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  • when_eyes_narrate 8w

    Last Wish

    If ever my scars lost its fight against
    the last war, just smile over
    my endeavor to resist this long.

    The bruises over my skin,
    You saw once, you felt once, but didn't spill your heart, at least give a try to perceive their depth, once.

    I know, the colours will fade away when my soul will leave the ribs, just negotiate with
    the rains of your eyes, all I want is to embody you smiling.

    Perhaps, crowd will make you feel miserable after my departure. Trust me, I'll be touching you like the helpless rays of first sunshine.

    Yes! The memories will knock your door again and again and again and again.
    Promise me, you won't let them leave your abode, never let them die alone.
    Just make them dance with the rhythm of your heart.

    Is it hard to fulfill?
    Cause that's my last desire,
    my last wish.

  • when_eyes_narrate 8w

    Happy 18th birthday @imprateek_qm

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    Disrespectful Prateek

    The seasons I came across, I found the booming spring in your soul. There are various gems I adore, but you're the moonstone in my garland of emerald.
    I cherish those moments, our silly fights and funny talks and how we grew together, of course with our so called "enmity". The way we list horrific honorific for each other is really a memorable fun. I wish you to obey me a little, trust me that's the most needed thing.

    I don't know what's going to happen in our lives but all I want is our friendship never-ending, our bond to be a little longer than my breathes. Doesn't matter who'll come in your life, I never want my place to be replaced( it's a warning).
    And I wish, our "enmity", fights, all the filters and every craziness never end. And I truly wish you to have a dive in sink.

    Be the canvas for your lifetime, filled with colours of humours and sarcasm. Share your things.

    With all hate, anger and frustration.
    Yours only enemy
    You know my name.

  • when_eyes_narrate 9w

    I hope it makes sense.

    #writersnetwork #pod

    I'm trying to reply all the tags and comments. Bear with me for delay.

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    The world so hollow
    How can they fake love?
    And if not,
    How can they unlove?

    Tell me,
    How is it fair?
    The way we cheat ourselves.
    The stars diminish with in a blink.
    How can we promise of moon?

    The eyes which have tasted lies,
    Barely the breeze of
    truth soothes their lashes.
    Tell me,
    How can we differentiate?

    The flowers lose their fragrance where
    petrichor born.
    Irony is laughing crazily.
    How hard we run in a race of mind,
    Probably, that's the reason why heart beats so fast.

    Tell me,
    What to do?
    When the first sunshine becomes the scorching light.
    The rays which once kissed turns out to be
    decomposing to death.

    How can I love the colors of my soul, when I'm afraid to love the different colours
    of their grey mind?
    Ever this question echoed in your soul?
    Is it only me?

    Why to hate pain?
    At least, it's constant,
    At least, it doesn't leave you over each down.
    At least, it welds your thoughts to soul.
    I know, it reminds how badly you're wounded,
    But it makes you feel alive.
    Isn't it?

    The penance of lives
    Wither away like petals,
    What do we get?
    Thorns all the way, they call it sins.

    Tell me,
    What's definition of a sin?
    To love from heart
    Or to hate with hearth?
    Love is a sin when it suppresses life.
    Hate is pious when it comes to pride.
    And I see millions of sin.

    Can I say sin a peace?
    If not,
    What's peace?
    Death or life
    Life when you feel the shriek of a toddler.
    Death when you endure the ordeals of fate.
    I experience peace daily.

    And when I get tired, I head towards the zenith of
    emotions and all I feel is shallow hearts around.

  • when_eyes_narrate 11w

    #writersnetwork #mirakee #pod #readwriteunite
    Thank you all!!������

    I can't tag everyone here, who are reason for my presence here, so I tag you people in comment box. Please do have a read!
    And if I missed anyone, please bear me for that.
    I love you all.

    @writersnetwork First of all, I'm truly indebted to you for this platform. Thank you so much for giving me mirakee, yes, I call it my second home. It is, it's like mirror to my soul. Can't express how much I love be here with my whole mirakee family. Thanks a lot!!
    Much love from an autumn who witnessed each season here.��
    From first to this day, I feel like breathing in peace here. Truly, it's an abode.♥
    Thank you so much for this!

    Chachu, I remember one of my first days on mirakee, it was you who guided me through out the journey. Made me understand how cruel fate is but also helped me in finding that life is beautiful. My words will do no justice to express the amount of respect I've for you. Such a heavenly hand over my head is truly a blessing. Thank you Chachu for guiding me!.

    Thank you for your guidance always! Your support truly means a lot. I can't express my gratitude for your moral support when I was in thin of my life. Thanks for showing me path of courage!
    Thank you for making things more real for me by inspiring me through your writings!

    @aarthisampath Ma'am, what should I use to show the respect which I have for you. Such a beautiful person, so polite. Truly ma'am, we realize or not we grow under your poetic shade. Thank you for supporting me always ma'am!
    I'm glad that mirakee family has gifted me a mentor like you.

    I don't know your age neither I asked but all I know which I don't need to ask anyone that how genuine soul you have my dearest. Someone who never made anyone offend. How can you be so pure? But, yes you are. Thank you so much for being my family! I truly love your support.
    Much love!! ��

    @geethalaxmi ma'am, thank you for supporting me always. For caring and for advising me. Your blessings means a lot ma'am. Truly blessed to have you here. Thank you for inspiring me.
    Thank you so much ma'am!

    @samswan You my dearest friend here, from first day till yet, I never stop admiring you and your words. You're someone whose comments make my day. A friend who cares, supports and foremost reads not my words but my emotions regarding those words.
    Thank you so much for being my one of the most favorite person here!
    Lots of love sammy!��

    @nbsanta Now, someone who keep caring and never stops. Not only your write-ups, I truly admire you as a person. Such a loyal heart full of life.
    Truly, blessed to have a supportive friend like you.
    I know, I've my introvert side instead your talks, many a times make me talk a lot.
    From very first month I guess, till yet, you're such a generous support to me.
    Your small gesture full of care is enough to proof your pure side.
    The way you bear all my silly questions, I truly admire that. Thank you for never stop answering. Thank you for being there, Mr. Brilliant.♥
    A silly friend from afar.��

    @_sparkling_soul Di, thank you ��. I know you hate when I tell this but really "THANK YOU" from the bottom of my heart.
    The way you care and keep chatting and laughing with me, I saw a pure soul inside a beautiful face. Words are truly less to elaborate your importance in my life.
    I know, many times I keep myself away from you but it's not only you, I apologize, but I can't do anything about it, even I sometimes don't understand it.
    Instead you keep trying over me, and trust me di, that thing melt me down. Thank you for never giving up on my this side.
    Thank you for being so supportive and an elder sister to me. Blessed to have you di.
    Love you.♥
    Yours insane little sister.��

    Now, someone who irritates me the most but he's someone who makes me laugh too. Someone with whom I fight the most but someone for whom I've fought the most. Someone who has kept things from me but someone who trusts me enough to share things, he hesitates with others. Someone who teases me the most but someone who has taught me the lessons of life the most. Someone whose friendship was unexpected for me and someone who became the best friend of my circle. Someone who taunts me for my write-ups but someone who motivates me to write.
    Yeh! Tamatar, this someone is none other than you. ����♥ @imprateek_qm ��
    I still remember almost a year ago you promised me that no matter who comes and who leaves, our friendship never gonna change under your statement "SOMETHINGS NEVER CHANGE". But I'll say, it has changed, it has evolved and it has grown. Our bond has gotten stronger day by day. I hope, it'll keep changing, as our bond keep growing up and our friendship always win over our each misunderstanding and every fight.
    I show my anger but I care too....I'm just helpless to show.
    Thank you for introducing me on mirakee family and thank you for being in my life.♥
    With all irritations,�� frustrations,�� scoldings�� and insanity.☹
    Yours only enemy������

    And major missings are Nidhi ( storm_rider) and Mansha (shadowofthoughts). Guys, I miss you a lot. Hope you'll be back soon. Love you.����

    Once again thank you so much!

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    The impetuous me,
    heard each spasm
    rambling out of their hands.
    No pulse, I felt in mine .
    The shrilly echoed, I kept roaming in profusely,
    No word consoled me.
    Avows of my soul, I screamed uncountably
    & the entirety turned deaf.
    I kept pleading to the folks,
    they turned their ribs against my heart.
    How long could I keep tramping over my own creed?
    So, I turned my pain to my solicitor.
    Then, I grabbed the weapon full of ink, deliberately,
    I made millions of blotches on the paper,
    It bled and it's still bleeding.
    I breathed and I'm still breathing.
    Since, the souls throughout my milieu sing the agony of my heart, aloud.
    And my morose facade smiling peacefully, in this abode.


  • when_eyes_narrate 11w

    Though my soul is caged
    in fear and pain,
    I know, I'll rise against this fight.
    I've loved the darkness
    so fondly, how
    can I be afraid of night?

  • when_eyes_narrate 12w

    these moonless nights
    are consumed by the
    darkness of skies,
    for those constellation
    which are tired of
    fake shines.


  • when_eyes_narrate 12w

    The locks of her hair
    kept babbling with her
    eyes, for the wind she
    accompanied with grief,
    lifted her soul from body
    to the sky.
    the soil envied,
    as she reached the rain
    without wailing
    in front of grey clouds.
    Little did the soil know
    she was howling
    with oceans of her eyes.

  • when_eyes_narrate 12w


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    I dug the soil
    of your chest
    with my fragile
    hands, the fingers
    got soaked with
    red water inside
    your heart, I felt
    guilty before your
    demons, I could
    feel your running
    which was
    unable to tempt
    my desires.

  • when_eyes_narrate 13w

    @writersnetwork Thank you so much for giving us this platform for our creation, imagination and foremost this family. I can't thank you more. Happy World Poetry Day! ����

    All the poets here, Happy World Poetry Day.������

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    Hurl the mystic pages, wipe off the grit and covered dust.
    Burn your inclinations with never-ending wanderlust.
    The control over pounding, set your heart free.
    Colour the sheet with sails of words in your life's sea.
    Start new journey in the world of fascinating proem.
    Cause poetry is a way of prowess to turn each incident into poem.

    Happy World Poetry Day!
    With love

  • when_eyes_narrate 13w

    Wishing you all a very happy holi.��������

    #writersnetwork @writersnetwork Happy Holi! ��

    P.s- I'll reply to all your tags and comments soon.

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    The colours you shower,
    Let them be your strength,
    The red for smiles,
    they're the desires.
    The orange for hands,
    they're the warmth.
    The yellow for forehead,
    they're the optimism.
    The blue for eyes,
    they're the trust.
    The pink for heart,
    they're the kindness.
    The green for mind,
    they're the renewal.
    The violet for soul,
    they're the spirituality.

    Happy Holi!
    With love, wishes and colours.