about taking your own life? then grab a knife.

    and use it to wipe away your tears. So your body and mind May at last be still. and you can finally release the fear.

    that forces you to adhere. to A life lived under puppeteers. Who could care less about what you lament.

    All you’re really looking for is permission. so you can finally disappear. Just know That the sorrow is always fucking near.

    And the world you live in, is not built for cowards. who lower their face in shame. whenever adversity rears.

  • warriorpoet 15w


    What happens when you have no God to pray too? Because of religious contradictions. Their Atrocities you’ll dare not sell.

    No family to rely on. Because even after all the love and trust you gave. It was not paid back as well.

    And No easy answers to retreat to. Because you’ve seen the very worst this world has to offer.

    And it eats away at you. Until your left to dwell. Watching any hope you had left evaporate.

    While better men and women fell. And their final moments were meaningless. With no last words to tell.

    Only an ominous warning. That if people as good as that can fall. Then you will as well.

    Unless you find a way to fucking excel. Past those who died fighting. And those who sold their souls.

    To live better lives. Driving fancy cars. Counting blood money in lavish hotels.

    It’s up do you to break the spell. That keeps you and others like in your place.
    Begin an internal revolution.

    One that won’t be so easily quelled. For you have a promise to you keep. That the stench of failure.

    You’ll never again smell. And if it’s within your power. You’ll pull others from the dwell.

    And slow they’re bleeding. So they may fight the good fight as well.

  • warriorpoet 18w


    The Old way of living used to be, that Fortune favors the bold. And those words were true. When there were mysteries to this world.

    That were left to unfold. And there were courageous men and women who were willing to pay the toll. To discover truths that remained unheard and untold.

    But now that were sedentary in our lifestyles. As well as in our thinking and believes. There’s a new Credo that stands alone.

    Even if no one admits to it. It’s got power over us. And it’s as serious as a cancerous growth.

    It’s that Fortune favors the sold. Those who give away their dignity. Those who sell their souls.

    Are the ones who get the advantage. In a life where all we covet is gold. There self-respect is long gone.

    And their downward slope is a road they chose. either because they’re smarter. or weaker than those who know.

    that everything is earned, Never owed. and though you may get what you need. by deciding to fold.

    you can never truly respect it. because it’s tainted by control. by people who will chew you up.

    and Spit you out. All for the benefits of their own goals. And can you really blame them.

    when we make it so easy for them to stroll. right into your life. Thinking that they are the ones who can make it whole.

    while over and over you continue to roll. You’re a long ways away from those people who we’re so bold. What would you say to them now?

    If they could see you living as a toad. waiting for a fairy god mother. instead of living by your own code.