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  • watzupdoc 30w


    "For the rebels and the misfits, the black sheep and the outsiders. For the refugees, the orphans, the scapegoats, and the weirdos. For the uprooted, the abandoned, the shunned and invisible ones.

    May you recognize with increasing vividness that you know what you know.

    May you give up your allegiances to self-doubt, meekness, and hesitation.

    May you be willing to be unlikeable, and in the process be utterly loved.

    May you be impervious to the wrongful projections of others, and may you deliver your disagreements with precision and grace.

    May you see, with the consummate clarity of nature moving through you, that your voice is not only necessary, but desperately needed to sing us out of this muddle.

    May you feel shored up, supported, entwined, and reassured as you offer yourself and your gifts to the world.

    May you know for certain that even as you stand by yourself, you are not alone."
    Toko-pa Turner.

  • watzupdoc 30w


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    Sometimes we put up Walls
    not to keep people out,
    but to see who cares enough
    to break them down


  • watzupdoc 31w

    -After the Rain

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    Giving recommendations for stories is bad.
    If a person doesn't like it, then the story becomes a pain.
    Instead stories call people, by themselves,
    And change them forever.

  • watzupdoc 31w

    Stop looking for happiness in the same place you lost it.


  • watzupdoc 33w

    Like a snake you slither,
    leaving behind your tracks.
    You're different for different,
    yet same for the same.

    There are riddles; twisted,
    For your undeniable existing.
    There are prophesies foretold,
    For men, to you be claimed.

    You guide the guideless,
    You guide the guided,
    You quench the thirsty,
    But also bleed the reckless.

    To see you thrive,
    Is a sight to behold.
    To hear you cries,
    Is a heart of chaos.

    You're seen only in your absence,
    You're ignored so much in,
    Your presence.

    Show me more of yourself,
    I beg you.
    I'll never be content,
    You've bewitched me
    Beyond yore.

  • watzupdoc 36w

    By unknown writer

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    It is so easy to forget the ones
    That really loves us.
    So easy to forget the breaths drawn in our chest,
    And the food on our table,
    And the smiles on our faces,
    Heck even our hearts that we so dearly treasure,
    Come from someone who has treasured and gave us their time.

    So easy to forget, that we are loved.
    Forget you I will not.
    Even if it's so easy.
    Forget you I will not.

  • watzupdoc 36w

    I guess the problem today is,
    Everyone is a protagonist in their story.
    And treats everyone else as
    An NPC character...

  • watzupdoc 38w

    Why are you not on social media?
    She asked
    Because I can't lie that much.
    He replied

  • watzupdoc 43w

    A lot to say

    With the march of each passing day,
    I have a lot to say.
    With the onslaught of people and their advice,
    I have a lot to say.
    Learning, unlearning and relearning,
    I have a lot to say.
    Rise and fall of tides; kingdoms, these days,
    I have a lot to say.
    The ironies of life; the same boring days,
    Without anyone to listen to me,
    I have a lot to say.
    I have a lot to say.

    So I talk to you, all that I have to say.

  • watzupdoc 49w

    False Feminists

    Do not think just having
    a vagina makes you a feminist.
    Do not blame just because
    he's a man so he's an a'hole.
    We strive towards equality for
    a better world for all and not just you.
    It's reservation for women cuz even
    though they're half of us, they were victims of conventional thinking.

    Feminism is an ideal, don't tarnish it for your petty gain.
    Ideals are what people strive for, not shove down others throats.
    Feminism is an boon for the discriminated, not the entitled.

    A new convention will just replace the old customs,
    Don't walk into the pitfalls of conventions, when you're just at the beginning.