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  • whiskey_whispers 2d

    Feeling helpless about my existence - with thousands of other teenagers.
    Who feel the same :)


  • whiskey_whispers 3w

    I dont know who wants to hear this but

    Its ok.
    Life hai..
    It sucks :)


  • whiskey_whispers 4w

    (Sun watches me doing the things
    Moon know all my secrets)
    Like the two poles
    Like love and fear
    One brightens fading the other.☀️��


    Drawing in the bg : by me!

    /Raatan agge pai janda soorjan nu dhalna/��

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  • whiskey_whispers 4w

    // Par tere aage kuch bhi nahi, sab khaak barabar, mai kho jayungi tujh mein,mujhse baat kra kar //

    Touched his soul
    For the infinite times
    When i just felt if he could stay for that last minute
    If he could just add one more smile,
    One more kiss,
    One more heart at the end of "good night"
    My soul just went diffusing
    Into the aroma of his red juice (blood)
    And i was standing still
    Feeling him around and everything gets /faded/
    His core was full of word play
    And the sweet smell of his neck presented the perfect metaphor to my poetry
    He and his love for me is the real treasure of my best poetic mansion!


    Ik a lil senseless at points, since i haven't posted from so long, so thought to post this as my mind wrote it! ��

    Lines between // are from a song "tu aake dekhle" by "king rocco"

    Background image : credits to Pinterest
    For the style of writing : inspired by someone really spcl❤️

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  • whiskey_whispers 6w

    In my case, its deep����

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    Don't over-love.

  • whiskey_whispers 7w

    Let me drown till the roots.


  • whiskey_whispers 8w

    Ps: a lil long but i want you all to read it! I will be happy if you give some time to it❤️��

    Pps: sorry for any foul language (if used)

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    Men, too cry!

    Back in 2003
    When i was born
    Being a girl,
    i always felt lucky
    To have tears
    Because i was able to cry
    That boys can't
    I was able to feel the pain
    That boys aren't meant to
    Society didnt made me feel odd
    If i ever felt emotional
    But boys dont tend to feel or being emo
    Because if they do so,
    They will be automatically called "cry baby"
    Being a girl, i dont have to prove my strength
    And if a boy isn't strong enough,
    He will surely be a joke material for others!
    If a girl being harassed,
    The whole society takes stand..
    Boards for "speak for justice" are raised,
    And if same happens to a boy,
    Shhh!! What will people say!?
    BOTH can be emotional!
    BOTH can feel the pain!
    BOTH can have tears!
    Being strong doesnt define you to be a girl or a boy!
    'Men don't cry'
    'Men dont feel pain'
    Is just in some fictional story
    Have you ever thought or asked
    That man for what he has been going through all his life
    From hiding tears in his childhood
    being beaten by the seniors
    To taking all the responsibilities on himself
    Till his last breath
    Still standing erect for his family!
    who is this fuckin society to classify us on the terms of being emotional, hiding fears and strength?

    Hope you all agree! Just a lil thought popping hard into my mind..
    Happy international men's day!


  • whiskey_whispers 9w

    Hey girls,

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    All about me!

    A girl,
    With short temper and exploding nature
    Emotional all the time with sensitivity in the veins.
    Even plays the role of "professional overthinker" so perfectly. Oversee and overlove are her favourite things to do!
    Gets hurt easily- veryy easily to be honest :)
    And yes thats how i m!


  • whiskey_whispers 11w

    7 ���������� ���� �������� :-

    1) ������ ���� ����
    Never ruin a good day by thinking about a bad yesterday!

    2) ������������ ��������
    Dont listen to other people. Live a life thats empowering to you!

    3) �������� ���� ��������
    Time heals EVERYTHING!

    4) �������� ��������������
    The only person you should try to beat is 'the yesterday you'!

    5) �������� ��������
    Its okay not to have everything figured out. Know that in time, you will get there!

    6) ������ ���� ������
    Only YOU are the incharge of your happiness!

    7) ����������
    Life is short. Enjoy it while you have it! :)


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    7 rules of life!


  • whiskey_whispers 12w