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  • when_eyes_narrate 2d

    Time stops and
    the world blurs down
    when you're near me,

    You are the strength
    which keeps me alive,
    Ohhh! The battles,
    You make me survive.

    I craved the world,
    forgetting, you are more than this world.
    not a piece, you're my complete heart.
    "My home, I built in you"
    This was my illusion, it is you
    Who's carving paradise alone.

    Fate showed me the
    mercy and I realized, "I'm your piece of soul,
    nothing mine belongs to my own".
    My heart knocked me down
    when I was on the verge of losing you.

    "Together till eternity"- They tell.
    "Eternity is less so for us"- I conclude.

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    Eternity being less


  • when_eyes_narrate 1w

    I saw the grey rust, unburnished receding towards the wretched war, the cadences of spirit was about to doom in eternal silence. So, I beckoned that rusty illusion, now my sky's bemoaned forever and for ever.

  • when_eyes_narrate 1w

    Between our pity and grief,
    We shallow the sighs of err,
    For the despair of night,
    We keep cursing the forlorn moon.


  • when_eyes_narrate 2w

    Celebrating feminism!!
    Celebrating womanism!!

    #writersnetwork #pod #mirakee

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    An epitome of beauty, wisdom, sacrifice and care,
    She could climb the mountains and be your adhere.

    Have ability to dive the ocean and cross the raven,
    Unconditionally, the most waited gem that could be heaven.

    The deepest sea of affection and the sensitive queen,
    The only shoulder, probably, you can comfortably lean.

    Can shelf the seas of emotions and darkness of pain,
    Capable to shower peace and happiness' rain.

    When it comes to right she never gravitate,
    But, its equality for which she deeply agitate .

    Some love, compassion, respect and welfare,
    These are the most favourable ornaments, with her to share.

    Catching a fly ball and saving an infant's life,
    From a bird in the enormous sky to a perfect kitchen sharp knife.

    She plays, at single time to depth, the various role,
    The counter part, just unable to console.

    From  a caring mother to a cautious, lovely sister,
    From a steady companion to a lifelong & way-shower glister.

    From, the worshipped Idol to the adorable tender feet,
    Heart poured of strength, mammoth reservoir of love, completely neat.

    yet trapped in just one day for so-called empowerment,
    The nerdiness of civilization is the base amusement.

    Don't pay respect for just a mere entitled day,
    Save this gesture in your nerve for everyday.

  • when_eyes_narrate 2w

    Well, I'm trying hard to reply to yours tags but it's truly difficult with these notification problems. I'm not getting any notification on time and even some notifications appear more than 10 times of the same post.

    @writersnetwork @mirakee Please do fix these notification problems.

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    It Rained Last Night

    Stepping out of milieu of silence, when I turned the pages of my journal, there I found the chaffs of regretted love and their I felt the rush of wretched emotions. I lingered over the pages where I once embellished the words of breathe. Those same words were suffocating me hard.

    I turned the page and now I saw the vintage of the music and dance, Yeh!! the lyrics which consumed me once, was seemed hollow yesterday.

    Afraid of empty, I proceeded the next white shelter of my waning words and I found the rose petals there.

    I smiled with waterfalls in my eyes. The petals were scattered and withered. Wait, the strong aroma was still there, it ceased my heart there.

    They allowed me to stay there,
    For ever,
    Forever, it sounds fascinating isn't it?!

    The petals turned out to be too biased,
    How can I stay forever, all alone?
    I dashed the succeeding page, I was still aware of shadows of those rose petals.
    Now tell me, how can I love rose when it has only thrones for me?

    I didn't hurled for the next, instead I just skipped the pricking folios.
    All of them, every bit of them were clinkers to my cold ice heart.

    Lost in my own agonies, sipping the memory wines, I reached the last inked word, where I saw my heart broken but still breathing.

    And my fist lost all the strength to even move and I spotted the last inked word,
    and my eyelids grew heavy
    and my breathing got shallow
    and my lungs filled with screaming drops
    and perhaps, the sun forgot to rise.

    Diabolical reds were smiling, perhaps they thought of me, an insane. I saw out of the casement,
    the sky was clear,
    the moon was roaming without fear
    and suddenly, I felt the drops
    and then the heavy drops.
    For the folk around, the sky was cloudless but I know, it rained last night.

  • when_eyes_narrate 3w

    She saw the reflection
    Of bemoaning firefly
    Behind the curtain of
    Velvet flowers,
    The moon was missing
    From the grey sky that day
    And stars aligned themselves
    Under the veil of clouds.
    And suddenly she felt the far
    Reaching connections with
    The spirits of daydreamed
    Cold nightmares.


  • when_eyes_narrate 3w

    Since my err has availed you
    as a deified one, I kept atoning
    with my intuitions,
    And I got to know the swindles
    with a life awry.
    Now, all I perceive is a lingered
    cleric of countless torso.

  • when_eyes_narrate 3w

    The wild autumn scratched
    the surface of its own heart
    to lay bare the agonies of the blue interweaved between scarlet
    flow of mind and soul.

  • when_eyes_narrate 3w

    Maybe these red drops are
    the curses of bewitched springs
    burned by fallen autumn.

  • when_eyes_narrate 3w

    Posting after a long. Hope you'll like it.
    I'll try to give replies to your comments and tags soon. ��

    @writersnetwork #writersnetwork #mirakee #readwriteunite

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    How can I love?

    Dried leaves over the wet meadows calmed the tik tok of the pitched dark. The gashes over the hearts of the folk, I keep hearing about, now I'm afraid to listen my heart. They say, the world is a place for dreams and they dream about nightmares. The stars twinkle and moon shines, all I recall is the craving of sunrise. The constellation conspires against my will and I am wearing the universe backwards.

    The darkness over my blood patches, I will hide till eternity. For the agony, I won't repent as it has hold me to my breath. Pulling the night away from sky, stardust gives me no solace. The cessation in the sky, I feel like angels'wry. I've never seen an angel,
    but devil,
    yes, I have  countless confronts. I think, I've started to admire them, as I've learnt this world from them.

    The concoction of wild and mad, Yeh, this is me in my only form, I don't know how to pretend. Anyone out there, can you help? For my stillness, I always prefer to be still. For  the rise of soul and set of body, I urge the ocean to give my heart a purple lake. Blind by gestures, my emotions get tame. Betrayals, betrayals and betrayals, now I've forgotten to trust even a ray. 

    Drinking the old wine from the bowel of lies, I feel so contented and deceived at the same time. The lies are like touchstones to my life, they breaks my heart and I learn to survive. When I talked about the red wine, all I see is the thunder in the doomed sky. The eyes burning in glass, Ohhh I see, that's my innocent heart.

    For long, my heart kept burning and burning, and now it has turned into ice. I can't find ashes. I've started to embellish the stars in my eyes, as it's shine is nothing more than my uncried feelings. My hazel eyes, hovering over the admonished prophecy, snubbed and afraid to fall, I'm holding the grudge against love, now tell me how can I love?