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  • whiteblood 1d


    A gut ,
    That burns out
    My memory lane

  • whiteblood 1d

    Live in pain
    Die in peace
    Do it with DIGNITY

  • whiteblood 4d

    Somethings in life ,once lost ...
    Are lost forever.
    One among them is ...TRUST

  • whiteblood 1w

    @mirakee #past
    Sorry dude I exceeded six words...Forgive me !!!

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    Dont every one of us have a past ,
    Because of which we waste our present !
    Trying to erase it ?

  • whiteblood 1w

    A beautiful fact!

    You will be loved when you are born .
    You will be loved when you die .
    But in between , you'll have to manage

  • whiteblood 2w

    A summer morning ,
    After a stormy night;
    So calm yet not so quiet.

    The birds singing,
    The squirrels dancing,
    And the butterflies wandering ;
    Having the finest day of their lives.

    The flowers bloomed ,
    My sweetest gulmohars,
    So fresh and lovely ,
    Having the finest day of their lives.

    Me and my coffee stained mug,
    All alone accompanied by the nature,
    Sat there, on our tiny garden bench
    Having the finest day of our lives.

    Tonight there might be another storm.
    Tomorrow there might be another hurricane.
    But today....
    Today is the finest day of our lives.

    Good morning, My sweet world...

    @writersnetwork @mirakee

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  • whiteblood 4w

    True Love ...

    A fairytale you get to live once in a life time....

  • whiteblood 4w

    At times it's even harder to enjoy the happiness ...
    Knowing that ...
    At one moment even that happiness would be a long lost memory!!

  • whiteblood 4w

    Please do spare me.
    Even I didn't understand what I OUGHT to mean!!!! Lol!!!

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    At times it is important that you do what you love to do than what you ought to do...
    Cuz soon ,what you love to do will turn out to be what you ought to do....

  • whiteblood 4w

    Forgetting you was difficult...
    It was life taking...
    But it wasn't impossible...
    Because taking life ain't impossible ...