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  • when_words_cry 5d

    Dear Love,

    I just want
    to meet you,
    under the moonlight,
    to look into your eyes,
    and to hold your hands tight.

    Not just to make this day special,
    but to make you realize that,
    I am always there for you,
    to make your each and
    every day special.

    Cz after all,
    You are
    Forever Valentine


    ©when_words_cry (P)

  • when_words_cry 2w

    Dear Love,

    Remember that boy ?
    who was drowning
    in darkness,
    and now, how he turned into
    the source of rainbow.

    Remember that boy ?
    who never stopped
    and now, how you became
    his precious thought.

    Remember that boy ?
    who never understood any
    reasons to live,
    and now,
    he has plenty of them.

    and, I am glad that,
    I am that boy,
    with you..
    being the one of
    those reasons to live.

    ©when_words_cry (P)

  • when_words_cry 3w

    Happiest Birthday to you, @flying_spirit

    I literally have no words, right now,
    to describe how happy I am today..

    I have never found someone so pure,
    and so amazing..
    And I still thank God for your existence..
    And I thank you too for your presence.. ��

    Stay happy and keep smiling always.

    and, this one is for you.. ��

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    She is a magician..

    who can convert even a drop of pain
    into gentle river of happiness..

    who can create infinite rainbows
    even in the darkness..

    who can fill up comfort
    in every void of blankness..

    who can surely do anything..
    even with nothingness..

  • when_words_cry 5w

    Even the moon smiled that night,
    When they held hands for the first time.

    And in the abyss of darkness,
    Their love had the brightest shine.

    ©when_words_cry (P)

  • when_words_cry 6w

    By unknown writer

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  • when_words_cry 8w

    Collab with: @yo_nikhil

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    Maybe it was just my fault,
    That someone stole my heart
    from the vault,
    I was strong, yet I cried,
    and I smiled every time
    my tears dried,
    Like a shooting star,
    Too fast and too far,
    and that weekend afternoon,
    My love,
    You were gone too soon.


  • when_words_cry 9w

    Dear Love,

    If I were a computer,
    For every input,
    Love would have been
    my only output.

    ©when_words_cry (P)

  • when_words_cry 10w

    I felt the warmth of your hand,
    when I kept mine on
    the surface of mirror.
    Even we were distant,
    I know, you were just on
    the other side of my mirror,
    standing in front of it,
    just like me.

    ©when_words_cry (P)

  • when_words_cry 12w

    Life was a broken road
    and I was just wandering
    without a destination
    maybe in the direction
    of sorrows..

    and when you held
    my hand, you took me
    on the path of hope,
    on the footsteps of love,
    we reached the place
    of never ending

    ©when_words_cry (P)

  • when_words_cry 13w

    He asked her, "Do you know what is the best thing I love about you ?"

    She said, "What is it ?"

    "You", he replied.

    ©when_words_cry (P)