Angels and demons, contented both, ruined by latter only.

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  • when_eyes_narrate 3d

    January And I

    Moist january,
    knocked my door, yesterday,
    luring the ivory of my wild heart
    at its most.
    I glared it for a while and
    asked about the coldness of
    slush and sleet, it hushed me with
    its frosty fingertips. I became
    numb vague of my own soul, then,
    it clutched my hands with
    fragile hardness
    and gifted me a tint of snow along with a promise of future with daffodils and fragrance of rose.
    I was to step out of the wooden door
    but my feet were grabbed by
    some conjured force.
    I avowed the carefree january
    about my entrusted fall and tranquillising petrichor.
    And blithen it,
    It then, went to harbour the blossom without me.

    How could I open my arms for the white winter and fuscia spring when I already had the black autumn and red rains in my abode?

  • when_eyes_narrate 4d

    I was the darkness dancing with moonlight,
    Wildly and breathlessly,
    Lurking over the celestial wine,
    You drank my soul from my eyesight.

    As we collapsed carelessly,
    Our destiny got colours by infinity.
    The special was black with magenta.

    It was only for a moment that moon showered light over us as shadow. Solemn dark brown grabbed our hearts.

    The red dressed as white became occupant, where we agonised with a touch of hands,
    a tear wiped away from a tormented eyes.

    Inexplicable emotions started to mourn with privation of acceptance. The forlorn heart found the mind to travel infinity.

    The edge of space where horizon didn't get habitant, we nestled over time to remount the fate.

    The falling star was glaring from far, it was pleaded to fulfill the wish made above the sky. It promised us the destiny with creed in eyes.

    Rustling away with each in other's mind, our universes spoke of finite love in infinite timeline.

    Feared for pious closeness consented by tormented core of hearts, where sun couldn't hold horizon in its void.

    Suspended in infinity,
    Even after soulful journey of forever,
    Those moon dust is in your heart and stars in my eyes.
    You're my cosmos and I'm the ruler of your skies.
    Together dwelling over the rope of the constellation waiting for our last sunrise.


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    Under The Moon Rays!

    Suspended in infinity,
    Even after soulful journey of forever,
    Those moon dust is in your heart and stars in my eyes.
    You're my cosmos and I'm the ruler of your skies.
    Together dwelling over the rope of the constellation waiting for our last sunrise.

  • when_eyes_narrate 1w

    I have millions of words to heal my insane heart, how could you think that I'll visit your memories?

  • when_eyes_narrate 1w

    Painted Love!!

    The castle of love,
    You painted on my heart,
    with the splashes of your yearning.
    I was able to see the
    hues of urge under the grey lead of pencil.
    Afraid of grey,
    I turned off my assorted feelings,
    Allude to my eyesight,
    Your teared the mist of pride.

    You perceived my terror!
    I was in defeat.

    You took me in my loneliness, as for my isolation, you were the barrier.
    And, I chose to adore you from miles in my chaotic silence, for which I was, I'm the witnesser.

    Integrity of your tenderness, you blazoned over white sheet and I saw the grey turning into black.
    I didn't find the grey!

    You seized my terror by brushing over your grey pride and defined me shield against every pain,
    The shield of essence.

  • when_eyes_narrate 1w

    Just because you married her, you can never own her neither her nerves.
    You can rule her heart, but you can't have dominance over her curves.


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    Sinister Vows!

    She woke up from nightmares, that morning. The sombre creases of bed sheet were leering the marks of passed night.
    That scorned and dreadful night when the
    moon was a curse.

    Gathering the courage, she stood up from those terrible cramps, standing in front of the mirror, she saw the bruises all over her body. It was painful,
    But, what about the death?
    The death of a soul!
    That was appalling.
    Her trembling hands picked her long shroud which once was her marital proud, she wrapped it over her, she was trembling, still.

    She glared her wavy hairs, they're no longer her charm, they're as messed up as her soul was.
    She, then tried to tie them down. Her trial was ludicrous, chocked with grief, she fell on the floor.
    The morning was of summer but she witnessed the flood.
    The bruises of nights over her skin were blustering, they wanted justice.

    "But, who will give you justice, when the seven vows have downed you on your knee?"

    Along with her, the infliction remembered the night,
    When she was dragged into the four walls where once she was promised to rule. The Queen was nothing more than a small, hapless creature under the claws of a wolf.

    The wolf, whose nails she was still feeling.
    The previous night, her clothes weren't torn it was her naive soul.
    She could see herself defied in the name of pious knot.

    Honour was howling for mercy under the feet of its protector.

    Injected with pain,
    The white turned into red. It was a victory of a protector turned into hunter and then a monster.

    "As the hunter leaves its dead prey after ingestion."
    The monster left her into squalor after quenching his thirst.
    She laid there, lifeless,
    Sleepless, numbly staring the sleeping devil.

  • when_eyes_narrate 1w

    I pawned my emotions,
    You cladded those to your heart.
    I kept running for impunity
    of my soul,
    You held the pallid soul of mine
    to console its worth.
    Gradually, removed the wisps
    from my numb facade.
    Your imperial eyes snatched my heart.
    Admonishing the changes,
    I found myself at the edge of love and split.

  • when_eyes_narrate 2w

    The things you love the most are the things that snatched from you the first.

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    Cruel Me?

    Formidable footsteps
    Adept in sun rays
    Living the rains,
    I loitered for sun's gaze.
    Whining about the lost,
    I found me,
    In the body as shroud,
    Never felt alive.
    I was drenched,
    The essence knocked the door
    Of a cavity where
    People supposed to find a heart,
    The core of emotions.
    & that cavity was full of fire,
    Fire with nothing to burn,
    Destructive for myself and life giving for others.
    Igniting with that fire,
    Breathing was harder than ever.
    And with inhale of those essences,
    I burn them brutally.
    I wasn't cruel, I was just aware of the consequences!
    Scrambling around,
    Fighting with own prejudice,
    I succeeded in murdering my own desire.
    I was the defeater and only I was defeated.
    My innocent emotions
    Remained crawling in the cage of my
    Burgeoning belief.
    Neither rain from cloud nor flood from eyes could console the dead soul.

  • when_eyes_narrate 2w

    Wild dandelion will always care for mild roses! ��

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    Coral Dandelion!!

    The sun rays kisses the wind's haze to ripen the puff. The day starts and the dandelion starting to gaze in direction of dawn.
    Craving for night, dandelion meets the moonlight.

    Afters midnight's dews shower,
    There lies the wild dandelion flower.

    With the wings of hope,
    Fragile dandelion scatters for each subtle rose.

    Traveling alone,
    Standing in pitch dark's glow.
    Hiding its grey hairs, dandelion mourns in sombre sky for all unfair.

    Hovering at the edge of life and death, it wishes to live a day.
    Blind steps,
    Ladder is straight into its stone heart,
    Dandelion keeps hidden million scars.

    Inhales the dart,
    dandelion paints itself coral,
    Not to lie,
    Not to hurt,
    Not to fake,
    Not to damage,
    But to bid its last goodbye!


  • when_eyes_narrate 2w

    With you in my dreams forever, I'm and I'll be scared to lose you, for life.
    Even though, you aren't permitted to be mine neither you will.

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    You are a part of my soul which owns my mind. The thought keep raining with my eyes.
    Every ounce of my heart screams for your tangible occupancy.

    You are on my mind,
    Not for a moment,
    Every day,
    Every hour,
    Every minute,
    Every second.

    Your wretched subtle gestures,
    The way you glare,
    The way you laugh,
    The way you touch,
    The way you play with my flaws,
    They always take my breath away.
    Breathless me, thinking only you, all the while.

    With all the way,
    from dusk till down,
    Tirelessly, I keep searching for the words coming out of your heart.

    My obsession knows no boundaries.
    I'm forsaken by my own thoughts.
    In your memory lanes.
    Still, you are the only path, I choose endlessly!

    My eyes dressed in rain craving for your petrichor.

    I am locked inside your memories, and I feel you are the one who holds the keys.
    Either keep me locked in your memories or caressed in your arms.

    You happened beyond my mind's choice & without approval of heart,
    Now, it's you, emoting in each vein of my heart.

    You hurt but still it's only you who can aid my heart!

  • when_eyes_narrate 2w

    Wishing all the members of mirakee family a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR. A lots of love and success is waiting for you, along with a bunch of mixed situations. Count your blessings! Love all but never forget yourself!
    Stay healthy! Stay happy! Stay blessed!♥

    I saw you and I saw the stars,
    Now, only you twinkle in my heart.��

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    i found you
    in the sky among the stars,
    you're in your complete mess,
    still more ravishing than any star,
    as cold as broken star
    as luminous as the alluring moon,
    soothing and burning
    my heart at the same time.