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  • warriorpoet 2d


    You have to stand up for what you believe in. Not just some of the time. it will be an arduous journey.

    yet it's well worth the climb. but not if you pick and choose your moments to shine. voicing your opinions when you can get away with it.

    but mostly as quite as a fucking mime. to remain unheard is a social crime. witnessing a wrong being done.

    and choosing to remain silent. due to lack of spine. while others knowingly put themselves at risk.

    to cross that fucking line. adding insult to injury, some even express it in rhyme. but you won't even mutter the words.

    for when your time comes to speak, you fucking decline. choosing a less public time. when upon you the spotlight no longer shines.

    only then do you take to your blogs and podcasts. to voice an opinion that sounds more like rants, raves, and whines. and your only that bold, because the anonymity of the Internet fills the fucking gaps in your spine.

  • warriorpoet 4d


    You run the risk of being torn apart. Believing the voices that infect the mind. And not the ones you choose to take to heart.

    from the people who have been there from the start. not from those who know you in passing. and whose opinions don't register on your fucking charts.

    in a world where people will tear you down. just to make themselves look smart. from this trash, you'll set yourself apart.

    because you've seen first hand, what can happen to those who know their enemies. but fail to heed the start. of a wrong path traveled.

    that was tediously hard. because their self esteem is shit. and they didn't keep their guard.

    so now and forever their scarred. absent of drive, of a life where their in charge. for theirs is a hope that will never rise.

    it just stays charred. and all they can do is act as a an under developed character. in a lackluster story.

    of a life lived without regard.

  • warriorpoet 5d


    it'll come to an end. of this I'm sure. no matter how much you contribute.

    you'll never find a cure. because those who have the authority. will always keep the truth obscured.

    facts tossed aside and those in the know ignored. because the'll be dead long before. our species dies.

    and nothing can be done to restore. a balance where humanity's dominance was the norm. or even an environment where we can be reborn.

    and we as a species are wiped away. for betraying our true lord. the earth that birthed us.

    the mother we left torn.

  • warriorpoet 1w


    your mother or father left you and now your shattered. you wonder why me? lying in the fetal position, thoughts scattered.

    your existence in disarray, unable to fix what's tattered. in a life you let slip away. because you couldn't focus on what really matters.

    not the questions left unanswered. but the chapters left unwritten. two or three decades pass, and your still in the same position.

    lost in a state of permanent submission. forever losing ground to the opposition. a curse you carry, as if it was tradition.

    for as long as you can remember, you wish they had chose a different path. a life where you could rely on old mom and dad. so you alone, don't have to face this worlds wrath.

    but before you waste any more of your life on what could have been. and before these delusions drive you mad.

    this query to yourself you should ask. if your parents didn't love you enough to stay. what would they have done to you, if they had?

  • warriorpoet 1w


    if it bleeds, it leads. these are the deeds. that the masses care to read.

    and watch on their tv's. whether it be the daily news. reporting on the misfortunes of the robbed, the raped, and the beat.

    or another useless show about fucking zombies. it's examples like these. that dumb down the culture.

    and force's us to raise an inferior breed. of ass backward human fucking beings. the type of people that should know better.

    but carry on as if they actually believe. that "all for me", is an appropriate mentality. in a world where selfishness is as crushing as Jupiters Gravity.

    and as deadly as any fucking disease. no one is looking to plant the seeds. of a better and brighter future.

    where the have nots can succeed. and those who refuse to progress, are forced to secede. but these are not the realities.

    that we know makeup this hellbent society.

  • warriorpoet 1w


    I die a little every time I sleep. Falling into the darkness, slow and deep. and when I dream, I'm upon a mountain.

    overlooking it's monstrous peak. where the cliffs are steep. as are the penalties.

    if I choose not to make it back. and instead take the fucking leap. never to awake, and cast into limbo to forever count sheep.

    wallowing for eternity, upon the grief. that I can't fix what's been broken. no matter how much I reap.

    and how tired I am of fighting. just so I may feel the slightest relief. that comes with the knowing, that I made good.

    despite what detractors believe. so stay or go. forever in a dreamless sleep.

    or back to tread, once more in reality. the answer lies in the question before me. why do I continue to fight, despite the hope that's absentee?

  • warriorpoet 1w


    Ours is a dying fucking race. a waste of space. upon this planet, we live in disgrace.

    in opposition to every other life form. who shares this place. evolution has forged us into the dominant apes.

    but even with 200,000 years of knowing. our focus is still misplaced. clashing for hundreds of years, over ruins long in decay.

    as well as which of us has the superior color skin. to mask the flesh sack that is the human face. and the most powerful God.

    to represent their obsolete faiths. to these tropes, we childishly embrace. while those who lead us, make us run in place.

    distracting us from the troubles of our planet. as if they were so easily erased. and keeping us from reversing.

    a world that we defaced.

  • warriorpoet 1w


    the problem with the rich is that they don't know when to fucking stop. they've made their fortunes. and their forever on top.

    their children's grandchildren will want for not. because they own it all. where you work, live and shop.

    and most didn't get it by earning their spot. because their opportunities were fucking bought. and yet they steal from the have nots.

    god forbid they give the underdogs a fair fucking shot. the poor suckers, who think that hard work and honesty are mainstays. and playing the angles are the furthest thing from their thoughts.

    but these good people never come out on top. because their not willing to wade through the slop. and don't know to look when someone's guards drop.

    the majority of my family is cut from this humble crop. thankfully i am fucking not. for their goodwill is not a prop.

    and I won't let anyone take what they got. because I see the angles. and I'm more then willing to bleed, so that the'll keep their spots.

    and when I make enough money to cover me and mine. I only hope I have the courage to fucking stop.

  • warriorpoet 1w


    satisfaction is the death of desire. if only it were true. that contentment could douse the fires.

    for most human beings fail to tire. even after they get what they want. there's still something else to acquire.

    power, possessions even powder. uncaring to the fact your always beholden to suppliers.
    for its the same sad life of an addict.

    just living to get higher. and consequences be damn. the tolls you paid prior.

    letting all else lapse. until people begin to lump you in with the thieves and the liars.
    and soon those who should care.

    want to see you mounted upon a pyre. and your gluttony is consumed by fire. only then do you feel a very different remorse.

    then what usually plagues buyers.

  • warriorpoet 1w


    no one wants to live in a surveillance state. but what's the alternative? when those who would protect us are corrupted by hate.

    and the flash of cameras, is the only thing that will keep them straight. no longer do they abide by the law. a doctrine they should have honored like faith.

    but even these tenants carry no weight. because the powers their drunk on will never abate. not while the masses are forced to wait.

    for a criminal justice system to debate. over a verdict that will likely favor the state. and those who would make and enforce these rules.

    are sealed behind polished steel gates. established to divorce them from the people they dictate. and any guilt they have, they quickly sedate.

    with the money and drugs that are confiscated, then misplaced. and any honor they had. by this time is erased.

    just like the rookies who enter with a sense of duty. it won't be long until their displaced. for nothing can stop these broken men who revel in their disgrace.

    except for the rioters who are about to ram the gates.